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I joined Primerica when I was 19 in 1994. My first month I got promoted to district leader & had top premium for the state.

I continued to grind part time & apply the money principals to my life . However , one exception, instead of emergency funds & growth mutual funds suitable for my age my regional vice president persuaded me to buy all company stock , I was gullable, greedy & nieve so I listened . Then 9-11 hit , my $123,000 saved in citigroup stock melted to $11,000 in a week . Worse yet I had just moved out of state across country to start the business part time in a new area .my home hadn't sold , I had debt on a Mercedes 600 sl & a $900 payment on a luxury apartment in the new state I fell into a great depression .

I never filed bankruptcy because I emotionally didn't want to . My credit is good but I still have debt payments from that occurance. Looking back I would have filed bankruptcy & sued my RVP & Primerica for my loss and future potential gains in a growth mutual fund . My RVP wasnt licensed to sell stocks a.d should not have recommended me buying them .

That is against the law If your RVP recommends you buy Primerica stock do they have a license to do so ? You'd better ask that question .

If not you need to hold them accountable . Sincerely , dreams shattered by Primerica

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This is not against the law, you are your own person and if you chose to pay for something you are liable period. you can't blame someone for your mistake and allow you to buy into anything. I think we forgot as human we all make bad choices and apparently this was one case were this fits the situation

to Anonymous #1325784

A recommendation to buy or sell a security without proper disclosure is against the law

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