Lafayette, Louisiana
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they just hired a drug addict named jill jumonville to go into peoples houses. I have had similar dealings with another insurance company, Liberty.

These companies hire whatever pretty face walks through their door and gives promotions to the most fuckable. The manager I was working for was also a drug addict and put off all his work on me so he could go *** his newest employee. They don't care about people and these types of insurance companies should be illegal.

There may be one or two honest employees on the payroll but this does not make up for the bad ones that don't mind taking advantage of the less fortunate. True Evil!

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Everyone should have a second chance to proce do you know he was using drugs?


I have scanned this company out you can't do anything without passing an exam 100 dollar it cost most people fail or quit which makes sense because most people are dumb I haven't taking test but I expect to pass not because I'm smart but because I'm determined to pass ..this is a career for people who want a career . The things I read are comical and sad .

They are people trying to destroy the company or mad they didn't pass or didn't get anywhere it's a shame that most of people in America are dead beats losers that don't realize that there are so few people that are owners and bosses.... jobs deserve to be outsourced to China there people are more intelligent ....are ceo s take advantage because why not most Republican know this I used to think different until I realized that our country is filled with losers no race in general just a variety of dumb folks . Back to prime america .If you really want to look up the truth just keep searching. You will find garbage But hey its everywhere in this great country .

I again believe there are real go getters in this country who want to help lead an have a business not a job. Prime america is great. I'm not even in it yet but I'm happy to read the fine print I'm happy to see the great things this company has done . Again 100 dollars is extremely cheap for a insurance license training books an an chance to own an business.

I know it's gonna be tough to pass but hey how many people work in wall street or in a 6 figure job or more .This message is for people reading through this garbage consumer *** that I briefly strolled through .You have an opportunity just take time to learn the business after passing be willing to learn more . In fact never stop learning. It gonna take time but who really can open up a company and succeed in a year 2 or 3 or even stay in business .It cost way more than a 100 dollars.. again I can only laugh but truly feel sad for all the dumb people representing our country .just stick to MTV bet vine u tube comedy central an living in your parents house till u are to old to do anything ...let real go getters get a chance.

And with prime america help struggling families or people that really want to know how to save money be able to retire be able to take control like the .5 percent in our great nation to get a chance ..I'm not in prime america but I'm gonna be and make something of my self and spread the message of hope .I know people make mistakes In this company just like every company. But please do real credible research and you to will be convinced that this company is more than legit.

It's a great opportunity to take charge be your own. Boss.....

@Just bieng realistic

it' your life pal

@Just bieng realistic

Where’s the punctuation. Rambling.