Yonkers, New York

Prime America tried to get my teenaged daughter with promise of financial gain with hard work.

My daughter is a college student seeking summer employment.

When I was advised of this by my daughter who added she needed $200.00 to start

I knew something was not right.

You should never have to pay any one for work.

I researched this company, and I was appalled to find out that this is an ongoing scam.

When you rip off people it comes back to you in one way of another. This appears to be another type of ponzi. Job seekers beware!

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Your an ***. Its a business opportunity you dumb ***.

Your investing into yourself for the training an to get started with your biz. That's in any business. Your working for yourself as a independent rep. Now if you want a job an make someone else rich.

Well go fill out an application an be part of the suckers. That's why there are wealthy folks that have people work for them, cause they started a business an then there are people like you that work like a slave making me rich


Greetings, Just to add, When making a decision regarding a business adventure contact your nearest IRS agency and ask important questions regarding the business YOU want to purchase. Please EVERYONE ASK TO SEE THEIR w2's so then YOU will really know how much the company is WORTH.

Importantly enough be WISE and NEVER blame other businesses for your BAD purchase. For they didn't come to YOU, you came to them. Be SMART! Hint: Service type businesses are the WAY to go to MAKE large $$$ amounts of money.

So GO FOR IT!!!!



First of ALL, YOU ALL need to realize in business YOU never take someone's word on how successful they are. Remember: As k ALWAYS to see the W2's from IRS and go back at least 3 years.

Most businesses us the slogan "Fake it till YOU make it!" Also, after a business has been going for over 5 years you chances at success with it is nearly nothing. Why not try starting your VERY OWN. Where you make ALL PROFITS!! Be creative think of something FUN and find other's to join YOU like other companies do.

Then YOU can be the controller. But ALWAYS be honest. Look at Mrs. B's Furniture store "Nebraska Furniture Mart".

She ALWAYS SAYS, "BE HONEST AND ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH" And to be CAREFUL with "DOWN LINE" businesses. Good LUCK and HOPE everyone uses their WISDOM and don't be afraid to say, NO!!


Prime America called me today for a interview. I though I would do some back ground checks on the Company..


I almost left my job of 28 year for that place THAT YOU AGAIN EVERYONE!!!


If a company really wants you as an employee they would gladly pay the $200 licensing fee for getting your services. A company that won't make a $200 investment to hire a new employee isn't a company worth working for.


I'm glad to have read this post... My brother is starting his business with Prime America...

I'm getting quotes tonite and if they want me to sell life insurance on the side I just might take them up on their offer!

This company has been around for ever and is backed by BIG MONEY... Thank you!


Prime America is in the business of selling insurance. In California if you want to work for any insurance company selling insurance, you will pay UPFRONT for a back round check.

You must be licensed by the state you want to work in. There is no reason to go beyond the initial interview if the person that wants a job can not pass a back round check. They all collect the fee up front.

Don't want a job in sales? Don't apply.


yeah u work for a legalized pyramid scam that hides behind a legit business shame on you for stealing from people who just want a job...



You are dumb as a box of rocks. Don't waste your time posting thoughts when you don't understand the process. Go back to sleep!


This is not a ponzi scam. I've worked for the company for 6 years.

The $200 is to cover her Independent Business Application and her insurance license for whichever state you live in. Be happy she didn't try to work for a company like Aflac which will make you pay $500+ to get your license.