San Antonio, Texas

I was enrolled because the Regional Leader said that Primerica would provide the extra income I needed. Since I was not able to sell anything, I never got a check from them.

I took the life insurance class but never took the exam.

I paid $ 99.00 to join and $ 25.00 for the next six months.

People did not want to share their financial information, but I was being forced to tell all my friends about this scam.

What opened my eyes was the fact that I could get cheaper term life insurance with other companies. I would not feel right selling something more expensive to my friends.

I got out of it on time. Citigroup is falling apart!!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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It can not be said any better than the previous poster!!!

The truth is shocking when you really compare apples to apples!!

If you're a Primerican do yourself a favor and stay off the forums, unless you want to learn how to help your clients (& yourself) 100% of the time!


It is not in your best interest to read message boards. You will be hit with facts, not hype.

You will go back and read your contract and ask yourself if a noncompete clause is in your best interest. You will seek other quotes and look in the mirror and ask yourself if you did the best job for your family and friends or for the company? You will ask questions about compensation, replacemant legs, roll backs, charge backs and why you have the license but can't sell other products? Why would anyone be part-time and be under restrictions on how they can make money?

Once you do that the exit process starts.At company functions you will hear of some fired up spark plug who is doing some great business, but after a minute you won't of them again or see them on the leaders bulletins, then it will hit you.

It was the their warm market. Then you will hear of a RVP or someone else who may have left and you'll wonder if i'm pushing for RVP why would others leave once they reach that position or higher? At that moment your done. Your searching for a new platform and you will learn many things about the many doors that are open to you.

The kool-aid will turn to orange juice. Something pure and good for you..



I know exactly where you are coming from!!! Like you I achieved the position of RVP and spent 12 years with Primerica. In 2005 & 2007 I spoke at the company convention in Atlanta for Reps & Dist about $MART and how powerful our life insurance was. I believed it with all of my heart! My family lived for this company and I truly believed I would spend the rest of my life with PFS. One day a friend started opening my eyes to what a real financial services company can do.

First off and most important is that fact the clients are better off. The battle is rarely against CV vs Term, but now it is Term vs Term. If you really compare PFS term to the other companies you will be blown away. My brothers policy I just replaced went from $350k (25yr term with 21 left) with Primerica to $1mil (a new 25yr term) for $18 less per month!! How is he not better off? As for the $MART loan it is an absolute joke. You will never compete with a conventional loan!

I ran EVERY clients proposals I have done over the past year & in EVERY case they would have been better off going somewhere else. Of course I can not contact them because of my RVP contract, but I can promise as soon as I am allowed there will be a call going out to help them.

I am sure you are doing the best thing for your clients, but my suggestion is that unless you want to see the light get off this forum. Once you start seeing the truth it makes the Kool-Aid a little less sweet. The fact is that if you want to do what is best for your clients 100% of the time you will find a new home.

(By the way - PFS is not the only game in town that will allow you to build a team and get overrides!)

Consider yourself warned. I start just like you reading these boards and defending PFS. One day I ran a comparison and then it started.

Oh yeah - Don't mention the FNA. Once you see what real financial planning tools look like you will be embarrassed to ever present a FNA to a client again. The FNA is nothing more than a sales tool used to market expensive products to uneducated clients!! Just read page 1 of the FNA disclosures.

Again I am not arguing that CORPORATE Primerica has a well tuned money machine, but my issue lies with the local offices. We get addicted to the Kool-Aid and are convinced everyone else in the industry is wrong. The fact is Primerica does not do what is right 100% of the time. They only do what is right for Primerica 100% of the time! If Primerica was a crusade company it claims to be they would dominate insurance industry like they did in the AL Williams day & they could definitely come up with something other than the $MART loan ripping families off.

PS - Read Coach -- Primerica as you know it today defies everything Art built. The company used to be about the sales force & the best products. Now it is about the company first & the million dollar earners 2nd. Of course it is us six-figure earners all the way down to reps & our clients you pay the price!!


Bill. Many other companies will lower a rate if the client qualifies.

Do a comparison at

You say " I doubt there is any term insurance that is "much" cheaper than Primerica (maybe a few bucks, maybe not). " get ready to be schooled. Also there's no need to mention cash value.

Posters be gentle he doesn't know what he doesn't know. I'm sure his heart is in the right place.


As far as I know, you can't get paid on a Life Sale in any state legally unless you have the proper life appointments, and also a life license in that state. This is not a Primerica issue, just walk into any Met Life or State Farm office and ask them if you can sale insurance without a license.

If you never took the exam, what were you waiting on? I notice you were in the plan for $25 a month which also meant that Primerica would pay for your Securities License. How is the studying coming along for that license? I doubt there is any term insurance that is "much" cheaper than Primerica (maybe a few bucks, maybe not).

I just did a policy with a client and I wrote it as Standard, which was a normal non-smoking rate. When the policy was issued, to my surprise they gave the client a Preferred Plus rate which reduced his rate by about 25%. It was a good rate to begin with. Perhaps you don't know, but we don't quote these "super cheap" rates you might be seeing advertised at some places as many of those are not even issued - they are just teaser rates, but when one of our clients qualify - they might get that great rate without being teased.

Primerica doesn't live or die with the health of Citi. Primerica has zero debt as of this posting, and over 8 times the required amount the state of MA requires of life insurance companies.

Sorry it didn't work for you. Contact Primerica home office in Georgia, tell them your sad story and they will work with you I am sure to make you happy.