RVP in Primerica is a license to steal!

My wife and I worked in Primerica for 2 years, earned our Green Jacket (Top 150 reps in the company below Regional Vice President) and made it to Regional Manager (1 Step below RVP) only to have my RVP steal my entire team from us and force us out of the business. I always knew Primerica Financial Services (PFS) was a multi-level marketing company but that never bothered at the time. People in the company will pretend to care about you and be your friend but believe me, they don't and they aren’t. They only care about how much money you can make them. If you believe otherwise then you're just as much of a sucker as I was. It's only a matter of time before you realize this yourself and you'll quit.

If you currently work in Primerica, you don't believe anything I'm telling you right now, I understand that. They had me brainwashed too. But right now, you're better off quitting and doing something else. If you want to start a business, that's fine. Do it the right way, get a real job or career, save some money and start a REAL business. Don’t start some multi-level *** that will never work. I'm sure your upline manager has already been in your head. I used to do it to other people. I brainwashed people so that they wouldn't quit and would only listen to me. I've been farther in Primerica than most people you know. I have all the licenses and won all the company trips and did everything they said would work only to have it taken from me. And you know what? The company gives their RVP's 100% control of the office and when my team (25 people actively showing up) was taken from me, the company stood by their RVP and did nothing. I never thought he would do it to me just like you might think your RVP would never do that to you, but it happened. Do your family a favor and GET OUT while you can. I won’t say his name but I guarantee if you’ve been in PFS long enough, you've heard of him. He was on the cover of FYI magazine. (A Primerica magazine featuring the young and successful in the company)

After I left PFS it took me a year to pick up the pieces and get my career back to where it was. PFS ruined personal relationships I had with people I was close to. We were taught if people wouldn't sit down with us and listened to what we were selling then we shouldn't talk to them anymore. I taught others to do that as well. I severed numerous relationships. My RVP wanted me to buy hookers with him when we were in Mexico for his bachelor party. I'm a married man, that's not happening, even if I wasn't married. When we got back from Mexico my RVP was so afraid I was going to tell his fiancé about how many hookers he bought he started to sabotage my business. He started stealing people off my team and putting them under him and turned other people in the office against me. He was stealing overrides from me so I would quit. He had many ways he used to do it. In the end he stole $2000 worth of overrides from me when I was at my father’s bedside after he had triple bypass surgery. At that time my family really needed that money because I was taking time away from the business to take care of my father and his business affairs. My RVP also figured out ways to manipulate the system to win trips that he didn't deserve. That's how he got into FYI magazine. The guy was a total crook. I told Primerica’s home office and even his upline who are National Sales Director's. They all treated my wife and I like outcasts. They all protect their RVP's and that's that. That's one of the main flaws of the system. Your RVP can do whatever they want to you and get away with it. And if you go and complain, they just spin it back around on you and say that you're a negative person and you don't want to work. If you have worked there as long as I have you get to see how it works. It's all about manipulating people to believe whatever you want them to believe.

Listen; if you have a family, you need to GET OUT. Look at what people make below RVP. You can see what almost everyone makes in the company if you’re a member on the company’s website. It only shows the top 25 income earners but not the 1000's of others who make nothing unless you know how to look for it. Yeah, once in a while someone has a good month but then that's it. It's feast and famine. Even IF you make it to RVP, there's still no guarantee you'll make money. Once you qualify for RVP you have to give your entire team away to your upline and start all over again. You know how many RVP's the company has that make next to nothing or quit? Tons. The company doesn't talk about those people though. The odds of becoming successful in any MLM are slim to none. They sell you on this pipe dream that never comes to fruition. When you're on the inside, they keep pumping your head with all this fluff so you won't get discouraged because they know if you quit they won't make as much money. They're employing you for free!!! Don't you get it? You don't own ANYTHING until you've been an RVP that has other RVP's for at least 5 years. Otherwise it has no value. Listen, do what you want but just think about your family first! Contrary to what your RVP will tell you, the only person that has your best interests in mind is YOU! NOT THEM, YOU! So when they give you this BS about how they're looking out for you, don’t listen! You may work for Primerica now and you may not have wanted to hear what I just told you. But just remember what you just read the day you finally decide to quit. That day is inevitable and then you’ll know I was right. Good luck to you!

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Feb 04 #1106094

I can say it is heavily contingent on who your RVP is and who your upline are. In an ideal situation each person in your upline will understand the concept to build others is building yourself and vice versa. However it's very unfortunate and socially predictable that many are just greedy people looking out for self.
Or maybe they've been burned enough to not care, or believe it's a right of passage.
It's very unfortunate as well that the outstanding persons like you for example, leave, because you would be the change in your company, you effect the change in your downline. You're the person I look for when I choose an RVP to work under. I do understand the giving of a downline to be very hard to accept. I try to think of it as a payment to the RVP (hopefully deserving) for helping build your business. But if you only have obe solid leg, you lose everything. I've realized long ago, you're only as strong as the number of SOLID productive legs you have. Yes you'll get a cut, but you can still build off of that. Regardless, the RVP contract is the favorable, I honestly wished you would've stayed with it, and hit the ground running, no doubt you would've built a substantial business in no time because you're a winner. But I understand.
However, as my second time back in, im honestly focused only on getting ALL my licences, fact is Primerica does provide a very solid and great educational and training tool. And no one can stop you from taking your licences somewhere
... Show more

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Jan 25 #1100644

what you say is interesting however these ACCREDITED sources say primerica is cream of the crop A+ rated and only 15 percent of insurance companies get that ratingand one of the top 50 most trusted financial companies.hmmm sounds liek you didnt understand how the replacement leg works. this primerica thing works the problem was you gave up got upset and quit on yourself your family and your dreams. http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/financial-services/primerica-in-duluth-ga-6985

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Jan 11 #1092680

If you honestly knew how the business works then you wouldn't have posted this.. This was a waste of time me reading this.. No one is out to get no one... Smh!!!

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Jan 09 #1091836

Just getting started with Primerica and truly appreciate your story.

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Jan 05 #1089421

There are many types of people in many different positions.
It sounds like your RVP was a complete *** who took advantage of his power. Then again, we are only hearing 1 side of the story.
I feel for you. I worked at a company called Bankers Life and Casualty. If you think Primerica is bad, you would think that Bankers is a pimple of Satan's butt. And Bankers I don't think was as bad as you are trying to describe Primerica.
Multi Level Marketing has its problems, yes, Primerica is Multi Level Marketing. On my first day interview I called them a Ponzi Scheme, pyramid, and "too good to be true". I did my research, and it is a good company.
I worked for MetLife in the industry before. I worked 40-50 hours a week, had a manager who would call me in and basically tell me "You suck because you aren't selling enough". Primerica doesn't have that.
It is a good company, but certainly each office is different, each RVP is different, and make sure you talk to the people you will be working for and with. My RVP is a great guy. Yours sounds like he was a POS. Doesn't mean all are. Hope you feel better after the rant, but every company has its issues. My mother was fired from Merck, 6 weeks before she would have gotten a full retirement plan.

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Nov 30, 2015 #1071638

I became a Regional Manager in PRIMERICA in 11 months. That is too little time to see success in any opportunity.
Try and go to a 4 year college and completed only 2 years and see what you get? NOTHING RIGHT.
You were not forcussed. Primerica needs tougher people than you.
Good luck

13 2 Reply

Nov 18, 2015 #1066054 Southfield, Michigan

I worked with Primerica over twenty years ago and am thinking about returning to the business. I reached Regional Manager (70%) with no legs(recruits) under me, it was all based on my own production. So I know you can make money, but now 56 yrs. old, the most valuable things I learned from Primerica was how money works and there is no class in any school teaches as much info as Primerica while you are also building a business. I made money as a salesman only, if I had actually built a business I would have made a lot more money than I did. But, for this person's story it sound to that he may have had one or two recruits who had recruits under them (that made up the 25) those recruits only are a part of his organization if the two recruits directly under him remains in his organization. Once he decided to go RVP (he had a choice, he could have stayed Regional manger and kept his team, but he wanted the promotion) he had to give a replacement leg because he is no longer under his RVP he has to replace the production he was producing to his RVP, because his RVP is releasing him to build his own team now, and all the people his recruit brought in did not belong to him, they belonged to the people that recruited them, so when they were transferred they're recruits went with them, because they belonged to them. It sounds like to me that this person wanted to make money off of others and not build his own team. That is the only way his RVP could have taken his whole team, they... Show more

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Nov 09, 2015 #1061029

I agree with you on that. I have never ever heard of this. And your business is your baby I don't believe anyone else would be that careless with their baby. Primerica is great and it's a great company to be apart of. I just believe that some people fail to get a full understanding of building and giving back. It takes one to grow one.

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Nov 09, 2015 #1061025

I do empathize with you however people this is one individual and one person does not reflect Primerica as a whole. Please note that we are licensed, governed, and sanctioned by the government so clearly this individual would be in jail. Because what he just said would go against what Primerica stands for and is all about. Stop being bitter and tell the people that Primerica really works and it has helped a lot of people to not just change their lives but recreate not just their lives but others as well. I'm not just an agent, but I'm also a consumer. Primerica changed my life for the better I'm a single mother with 17 grandchildren and it's because of Primerica that I can truly say we live a very comfortable lifestyle.

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Oct 29, 2015 #1055322

Im sorry to hear your story. I'm sorry you were stripped away from everything but the thing is Primerica doesn't do anything of what you just said. when you become Regional Vice President you give away a small piece of your team so that the RVP who made you an RVP won't have to start over. now if you make an RVP as an RVP you will also want some one to help you no go back down. plus as a RVP you are on a 100% contract so why would he take your people. who ever that person is i would like to know because i work personally with one of the founders the 85 people, i have never herd of something like that happening and if it is happening then someone needs to know. and more awareness is called for.

7 0 Reply

Oct 25, 2015 #1053477

You're an *** for falling for all of that in the first place. I googled this company to look up info to tell some friends I am worried about. You're the example I was looking for. I'm sure there are thousands more out there.

1 9 Reply

Oct 02, 2015 #1042308

It's up to the upline what leg they take. This is why they tell you to build wide. I'm surprise this was a shock to you when you got to that level. I question the relationship you had with your upline. They will take your strongest legs most of the time. If this is known to you before you go RVP, it would be smart to save your best hitters AFTER you go RVP. It's called "the law of large numbers". They want to see how strong you are. Of course its not a guarantee you will make a 6 figure income after you go RVP, but what you have is a 110% contract. Build your team and get paid a higher commission. You rebuild and keep going. That's how you get to top earners. It's a business like any other.

9 0 Reply

Sep 14, 2015 #1033462

This is really sad. SUPER sad you had that experience. I've also heard of RVPs who took the entire team. Some quit like you. Others like Neal Gurfein decided to MAN UP AND DO IT AGAIN!! I thank GOD he wasn't a quitter. Because although that SAME thing happened to him he decided to say and now makes 1.4 Million. Good luck at your job!
God Bless!

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Sep 01, 2015 #1028260

i hope you find out what happened or go to another RVP or HOME OFFICE who can help you. I personally am an RVP who had uplines personally screw me over. But I went above them and got it handled. They are no longer in the business and the ones that were in on it i passed up... I do NOT think its fair that this happened to you but I have gone thru it myself and know the company itself will take care of it if you just take action

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Oct 13, 2015 #1047517

hi! I am currently trying to switch offices and my NSD is not allowing it.He said either we go to one of his RVP's offices or QUIT. I called headquarters and they said its not Much they can do about it. I am a district leader in the company and my boyfriend is a division. We love Primerica...and we DO NOT want to quit, what should we do?

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Aug 31, 2015 #1027919

I've been in Primerica for some time to now and everything you just said was bs.. Lol sounds to me like your just a quitter.. When you go RVP you have to give up a leg and I'm sure you knew that.. But being as you quit you have become a negative statistic.. Good luck in the real world..

10 3 Reply

Aug 06, 2015 #1016390

"We were taught if people wouldn't sit down with us and listened to what we were selling then we shouldn't talk to them anymore."
If true, that right there tells you that RVP is an evil person and you should have switched teams. RVP'a that make next to nothing? how could that be with the requirements for RVP? Your story doesn't add up.

5 1 Reply

Jul 16, 2015 #1008259

I am a RVP and the entire truth is not being told. There are times when an RVP does not get along with his/her people due to circumstances. Outbid the time it is not hookers , it may be your quality score. In my opinion a person should go to their insurance commissioner. blasting people or companies on social network is surely a bridge breaker.

3 1 Reply

Jul 08, 2015 #1005237

How did they steal your team? I don't understand how that could happen.

2 0 Reply

Jul 08, 2015 #1004881

You give a replacement not your whole team
Yeah whoever you were with screwed you

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