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Hello, my name is Rebecca. There's just something that I would like to say to the people who are fanning the flames to there own self loathing.

1) Primerica doesn't lay off people because they make too much money. They actually give them bonuses on top of what they earn. You can't get laid-off because you are your own boss.

2) If Primerica didn't work for you, it's because you didn't WORK for them either. It's just like any other job, if you don't work, you don't get paid.

3) I've been with Primerica for 5 months now and I would have to say that it is definitely a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Let me tell you why. Let's say you open a donut shop with the investment of $100k. I guarantee you would work your buns off in order to pay back that $100k in order for your Donut Shop to turn a profit. ITS THE SAME THING with Primerica, if you work hard now and build your team THE RIGHT WAY, you will glide your way to financial freedom in the VERY near future.

4) When you work for this company you have to realize that if you do the right things, have a good heart and don't focus on the money, you WILL be blessed 3 fold. HOWEVER, if you sit at home scared and do nothing, tell me, what's nothing X 3? That's right, nothing. You get what you put into it.

For all you Primericans out there who are having it rough, just remember one thing, there are hard working Americans out there who NEED our help. You can't say the wrong thing to the right person. And above all, speak the truth and with your heart. Luv Ya, Miss Undastood. O;)

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I know their operation very intimately and would like to encourage anyone who came here to "check them out" to go ahead and ask yourself why you did that (come here)

Its because you got a gut feeling and I am telling you to heed that instinct and CANCEL THAT CHECK YOU JUST WROTE. For the love of God how many companies make you PAY THEM TO WORK THERE. You got caught up in the hype or whatever, but just be smart enough to get out and chalk it up to experience.

If you don't then you have to stand up for them on idiotic sound-off sites and call me a burger-flipper or a loser so you don't feel bad about yourself. At least at that point you will be in good company because they are a bunch of fools.


is anyone in here an actual customer?? Sounds like the only problem is the business side.


Well known as a fraud and an MLM scam. Stay away from this loser organization at all cost folks.


You have to be smart enough to decide what's right and wrong for you. The pressure to do good in this company is directly from your desire to do good.

This is your business and you are the boss. This is NOTHING close to Amway! If it's as easy as we say, everyone would be like you and walk out before the first "cattle meeting" is over! You will never know and you will never experience freedom.

You will stay stuck in that "hostage" mentality. Customer dissatisfaction, that means you were a REAL CUSTOMER and were dissatisfied for a SPECIFIC REASON! Haven't seen that yet.

So I post here for REAL people looking for REAL information, not just a bunch of cry babies looking to stop success dead in its tracks. No wonder America is in the situation it's in today!!!


Just got back from bailing my son out he was arrested at a mall for trespass and disturbing peace he was trying to sell insurance and recruit was told to leave and wouldnt seems like he is being pressured to produce and he cant live up to his potential according to him Last meeting he attended he was held up to redicule for not meeting his quota so his leader can advance to the next level I am through lending him money I never get back also he is going to some convention in Atlanta he cashed in his share of an annuity he got from car accident for 1/2 its value his daughter lives with us as they are being evicted again because he was fired from his paying job for pressuring coworkers to get involved in this scam on company time


After you made a bunch of money off your family and friends, then what? This is the same boat AMWAY set sail on.

But after the friends and family dry up.... then you start seeing the real deal. But too late...

they already suckered all your friends through you... :roll


If it was as easy as they say, everyone would be doing it. As in every MLM the guys running the show r the only ones making the money.

They are nothing but *** artists with a product and a story. There are so many red flags here it is amazing they still suck in as many an they do. Must be only people on the planet who do not know how to do a basic search.

Bottom line..they are not mentors, they are vultures. Went to a cattle call meeting, left when I realized I was the only one with all my teeth in the room.


Sounds like you have had a bit too much of the Primerica kool aid. I agree w/ emma, why ru defending them on a complaint board?

Truth hurts doesn't it?

I went to a real financial agency office and saw people actually selling product and conducting business.

At the Primerica office, a huge recruiting center for mass numbers of fools. It was obvious what goes on there, and it isn't financial planning.


Are you still with primerica??


Why are you on a site for customer dissatisfaction? If it is so good for you, great, but this board is for people who want to sound off and just becasue you disagree doesnt make them wrong.

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