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In 2010 I decided to try Primerica. I was active duty army but I wanted to make extra money.

I would work 3 days a week from about 5pm-8pm. I started making more money with Primerica than I was making on active duty. In 2012 I deployed to Afghanistan and the company paid me $17,000 while I was serving our country. Primerica is considered the #1 life insurance company in the country, not my opinion, its a fact. Primerica has the largest companies in the country asking them to sell their products(Metlife,Lincoln,ING,Legg Mason, etc.) and the stock has went from $15 a share to $32 in 3 years.

You have to be a complete *** to call Primerica a scam. Please do not take the advice from waitresses and college students when considering Primerica, look at the facts.

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Well then take advice from someone who reads the fine print

It is a shame that in the name of money we fail to truly care about others. I recently reviewed a Primerica life insurance policy in great detail for someone I know and I was shocked!

The person had obtained the policy within the last three years and happens to be in great physical health for their age (55-60). The payment is currently less than 50 monthly but to my shock and surprise if this person should live another 10 to 20 years the policy payment (auto deducted) will balloon to over 1100 a month! While Primerica reps offer great payments for a number of years, I guarantee they DO NOT explain this FACT to you. So, one day when you receive your retirement check for rent, necessities etc., beware Primerica may get to the bank first.

And, if you cancel term life what then do you have to show for the ten or more years you have paid into the policy? Just because many companies may not be 100% honest does not give Primerica or any company the right to jump on the band wagon and be just as dishonest. You are commended for working hard. However, I urge you to look at the bigger picture and consider that person you sell to is relying on you to be straightforward and honest.

If you work with integrity you will be rewarded in the end. Replytest


In reviewing that matter you should look at the term of the policy first. In creating an overall plan life insurance is used as protection for a set period of time, after which time the insurance is no longer needed.

If it was a 10-year policy after that period it would have to be renewed at the individuals new age, which would increase the premium substantially as the premium is based on actuary data. If it was a longer term product the increase would be even larger. Once the insurance term is over that individual should not require life insurance any longer, they are not expected to renew because they should have enough assets built up to be self-insured, that being if they were to pass away the family will receive more from their accounts than they would receive from the insurance policy. Life insurance should not continue throughout an individuals entire life.

Primerica is currently the only company that only markets term life protection and the only company that has a 35-year term product, while other companies end at 30-year term.

Primerica has also featured multiple rate reductions as the life expectancy and health rates have increased. Please consult with their representative to talk about the overall strategy for your friend and what part that life insurance policy plays.


I’m looking at a Primerica policy now for my aunt and uncle. Years 1-10 they were paying $65 for their coverage.

Year 11 it went up. Now they are on year 15 and pay over $400 per month.

They may give a term for 35 years, but what good is it if the price skyrockets? This company has a ton of red flags, and from what i see, the people that run it in Alexandria, LA is the bulk of the problem.


Hi, Casey- I have read your post regarding your parents' Primerica Life policy. Based on the information you provided, the policy reached the end of its initial term.

It appears that the plan you chose provides that scheduled premiums are level for the initial 10 year period, then increase every 5 years before attained age 70, and annually thereafter, until the policy expires at age 95. Primerica Life sends notification to the policy owner to give information regarding the scheduled premium increase and provide options for other plans that may be available. Please contact Primerica Life's home office at 1.800.257.4725, and ask to speak with the End of Term department.

A representative will be happy to provide additional options. Regards, Regena Wood Primerica Life


I am 63, good health, my payment is right at $100, that is one 1, with two zeros. I think the $1100 might be in error.


If there are questions or concerns about your Primerica Life term policy premium, the policy owner should contact the servicing representative, or contact Primerica Life's Client Services line at 1.800.257.4725. Written requests should be signed and dated by the policy owner, and may be scanned and emailed to, or faxed to the Policy Owner Service Department at 470.564.6454. Sincerely, Regena Wood, Primerica Life