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I've been reading on this site and gone through alot of these so called "complaints" and "comments" over and over again. My boyfriend and I work with Primerica, and one of the things our up-link told us was: "this oppritunity is right for some and not right for others".

I've found that this business is tough. It's not as easy as it's led on to be, but no one can have something for nothing in this world of ours. Everything costs $$$.

The companies around the world that break promises and hurt people in the pocket are horrible, yes. Yet if I find that though Primerica doesn't have the best rate everytime... though Primerica accepts people that are "bad apples"... though Primerica sometimes let's families down... so do the rest of the insurance companies around the world.

NO ONE can be the best all the time. It bothers me that most of the readers/writers here that have attempted to bash Primerica have said nothing of their actions to make things right. Merely, "speaking out" does nothing. Take action, set up a meeting with the founders... get to the point. Actually try to make a change instead of COMPLAINING about it.

Most of the comments made on this site are clearly just for argument's sake. Writers back and forth saying it's good, it's bad, they're fake, they're real... when in total truth, the people themselves are only setting themselves up for more trouble.

I'm not saying that the company is "WOWEE WONDERFUL!" Or that it's easy. My point here is that for some, it works and for others it doesn't.

However, I find that most people here are just mad that they didn't actually read their IBA; angry that they didn't do much but sit there and put the money on the table looking to get rich quick. People these days just aren't cautious anymore.

-The real problem being the infomation at the time of decision.-

If the people who had to decide on putting their money with Primerica really wanted to be cautious, then they would've asked questions, did their research (to ask the right the questions and get the real answers), and then made an EDUCATED decision.

My boyfriend and I have been working partime jobs, going to school and working with Primerica for some time now and the extra cash helps... we work on a partime basis-just to get a little extra $$$ for food (not to get wealthy).

It's been hard but over all I thank Primerica for giving me the extra time and money I need for school and life.

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Most people do not make any money....If the RVPs do its because they came in 20 so years ago when making RVP was very easy. If you decide to get involved in the business you will not make any money for a long time and when you do it still is very little.

It would be best to get a partime job somewhere else where there is a houly wage or salary. Good Luck!!!


District... draconisartosatyahoo get a hold of me. We'll nail this down one way or the other. My RVP I can honest to god say is an honorable man, and is the fastest growing base shop in the country. People WILL listen when he speaks, and he ALWAYS listens to what his downlines have to say. We'll get this nailed down for you one way or another, even if we have to over throw an NSD OSJ to make it happen, ok?

Ex... how much belly-aching can one man really do? If your life is SO MUCH BETTER now, how can you still stomache spouting SO MUCH negativity? It breaks my heart for you that you will never get over that dissappointment. But for the record...

Suck it up. Deal. Your RVP clearly was TERRIBLE at creating a working in house system for promotions, but in the base shop I'm in, we promote the concept that being a replacement leg is an HONOR, because it DOES mean the RVP thought you were the strongest leg, which motivates the remaining legs in the newly promoted RVP's base to go out and prove him wrong, which usually results in them doing BETTER business than they would have had they retained all legs just operating at status quo.

Furthermore, if he'd done his job right, most of your directs would have been trained by HIM, not you, so he could be sure that EVERYONE WITHIN TWO GEN'S of him was doing the biz EXACTLY like he does it, since he knows his way works. ERGO, if you've got a base shop under you strong enough to go out as RVP in the first place, you're only making that money because HE TAUGHT YOU HOW, so yes, a little thank you is in order when you reach 100k in income as a former "fry guy at McD's", as I believe someone so elegantly stated. If you were going out STRONG as a new RVP, that wouldn't phase you, and if you weren't raised professionally in pfs with a selfish attitude, you'd feel that way on your own... no one would have to tell you that or expect it of you.

Furthermore, he taught you and all his other districts, divisions, and regionals the biz... so say he's really good as an RVP and he has ALL his regionals go RVP within the same 6 month period. It took him probably anywhere from 3 to 10 years of feverish work to build that base shop, and then it's all going to disappear in 6 months flat because his people were trained really well?

Kind of a load of ***, don't you think? A solidly performing base shop STILL pays more than the RVP override bonus on promoting new RVP's. Why would he LOSE money because he did a good job teaching you?

THAT is why you have to leave a replacement leg.

Take two asprin and get a hobby in the morning... that's my advice.

District! Get a hold of me!


I was about to go through the samething, I was getting promoted to RVP but declined it as I knew as soon as I did by RVP was going to take my strongest leg, he already started calling my downline. I am in Canada and some of the rules are diffferent then USA, but how fair was that.

If anyone is in Canada and wanting to know *** to be a broker send me a email. www.freedomnow35@yahoo.ca


Looking e-mail me at wcbc@nmia.com


Same Boat and Chenzi

would love to know more about your Companies. I am fully licensed and looking for a good company to work with as a non captive.


Look district leader I am going to give you a number. Call Lynn Jones @ 850-562-4726. She will help.


Was with PFS for 6 years and the same *** happenned to me with the ever changing promotion guidlines. Found a company that sells term 40% less and I own my securities business. Don't waste anymore time with these goons.

Looking for a Mentor

Same Boat and District Leader:

I am looking for a serious mentor in this matter. I talked with a Primerica rep yesterday, and rather than try to argue any point with anyone on this board, I have decided I want to get away from them before I even get involved. If there is anyway I could correspond with you two by email, that would be great. I am looking for some advice, and from what you wrote, believe that I would like to talk with you. SAME BOAT: I especially hope to hear your guidance on how to get into financial advising in a non-captive way I am not looking to make a million, but this line of work appeals to me. The more capability I have to do what is in the client's interest, the better.

I am a college graduate, intending to get a masters in finance/business in the next couple years, and also a recent veteran with an active clearance. I definitely don't want to do anything that would even come close to giving me a questionable reputation.

I just registered on this site...don't know if there is a way that members can email each other...I don't see one. Anyway, I really hope to hear from you. I don't want to put my email up here for obvious reasons, but perhaps you would not mind looking up my collection of writings on ridingpointDOTblogspotDOTcom and emailing me through my profile there. Thank you.


District leader and Same boat!!!

never give up-it's a cheezy phraze but it's oh so true... I wouldn't let it pull me down... rise above and you will get what you deserve.

Good luck!


I was in the same boat . With my RVP I went round and round with the Company but my RVP knew people .for like two years I fought.

I left and found another company that I can trust , I am non captive , I really own my own book of business I can use any Insurance company that is best for my client and Mortgage company so I am more competitive , I don't lose any leg or down lines , it is multi level we own are own Broker dealer and it is the best Company out there and I have been in the business for 18 years.

District Leader email me I well give you more info..


After reading your comment I decided to respond. You say don't complain do something.

I have or at least I am trying. I have a pending complaint in Family Court going on 5 month. Nothing has been done. My complant deals with complaince issues of my base shop, RVP who is also my OSJ.

I have been in Primerica since 2006. I worked very hard to grow my business and every time I get things going good my RVP takes it away. I have had sales and recruits taken from me time and time again and I have proof. Now 5 months later the home office has not resolved my problems and believe me that are legimate.

So where do I go from here The Florida Insurance Commission, The SEC gosh who knows. I am a fully licensed agent including the Series 6, 26 and 63, Mortgage, Life, Health and VA, but because my complaint is against my NSD RVP, who is also my OSJ nothing is being done. I think Primerica is a good company but it has some bad apples in power. The ethical and non- complaint issues I filed against my NSD RVP,OSJ is grounds for his termination based on John Addison and our compliance manual.

I have gone to the top and I am tying to change my situation. I am taking action not only for me but other agents in my situation.