RVP in Primerica is a license to steal!

My wife and I worked in Primerica for 2 years, earned our Green Jacket (Top 150 reps in the company below Regional Vice President) and made it to Regional Manager (1 Step below RVP) only to have my RVP steal my entire team from us and force us out of the business. I always knew Primerica Financial Services (PFS) was a multi-level marketing company but that never bothered at the time. People in the company will pretend to care about you and be your friend but believe me, they don't and they aren’t. They only care about how much money you can make them. If you believe otherwise then you're just as much of a sucker as I was. It's only a matter of time before you realize this yourself and you'll quit.

If you currently work in Primerica, you don't believe anything I'm telling you right now, I understand that. They had me brainwashed too. But right now, you're better off quitting and doing something else. If you want to start a business, that's fine. Do it the right way, get a real job or career, save some money and start a REAL business. Don’t start some multi-level *** that will never work. I'm sure your upline manager has already been in your head. I used to do it to other people. I brainwashed people so that they wouldn't quit and would only listen to me. I've been farther in Primerica than most people you know. I have all the licenses and won all the company trips and did everything they said would work only to have it taken from me. And you know what? The company gives their RVP's 100% control of the office and when my team (25 people actively showing up) was taken from me, the company stood by their RVP and did nothing. I never thought he would do it to me just like you might think your RVP would never do that to you, but it happened. Do your family a favor and GET OUT while you can. I won’t say his name but I guarantee if you’ve been in PFS long enough, you've heard of him. He was on the cover of FYI magazine. (A Primerica magazine featuring the young and successful in the company)

After I left PFS it took me a year to pick up the pieces and get my career back to where it was. PFS ruined personal relationships I had with people I was close to. We were taught if people wouldn't sit down with us and listened to what we were selling then we shouldn't talk to them anymore. I taught others to do that as well. I severed numerous relationships. My RVP wanted me to buy hookers with him when we were in Mexico for his bachelor party. I'm a married man, that's not happening, even if I wasn't married. When we got back from Mexico my RVP was so afraid I was going to tell his fiancé about how many hookers he bought he started to sabotage my business. He started stealing people off my team and putting them under him and turned other people in the office against me. He was stealing overrides from me so I would quit. He had many ways he used to do it. In the end he stole $2000 worth of overrides from me when I was at my father’s bedside after he had triple bypass surgery. At that time my family really needed that money because I was taking time away from the business to take care of my father and his business affairs. My RVP also figured out ways to manipulate the system to win trips that he didn't deserve. That's how he got into FYI magazine. The guy was a total crook. I told Primerica’s home office and even his upline who are National Sales Director's. They all treated my wife and I like outcasts. They all protect their RVP's and that's that. That's one of the main flaws of the system. Your RVP can do whatever they want to you and get away with it. And if you go and complain, they just spin it back around on you and say that you're a negative person and you don't want to work. If you have worked there as long as I have you get to see how it works. It's all about manipulating people to believe whatever you want them to believe.

Listen; if you have a family, you need to GET OUT. Look at what people make below RVP. You can see what almost everyone makes in the company if you’re a member on the company’s website. It only shows the top 25 income earners but not the 1000's of others who make nothing unless you know how to look for it. Yeah, once in a while someone has a good month but then that's it. It's feast and famine. Even IF you make it to RVP, there's still no guarantee you'll make money. Once you qualify for RVP you have to give your entire team away to your upline and start all over again. You know how many RVP's the company has that make next to nothing or quit? Tons. The company doesn't talk about those people though. The odds of becoming successful in any MLM are slim to none. They sell you on this pipe dream that never comes to fruition. When you're on the inside, they keep pumping your head with all this fluff so you won't get discouraged because they know if you quit they won't make as much money. They're employing you for free!!! Don't you get it? You don't own ANYTHING until you've been an RVP that has other RVP's for at least 5 years. Otherwise it has no value. Listen, do what you want but just think about your family first! Contrary to what your RVP will tell you, the only person that has your best interests in mind is YOU! NOT THEM, YOU! So when they give you this BS about how they're looking out for you, don’t listen! You may work for Primerica now and you may not have wanted to hear what I just told you. But just remember what you just read the day you finally decide to quit. That day is inevitable and then you’ll know I was right. Good luck to you!

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2 days ago

Glad I didn't listen to idiots like you. I, like everyone else, started Primerica part time. My RVP, and Im sure others, as well, always taught us to KEEP OUR JOBS until we 1. are debt free, 2. have at least 12 months living expense saved up, 3. making more money in Primerica than we were on our jobs BEFORE we go full time. I did just that.. and here I am, 11 years in the business.. a successful RVP, with MANY successful full time and part time reps.
Before I joined Primerica, I came across blogs like yours, and thank God I did not pay them any mind. Today, I am NOT wealthy, but I'm free.. I make more money than I ever made in any job (by the way, I left a $70k yr career of 15 years). I have not had to punch a clock or wake up to an alarm clock for the last 8 years. I attend ALL of my children functions. My wife works for ME..NOT another MAN.. AGAIN, I am not a million dollar earner.. I barely make six figures, but I am FREE! I'll take my life over anyone who has to punch a clock and work 40-50 hours a weeks.
I love Primerica... and so does my family..

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Jan 27 Markham, Ontario

You sound like a baby complaining because u couldn't fight for a candy bar. Lol...

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Jan 23 Pennsauken Township, New Jersey

This *** and others mothwrfuckers really need to stop complaining about Primerica, Googles complainers mothersfuckers I'm making $60,000 in New Jersey and you mothwrfuckers Keep talking shut about how suck you was In the company!!! Stop it really!! Go search your own company that you WORK for and let's see what reviews come up!!

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Happy I left the PFS nightmare

Nov 08, 2014

Primerica just really sucks. My upline, an SVP in O'Fallon Illinois named Larry Engholm, recently closed his office and lost his house to foreclosure. (Google it) He got in in 1983 and even after all those years couldn't keep it going. The guy is in his 60's with no credit, no job, no business and having to start all over.
The people who say it all comes down to just hard work and coachability don't get it. You will see the truth clearly some day and understand how deceived you are.
Everyone who reads the OP's post needs to heed his advice. He speaks the truth.

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Nov 17, 2014 Los Angeles, California

If anyone is overwhelmed by what he does, then he burns out and quits. Primerica teaches you how to be strong inside out, you need to face the challenges and use your talents the best you can to prosper the mission of the company of teaching what is right.
I am sorry to hear of Engholm's sad plight, but challenges come in along the way and one has to come up to it and face all these with positivity, otherwise, you may as well find other ways to continue your journey in life with your family, with others, and most specially with God who gives us life and all the blessings in it including our talents and intelligence.
Somewhere, somehow, he must have had some negativity that affected his business just like whom I know who got burned out as RVP because he cannot stand being challenged by his upline.
Facing challenges with positivity as we carry our own cross enlightening others of the truth in God's words is so beautiful for it makes you conquer every evil there is in this world for in everything, you stand to follow and glorify God in truth and in love.
Blessings to all.

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Feb 08 Tomball, Texas

You lied! He is still in business! Primerica must be a great company since you took the time to make this story up.

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Primerica Reg Leader

Feb 09

Larry is still in Primerica but he did close his office and he also lost his home to foreclosure. He is still trying to sell the Primerica dream. He might working in another base shop, but I don't know. He has opened and closed more offices than I can count. The overhead is a killer for guys like Larry. This is typical.

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Aug 17, 2014

Just so you know, your success and failure is TOTALLY up to you in Primerica, as is with any business and job. I feel sorry you had a negative experience with your up line but for me, this business was a giant self improvement movement. I see plenty of flaws in the corporate world as i work in one and they favor seniority over what is right and despite me taking on more responsibilities I get the same pay. Your pay in primerica will be a direct proportion to how you follow the business system, YOUR work ethic and willingness to be coachable. The only flaw in Primerica is that we don't get paid if you don't get paid, so the only way for us to make money is if WE teach YOU how to do it. So the only thing your RVP or upline will teach you is how to make money and be successful. The reason most people "fail", is because they weren't good students of the business. A successful student of the business would have figured out the system and have a team of individuals making money and ALSO living the dream. The opportunity isn't for everyone, only the ones open minded enough to see the opportunity or climb your way to the corporate ladder, backstabbing your coworkers so you can look good and get the promotion ( that's me right now). Success in Primerica is when you can teach someone else to be successful and once they learn it they can teach/ inspire others who are looking for the same opportunity.

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Nov 17, 2014 Los Angeles, California

Amen ssrvald. Deception is in those who keep blaming a working business concept but fail to see what's wrong with what they are doing. Primerica is strict in compliance of its policies to protect the clients, the company and its business associates.
If you're a whiner, how can you be successful. You have to learn to change from inside out. You fail to move forward despite of many challenges in the business then there is no one to blame but yourself.
Blessings that more may see the light of truth in everything that we do.

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Aug 10, 2014

what don't you display your name so we can check to see if you were really an RVP in the company. That will be the last mistake someone makes by listenning to someone with no name and quits with no leverage because someone on the internet tells them what to do with no identification for proof. At least you know about Primerica because it has a name.

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Jul 20, 2014

No excuses! Man up, Primerica is alive! I'm gonna be up there someday. #maniacmillionare #goham

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Get Real Bro

Jun 29, 2014

Well well well... I dont mean to bash your parade but this is far from the truth. With Primerica you have the opportunity to make something happen for your self, you know you go to work, you make it happen, you build a business, and you have full control over what you build. Other thing wrong with Primerica is sour mouths like you that get all bent out of shape because **YOU THOUGHT** lol grow up bro. If you really made it to Regional Leader then you would know how it all works, you must of had a one leg base shop and when you signed for your replacement to go RVP you got stripped for everything because you only had one leg. Man I feel bad for you that you took all that time to build a ONE LEG team and then go for the big contract and then get punk'ed out of the company because you had no real foundation. For everyone who comes across this vomit, take a look into the company, look for all the BIG investors that invested BILLIONS of dollars, look at all the companies that are waiting in line to have the Primerica sales force push there products, look at the company for what it is, not just some sour mouth thats bitter because he didnt know what was gonna happen when he took the RVP contract. Primerica is not a joke it is a real company that gives real people an opportunity to make something for themselves without any hassle. I heard it like this, if you started a business you would pay something like 50K just to get started, with no real profit until 3-5 years later. with... Show more

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May 28, 2014

First time here reading your post. I must say, this rant reeks of pettiness and half truths. You need to be more specific about the company, its compensation model, its business model and target market, and why one should not get involved. Leave the bs about hookers out of it, anyone with a brain isn't going to give that criticism any consideration. In fact, it makes you look bad because it's a)not business related and b) petty - i mean who cares what someone does with their personal time? From what I understand, anyone who is not a felon and who produces sales can make it in Primerica. Because of this nondiscriminatory wide open net, you may get bad apples from time to time, just like any franchise. Your unique experience with a bad rep doesn't mean everyone will have the same experience. If you made it to Regional Leader once, why not go to a different base shop and do it again! Make lemonade.
To anyone reading this:
MLMs, like anything, can be good or can be ***. They are not inherently bad-contrary to a lot of ignorant people out there. It's up to you to be an independent thinker and decide for yourself which MLMs are selling something good, and which ones are selling something bad, or indeed, not selling anything at all. I say all this realizing that most people go with the crowd and would rather do anything but think for themselves.
I know a lot about Primerica, and although it isn't for me, there is nothing inherently bad about it. For some people it could
... Show more

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May 08, 2014

How did you not know you had to five up a leg? That's from day one when you sign up obviously your training didn't inform you or you didn't have the logic to find out on your own before making big boy decisions?

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Jan 20, 2014

Hi my name is Michael Groves ,I too have had some bad experiences as well , But I have found Capital Choice and is similar to what Al Williams was but better, not PFS. If you are interested in the same opportunity but a whole lot better. If you want to make it and not have any give ups or any *** you described give me a call.I will give you an offer you will not want to say no to. I know axactly what you went through and believe you are on the money. You can have better than you had and MAKE more money here . I recruited two RVP's and one has made 1.3 million in 8 yrs personal production mostly, the other more than 500,000 in 6 yrs. If you want the same opportunity call 860 806 5360 we will talk.

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Aug 20, 2014

lol its not the same opportunity because primerica is only that sell term 100%! If yousell cash value insurance then your pretty much screwing the client! I would rather make a little less money and be very ethical! It sound like what your talking abut a sales position I want to have business that makes millions without me working obviously for the first 5-10 years there is lot of work to be done but then just! I dont want to be selling products for the rest of my life! ALso Primerica actually delivers insurance claims promptly 95% ofthem are paid within 14 days! They also dont have any war or terror exclusion and ensure active military members so theyshow they actually care about their clients!

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Nov 06, 2013

All I see is blame and excuses!! At the end of the day, you are all independent contractors! It is your business! Shut up, stop blaming others and work!You guys complaining, obviously don't understand the business...but its ok, it's not for everyone. Common sense isn't common.

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Jan 31, 2014

For those that do not know what a credible source is - you don't know anything if you are looking to blogs from individuals that have so called been part of Primerica. Obviously, there are two sides to every story and unless you have been part of this great company - you should not judge.
pmerica101 hit the nail on the head. Don't blame the company for your incompetence!

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Nov 01, 2013 Los Angeles, California

What's better?

I'm reading a lot of unsubstantiated negative complaints about PFS. I had a friend who worked for one of the top 3 insurance companies, but I won't mention their name (*** bah-dum ***, *** *** ***.) They'd appoint new agents, get them to convert their family members over, and then let them go if they can't keep selling. Which they can't because their price are sky high. Is that a scam?

I here that there are cheaper products. Well, somebody's always going to be cheaper, and somebody is always going to be more expensive. That's true with any company. Do the cheaper companies try to get out of paying their claims??? When you buy insurance, you're buying the company and it's stability. Your also buying it's willingness to pay deniable claims.

Also, are there other companies that will let you buy into a mutual fund for $25/mo.? My understanding is... no. If that makes them expensive, I'm guess there's a lot of overhead in offering that.

There are also bad people out there working for companies. I've work with them, and met them as their customer. It's just a reality of life.

I've never had a company in Corporate America ask me what my plans were for the future, how I could achieve my dreams, or offer me a potential opportunity to make a six or seven figure income with them like PFS has. And I've worked for about a dozen corporations throughout my life.

Also, what company is going to hire
... Show more

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