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You need to understand a few things about Primerica. First, they claim legitimacy based on their relationship with Citigroup. Citigroup is had to bott out two CEOs within the last five years and is deeply wounded by the subprime mortgage disaster. Primerica contributed heavily to that for the simple reason that getting clients to use thwir homes as a credit card is what they do!

Secondly, while I saw this mortgage debacle coming six years ago, when I mentioned it to Primerica management (I worked for Mike Bidolli, on of about 50,000 "regional vice presidents) I was labelled a "cancer." History has since vindicated me and I had enough good luck and good sense to get out of that racket before the collapse. Many other agents, regretably, could not, or would not, see what was coming.

There are legitimate insurance agents and companies. Primerica is not one of them. Do not be deceived but their promises of wealth and fame. Few ever reach that point and it is, in the final analysis, a multi-level marketing scheme you you will end up sweating your butt off for someone else.

There are other, better, more honest ways to make a living than being a shameless huckster leading desperate people down the road to ruin.

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If you havent tried Primerica then you have nothing to say about the company. Simply because first, you dont know the company and how it works, and second because you haven't tried it.

The only thing people are posting on here is stuff that people have heard!

Try the company and give yourself a chance to see the truth for yourself! :grin

@Think before you talk!

Your confused. Primerica and anyone associated with telephone number (248) 546-5470 is a *** artist. Everyone knows this and this company should be dissolved.


Show me a company that doesn't have any complaints against it. Type in I hate Wells Fargo and over 10,000 hits.

Honestly, when a company does what is right for people there will be people that try to take it down. As for the business side of Primerica, if you have what it takes to endure idiots like the ones that have posted nonsense, then you can build a very successful business here. Show me somebody that has failed at business and blames themself for not doing what it takes and I'll recant my comments. It doesn't happen.

This is not a get rich quick business! Duh


That requires more than $99 and the minimal state licensing probably does more to help people than Primerica.

Any company that encourages and pays for furthering education instead of spending tireless hours recruiting probably does more to help people than Primerica.

Any company that offers exactly the products and MANY more to suit more than one type of need, at a much reduced price, probably does more to help people than Primerica.

Any company that requires a resume and an actual hiring process, probably does more to help people than Primerica.

Any company that doesn't have any negative postings on a site like this probably does more to help people than Primerica.

Shall we continue?


Show me a company that helps consumers more than Primerica. Nuff said!


From what I see, the score is pissed consumers 3, Primerica mouthpieces zero.


Your products are ***, plain and simple ***.

3 products offered:

Term insurance--although you bash whole life insurance, you charge so much that the client doesn't have much "difference" to invest.

SMART loan-- horribly overpriced smoke n mirrors mortgage product

Investments--offer funds that have lost rating by Morningstar that have some of the highest expenses POSSIBLE

These products are offered by people who have been licensed for less than a few months, who really know NOTHING other than what Primerica tells them.


I am a representative of Primerica. And trust me, the only reason people criticize us is because they have come to the realization that our products are superior.

We are the number 1 financial services company in America. Our mutual funds are unmatched, and our crusade against whole life is one which no whole life agent can beat. We teach people about the rule of 72 and how to become financially independent.

Lets put this into perspective: There were 2,000 financial services companies when Primerica was started, there are now only 200 remaining. This proves that no other company can compete with us.


Anyone reading these posts, please do not listen to them. Our products are superior to all others, and all these people who bash Primerica are simply sore losers because they are coming to the realization that they cannot compete with us.

LOL probably most have sold "whole life" policies.

All we do is the right thing, educat people about money and try to do watever we can to help them become financially independent. Our company is number 1 for a reason---our products are just simply superior.


Primerica won't be a "member of Citigroup" much longer. The standard line has been trying to lend credibility to an otherwise shady organization for years. I wonder what their new line will be???