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Many people don't seem to understand what Primerica actually is.

Some of the pissed-off people on here were invited down to their local Primerica office inquiring about work. Let me make it clear to you that Primerica is a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, NOT A JOB. That is why they do not hire "employees" or pay hourly wages, because IT IS NOT A JOB. That also means, like every other BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, you are in charge of your own success or failure. They're compensation program is commission-based and very competitive. Those who bash the company obviously do not understand that.

Primerica gives people a chance to earn extra income by selling highly regulated products issued by their sister companies (Citi, Legg Mason, etc). EXTRA! While I agree that this opportunity may not be suitable for one who is unemployed, it is a great supplement for someone else who may already have a job, but wants to make some extra money part-time. In fact, Primerica strongly encourages people to start part-time so they can learn the ropes and become properly licensed first. Then, if they decide that they want to make a career change, they can transition to full-time.

One of the main reasons people think Primerica is a scam is their $199 initial investment fee. This fee is for the processing of a new recruit's independent business contract at the home office. IT DOES NOT GO TO THE RECRUITER. Primerica reps DO NOT get paid to recruit. They are paid overrides on business that their recruits do, on top of whatever business the reps do themselves. This is a hierarchy, or what should be considered as the American BUSINESS MODEL.

This is how EVERY company works. If you really think about it, those who occupy top management positions benefit from those that they supervise. How? These managers hire people below them to do the work that they once had to do, gaining back valuable time and freedom for other ventures. As their subordinates become more experienced, some of them will see the value of building a hierarchy and will soon catch on. People who succeed in Primerica understand that this is the only way that they will ever have freedom, and by having freedom is to have money AND time.

Being that Primerica is a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, there are chances that it may fail, like many businesses are do. There is NO GUARANTEE that one will make millions, but there is a reason that there are so few people making millions in today's world at all. They understand what is necessary to build a business and have persevered through their failures to master the art of building a business, where as most would have quit in the face adversity. One who understands the adversities of owning their own business understands the nature of a Primerica business. It is no different.

I apologize for the rant, but people really do need do their homework before judging. Even after reading this, most people won't. But for those who do see the value in the Primerica business opportunity, they will put themselves in a position to become very successful, if they take the time to understand it.

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In these post it common knowledge that people are independent contractors. They contract with primerica to market the products they give them. Now being independent business people why are people so loyal to the company when the company doesn't even consideer them employees? The crusade days are basically over. In my opinion that ended when Art Williams left. That's another thing if the owner left or was drummed out depending who you talk to, what does that say about loyalty?

I talked to a PFS agent and he told me he wasn't interested in any other business. I was like :eek .. I could have offered him a considerable jum in commission and more products to offer clients. I asked him if he left Primerica what can he take with him? He got silent.. I'm sure I will hear form him later in life..I think to an extent people just don't understand what it means to be an independent contractor. One thing that was always in the back of my mind was, every now and then I would hear of a RVP or above leaving Primerica. That was the position I wanted. Now if it was so great why would RVP's and above leave?

I guess maybe it was a case of me thinking for myself too much. Primerica isn't a bad company, it's just a business decision as to if that's where you wish to use your licenses..

25% is a great starting commission if you don't know any better. I didn't.. :grin


How many people make a business decision when starting with Primerica? It's an emotional decision. There's no comparison in most instances..The agents are greenies and basically have nothing to compare it to. How much due dilligence is done.."I sat throught a opportunity meeting and they showed me the rule of 72 and the evils of cash value" Where do I sign up??

There's no problem as long as agents don't look outside of what they learn at Primerica. Once an agent starts asking questions and comparing with what's available outside of Primerica then it becomes a business decision. Primerica isn't a scam or a bas company, but many agents don't know what they don't know..

Answer this. Where is your loyalty? To your family, friends, clients or to Primerica and your RVP? If you have a Primerica Life policy and you find out you can get more coverage for the same amount of money elsewhere do you stay with the Primerica program or do you consider your family and go with another company?

Remember your an independent contractor not an employee..Let me say it again. Primerica is not a scam. Just don't drink anyones kool-aid but your own..


Again, you obviously do not understand the nature of a Primerica business.

"Business opportunity" means as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, you take responsibility for your business, including the sales, the recruiting, and the back end stuff (literature, website, etc.) All sales-oriented companies and small business own sales literature and websites to aid in their operations, and Primerica is no different.

And yes, as an independent contractor, you pretty much work when you want to. SO?

It up to the individual whether they want to make some extra money here and there, or if they want to consistently bring home a check on a part-time basis. THAT'S THE IDEA of an independent contract with Primerica.


In the world of MLMs, "business opportunity" is a fancy way of saying "work when you want to". However, you own nothing in Primerica.

All you own is the sales literature you're foolish enough to buy. You also own the password to the $25/month website you pay for to "help" your business.