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I think you need to educate your reps. Stop telling people you are hiring them.

Instead they are hiring you because they are paying the company money. Be honest with your clients when you are recruiting. I am not looking for a boss when I start my own business. And if I get a job, I am certainly not going to pay my boss to get started.

So now I am weary of this business, because my neice referred me and did not get one red dime for it. What's the point?

What's the real deal about primerica

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Wayne, New Jersey, United States #704904

MLM scams are illegal. Primerica wouldn't be on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE if it were illegal.

Once they submitted their IPO in 2010 Warburg Pincus spent over 10 million dollars in due diligence to make sure the company was legitimate. Primerica is a way for families to build their own business and become financially independent.


Well known as a fraud and an MLM scam. Avoid at all cost!


Jay, I have a JOB with a salary of $50K+ and benefits. However, I am 32 years old, married with 2 kids and another on the way, a car payment and a mortgage.

That's why I am in Primerica.

I wanted to learn something new and to make extra income.

There's nothing wrong at all with wanting a JOB, and I am glad that you liked what you saw at that meeting. That just means that Primerica is not right for you at this time.


I just came from one of their "interviews" about an hour ago. While I believe it's a good opportunity for someone who can afford it, I'm looking for a J-O-B.

I almost felt like I was being sold a time share!

The people were great and courteous, But I need a salary. with benefits and what not.


Also, I agree with you. I don not like or use the word hiring.

This is not a job (thank god). This a business opportunity, self-employed.

This is a good company, do not be misled by a few dozen bad experiences posted here. There are maybe 1,000 complaints here (a lot of them have no merit) and we have over 100,000 reps (majority are part-time like me) and 3 million clients in the US,Canada, the UK, Spain and Puerto Rico.


Sir, we don't get paid for recruiting people. We get paid on sales.

Also, we don't get paid until we are licensed to sell the particular product, be it life insurance or a loan or whatever.

We recruit because after the new recruit gets licensed and trained, we get an override commission when that new person makes a sale. Same thing when the newly licensed recruit gets a new recruit licensed who makes a sale. The recruiter makes an override and the recruiter's recruiter also gets one.

So recruiting is if you want to do it long term, so you can have a residual income. The idea is a lot of people doing a little. Say it takes 5 years to recruit 200 people between you and your team. Only 50 get licensed, and of those 50, only half are making 1 sale a month. That's still 25 overrides which will probably be a nice check. Now if you are a personal producer, it would be hard to make 25 personal life sales in a month. Or if you have a team of 5, its hard to get them do to 5 sales each. So the idea is a lot of people doing a little.

If you're only interested in short term money, well personal sales would be the way to go.

Sorry for going on and on, but again, we don't get paid for recruiting new people.

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