Palmetto, Florida

They called saying that they were going through some of their old paper work and found my resume (never submitted one). The called calming to offer great fiscal outlook.

I am so glad that I googled them before a was ever made. I HATE when people try and scam you into something. For anyone looking for a job, please make sure you find out as much about the company as possible before engaging with them.

After reading a lot of comments online, I wish there was a way to put these type of business out of business. Research every thing!

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I need a refund of $99 my name is Carls Desruisseaux 9082902258 or I will dispute it with my bank


you sound so silly right now its NO scam!!!!!!


I need a refund of $99, my name Todd lee Ritschard, 602-725-7040 or I will dispute it with my bank


To Ray: You sound like a bitter old man. Life had dumped on you and you see people making great money at Amway and Primerica and you just don't have the ability to work hard enough to win at a "brokerage" type company.

Primerica's not corporate. It's a brokerage. The way any brokerage, real estate... increases profits is to recruit more agents.

The way corporate business increases profits is to fire workers or cut salaries. I think the real scammers are corporate business. Even small businesses fire and cut salaries to increase profits. No, MLM's or brokerages are the only way to go to increase profits.

Hire more people and pay people more.

Doesn't that sound better than, YOUR FIRED or WE'RE CUTTING YOUR HOURS FROM 40 TO 29 AND DROPPING YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE AND BENEFITS. Sorry Ray, your dull and disolutioned.


Anonymous, if you had to find a second part-time job, and the local convience store had an opening and gave you that opportunity, would you tell them to wait until you found out as much as you could about their store?

If Microsoft had an opening for a job, would you research the company for weeks before joining up with them?

I went to a meeting 26 years ago. I joined immediately because I was a teacher at a private school not making much money. 2 kids and one on the way, I needed to make some extra money. 26 years later, I've been paid over $600,000 working about one night a week.

I think if I wanted to, I could make $600,000 a year easily from what I've seen over the years. There is no hype. But, it takes hard work, even part-time. You actually have to open your mouth and ask someone if they want life insurance. Or, are they looking to roll over their 401K if they can. No one said you would make money by osmosis. No one. So stop lying...


They called me today. I had a bad feeling, they never mention the name of the company or what add i posted for, anyways i search the name of the person that came up on my caller id and i found out is Primerica.I sreach the internet and i was not surprise to found out what kind of company they seem to be.I keep reading all this postings from their "employees" LOL deffending the company =P.I have no interest in that field nor anything on my resume (i guess they took it from 1 of the jobsearch engines i posted) have any qualifications for that field.

Just for that their recruiting is less than professional. Maybe they think because im an inmigrant i would fall for it LOL wrong =P


You think recruiting is less than professional? That says a lot about you, I'm sure if you are married either you or you spouse recruited the other. You must be less than professional to then, huh go figure!


Primerica is promising a Fast Start Bonus incentive for new recruits to recruit 3 people in a month. My friend tried to convince me in joining but that company is sheer marketing and only wants you to but their services.

Their practises are unethical. The RVP and SVP asks new recruits to write down the information of their friends and family...Invasion of privacy !


I researched Primerica for over a year and then joined. I was impressed by the fact that primerica will insure active duty soldiers who are even in the midst of being deployed to a war zone. NO OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY WILL INSURE A SOLDIER GOING INTO A WAR ZONE. But primerica will and routinely does, at the same prices you and I get.

Primerica grew and became the largest insurance company in the USA ... and all through referrals only; they never advertise. Can you imagine how high you'd have to set the bar for YOUR company to succeed if all you were going to use to grow it were the referrals you receive, as well as your own integrity? That bar would also have to be high enough to offset the 'haters" who actively work at tearing your business down, daily.

If you joined Primerica and didn't make the money you thought you should be making, ask yourself if you put your whole heart and soul into it. Did you eat and breathe it until it was a part of you? Did you go out after work and on weekends to talk with people and help them see how much this business can change their lives for the good? Did you put in at least 20 hours of your own time each week to grow this business or did you mostly sit around and talk about it? Did you stop trying after the first few of your friends said they weren't interested? Did you attend the weekly meetings, attend the free insurance classes, study and get your designation(s)? If you didn't, then hang your head, close your mouth and walk away. No one is ever a success if they don't give it all they have to give. Even the Wright Brothers tried and failed, tried/failed over and over again for years until they succeeded. They were laughed at and made the butt of many a joke. What if they had given their dreams the same half-hearted attempts that you've given to yours? We'd all still be crossing the ocean in boats, not in airplanes!

If you want to know if Primerica will work for you, GO TO A PRIMERICA MEETING then, and see what it really is all about. Ask questions. (make a list). Listen to the answers. That's the least bit of due diligence anyone ought to do.


Well known as a fraud and a scam, despite all the fake garbage and fake testimonials posted across the internet. It's an MLM scam, just like Amway.

@L Ron H

Right, did you look for life insurance? If so I bet you bought that trash- value stuff..oh well.

Not everyone wants help to show that they are getting screwed.

Oh by the way, yea it's a pyramid, just like all corporations, including the one you work for, are you *** on everyone under you? Or are you getting *** on?


If you posted your resume to Monster, Hot Jobs, etc, your resume is available. So I did my research like you said.

-A.M. Best Company is a full-service credit rating organization dedicated to serving the insurance industry. Policyholders refer to Best's ratings and analysis as a means of assessing the financial strength and creditworthiness of risk-bearing entities and investment vehicles. Primerica is rate A+.

-Traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and held by several large investment firms (as per Yahoo Finance).

When researching a company, please be sure to use reliable sources.