Corvallis, Oregon

I gave a one week written notice via fax to primerica to cancel my life insurance due to loss of job and that I did not have the funds for an eft from my bank account. You did not cancel it.

My bank payed the bill, charged me $27.00 for insf, therefore, the bill I really needed to pay did also get payed with an additional $27.00 charge. I went to cash my last paycheck today, which was a short check and could not cash it without paying the $78.00 negative balance. Thanx primerica!!!!

Cancel my policy!!!

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To the post author:

I am sorry to hear that you have had this difficulty. However, 1 week is not sufficient time to cancel an automatic draft. If you will contact me at Primerica's home office, I will be happy to assist you further in resolving your concerns.

Regena Wood





As many can see this board is monitored by PFS. Here is your direct contact with any issues with PFS. This contact information was taken from another thread.

Regena Wood

Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

Duluth, GA