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PRIMERICA MILICO CITIGROUP A.L.WILLIAMS PAY ME WHAT THOU OWEST Bonnie Dorman, RVP, A L Williams, whom I had met previously when she was marketing Huff Cook,talked to me about a company that "offered a great opportunity through life insurance sales and asset re-positioning". Further, I could work part time and keep my present employ if I desired. Enthused, I worked over 80 hours/week; gave all of my time to the company. Then, within 90 days, Bonnie Dorman, RVP, demanded I surrender my Bureau of Insurance license because I didn't meet quotas!! THAT'S RAPE!! The RVPs and RSVPs said I couldn't sell on the first visit. The RSVPs gave orders and had control as to how the work was to be carried out. Hence, I was an employee. Where's my severance pay? SS contributions by AL Williams? THAT really took nerve!!! To put in my heart and soul and they say you must turn your license in? For what!?! What ingratitute, exploitation, skimming and heinous, brazen devils. Give me punitve damages in advance. Got any conscience? Yeah, you do. You have the conscience of Ponzi!

Deceit by these people in light of the aforementioned. It's their sin; they can't demand the license because it is false pretenses. It is a fraud. I worked for it; I studied for it. Why should it only be an SCC license that can only be used to sell AL Williams - Primerica products? It is a fraud; a sham. I had the same examination. I had to study just as hard as my competition to receive my license to sell life insurance. Bonnie Dorman, RVP, said you only have to work part-time and can make a lot of money. They lied; they smeared other firms that have protected territories. One needs a protected territory. I would have easily sold 4-12 replacement policies but no protected territory. So another rep had already sold. So you can see from the above I'm still waiting for a fair remuneration for what I would have sold and Art Williams - Primerica can pay me for the time I put in. They haven't given me anything yet, therefore, there has to be a penalty for what they did in order to discourage further rapes. I wasted a total of 7 months going to the meetings, the class, studying and scouring the supposedly limitless field of "every person you meet is a sale". To be so deceitful as to pretend to want to be helpful,then to say "give the license back; you didn't meet quotas", is the nadir of depravity and callousness. It is an abomination to do such things. One of many who experienced the same said this: "Very rarely does a RVP or upline give out sources. " Isn't that something? I realize Bonnie Dorman never once gave me any leads.

In addition, old AL Williams reps find me every few years. A quote that I can very well relate to: "I was never told how my name was referred to them". They say they are headhunters. They are leeches; steal your leads; find your family and friends and attempt to rape you again. They're just looking for whom they consider to be suckers.

I always have to tell them I am still waitng for my money. If you want me, you have to pay me 1000/week base, give me 100M shares in the company, 500M preferred shares and 1B warrants. Not only has A.L. Williams not made any restitution; he has not made an offer of stock or any thing at all in an honest effort to take away the injury done to me.

No remorse, no offer to pay for the expenses to get my life insurance license back that was stolen - nothing. AL Williams-Citigroup-Primerica lies and lies and lies. Here is what I found out while I was slaving for A L Williams:

- 80 fee to go to their seminars!! The RVP's told us it was a great deal!! All the other life insurance companies give their training for no charge AND they pay for your accommodations. "If you have a traditional job then your employer will train you to undertake your duties to the best of your ability. This makes good financial sense to them as it will maximise your productivity and ability to generate a good return versus your wage cost. Why then, do many multi level marketing schemes require payment in return for their training seminars? Surely it would be in their best interests to train their distributors for free so that they can profit from their retail sales?"

- I started finding insurance policies that were cheaper! A L Williams RVP's told me I was selling the cheapest. This began to gnaw and gnaw and gnaw more on me. It was beginning to dawn on me that Bonnie Dorman was a vile, evil liar. One of the reasons Bonnie Dorman was able to talk me in to the business was the "fact" that A.L. Williams policies were the cheapest and the riders made them cheaper yet.

- No reimbursement for my travel expenses.

- A sales rep is a rag that they can throw out! They tell you you are going to be wallowing in moola! The RVPs don't help you; I never, ever was introduced to a RSD or SRSD and they throw you away so they can exploit another one and steal his/her leads!!!

- I started hearing "that person's not even a potential client". When Bonnie Dorman talked me in to getting in to the business, every one was a potential sale. "Just start a list".

- I began running in to people who wanted to buy from me but they had already bought from another guy who didn't even work in the same state that I

was working in. My eyes finally began to open and it began to sink in that an agent needs a protected territory.

- You know it is so: when you go in to business, you don't recruit other businesses. You stay right there and build your business up wherever you are. You get the help you need. If you start a branch business, or a separate enterprise, you get the help you need. You don't tell them to pyramid on, for those new recruits to pyramid on, and on until you have exceed the entire population of the world!! Those RVPs and SRVPs know that. Those recruits are customers!! Defenders of the AL Williams-Primerica abomination are either liars on the top of the pyramid and do not want the thievery to end, or they are extremely blinded. There is NO SUCH THING as a pyramid in a conventional company!! The only pyramids are those wherewith you are told to recruit, recruit, recruit.

- I started hearing "that customer is out of our market". I was told "every person is a potential customer. This business is unique".

A L Williams-Citigroup-Primerica still owe innumerable commissions plus interest and penalty because they stole my license after 3 months. They never forced Bonnie Dorman to admit she was wrong and to return my license to sell. That license was only good to sell MILICO products. That's a conspiracy in restraint of trade!! The license granted by the Bureau of insurance was good for 2 years. A L Williams deliberately made up the 90 days and I had to pay my expenses on top of it to pass the exam and get my license! What a fleecing!

A. L. Williams takes away your license without any remorse! It caused me impoverishment and upwards of 99.5% of the other PFS reps wind up impoverished because of this abomination. It

is nothing but multi-level marketing. Only those at the top make money: those at the bottom give their time and energy to those at the top. And

they charged me for the classes. And I had to pay everything out of my pocket. Neither Bonnie Dorman nor any of other RVP's, District or Regional Leaders told me that all the other life insurance cos give you training out of their own pocket. They help their reps. It took over a year for me to recover from all the uncompensated work time and expenditures.

All right. A fair restitution:

1. You can't get around base pay. If you supposedly are going to make this fortune selling "buy term and invest the difference in mutual funds", "the 72 rule", etc, they have no problem giving at least $500/week so you can survive; more in high cost of living areas. That's not unreasonable. As aforementioned, if the reps did well on the Bureau of insurance examination, and I scored 87 out of 95 total, that's not unreasonable. They recruited us and told us we were would swimming in dough working part-time!!

2. Honest disclosure about the commission structure. We're still trying to find out what it truly is!! Art Williams got around one lawsuit because Alabama then had only a one year Statute of Limitations for plaintiff action.

3. Fair remuneration for selling the policy. Primerica can't pound and pound that ludicrous "higher cost first year, lower later" because the reps don't get paid commission

in subsequent years. That's laughing in the agent's face! That's an admission that they treat their reps very badly. AL Williams-Citigroup-Primerica owes me for the renewals.

4. I put seven months of my time in to that scheme, overall. Should I hold my breath that Primerica will pay me fair remuneration for all the mental stress and impoverishment that multi-level marketing causes? Paying compensatory damages to me is not unreasonable, especially since there should be penalty as AL Williams never paid me a

dollar. With no disclosure of the commission structure, how do I know I was actually paid an agreed upon stipend?

5. Fair reimbursement plus interest for my travel expenses to take the course. That's not unreasonable. I obtained the license required by the state Bureau of insurance governmental body and passed their test with a high grade. Reimbursement for my travel expenses to obtain the license. That's not unreasonable. A L Williams, Inc, forced me to give up the license that I earned! No argument of sincerity can be made by A L WIlliams, Bonnie Dorman or any of the RVP's. They want those leads and will be very swift to steal them from you. When you franchise a store, if you're smart, you check the contract for a fair evaluation of what the franchisor contributed to the good will and growth of the business. AL Williams staff and lawyers knew and Primerica knows about clauses like that. I was so young and am really surprised at the number of potential clients I visited and the enthusiasm I had and how I helped the image of that company. I was rewarded with termination and theft of my time. That's theft of services! That's theft of promised commissions!! I gave them my time. AL Williams and his people are thieves! Never again will it be done to me.

6. A fair evaluation and restitution for sales missed when forced to surrender the license I had studied for and earned. That means they owe me for the bonuses I would have made as well as the sales I lost, not only in the valid period of the license, but in subsequent periods; volume build up; more sales, bonuses, etc! After 7 months with absolute minimal income, I was impoverished and forced to take job so I could get back on my feet. Multi-level marketing impoverishes workers! Hundreds of thousands of others have been raped, also, worldwide.

7. The theft by A L Williams means lack of credentials for the next insurance place. The sin of A L Williams. Once again, you must have a protected territory. Reimbursement for travel expenses; fair restitution for my time to unnecessarily have to restudy for the examination. Boy,does AL Wiliams-Primerica-Citigroup screw people!! Taking away your license when no laws nor ethics were broken by the agent is an abomination!!! Art Williams, Bonnie Dorman, Primerica-Citigroup who bought them out [hence bought their debts] and the rest of them should be thankful I'm not asking for compensatory and punitive damage awards! Boy, do they fleece you! A lot of time and energy for what? To be used and thrown away so they can get your leads!! Aha!! Know you know why AL Williams and all the RVP's ordered you NOT to make the sale on the first visit! Why? After 3 months, they will steal their license to sell, which is not even rightfully theirs!!! I studied for the test, put out by the state regulator, not by AL Williams; not by MILICO; not by Primerica: not by Citigroup. What a corrupt outfit! You can't even recover unless you take the courses; then the examination all over again!! They owe for the mental stress!! Those sales District and Regional Leaders really have their nerve in demanding that you surrender the license when you have committed no legal, propriety, moral nor ethics violations.

8. License was good for 2 years. Out and out fraud and nefarious extortion to only allow a license to sell insurance and securities through AL Williams!! That really takes nerve. whom do they

think they are? God Almighty? The intent is to issue a license to sell life insurance and securities for yourself or for any firm. To limit to AL Williams is tantamount to threats, lies, deception, unfair restraint of trade and extortion. AL Williams violated the Sherman anti-trust Act without even telling us!!! Has Primerica turned from such reprobate shenanagans? Citigroup-Primerica must agree to pay for the remaining 21 months of

lost revenue as a result of the illegal seizure of the license to sell life insurance. That's generous: AL Williams does not have to pay punitive damages and AL Williams doesn't have to pay compensatory damages for a minimum of 7 years.

9. Confession by Primerica if they did the same that Art L. Williams did to those who spent money, time and energy to obtain their brokers license. Does Primerica refund your $199? May be some times, but then again, Primerica will at times say that you have a "chargeback". Primerica "loans" you money, whether you want a loan or not! Sounds exactly like the mob, doesn't it? There has to be a reason why ripoff report has chickened out and refuses to publish any more exposes on Primera, THIS, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY PRINT IN BOLD PRINT THAT PRIMERICA WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! WHAT ARE THEY SCARED OF?? RIPOFF REPORT DOESN'T ANSWER MY E-MAILS. Chargebacks is really deceitful. AL Williams only allowed their agent to receive a commission for one year, and the client pays a year in advance. In what circumstance could there be a chargeback?? In other words, if the SRVP and RVP do not get their slice off of the agent - even after he is gone !!!!!! - they want to still make you pay!!! And to make sure you DO pay, they "loan" you "insurance money" in the event of a chargeback!! Nifty, isn't it? Total evil. Tell it like it really is. Be sure your sin will find you out.

It'll find you out. It's found a lot of multi-level marketers of swampland out. And their sin will find the rest of those boiler room shysters out.

What?! Ripoff Report states this? To the editors of Ripoff Report: Primerica is willing to make amends? They bought AL Williams, stock symbol ALW. When you buy an outfit, you buy the debts. Let's see proof of sincerity. A.L. Williams headhunters in more ways than one! know I worked there, even if Bonnie Dorman were to attempt to deny it. "Not everyone is a sales person they recruited you, hence you are - not every one is made for every business and your success depends entirely on the effort you put into it, but, the investment involved is very minimal in light of the training and licensing that it pays for - all this talk about $199 being a rip-off. I guess people are wondering 'why do I have to pay to start a job?' But Primerica isn't a JOB, You're starting a business; you're starting a business when you go to work for all the others and the company pays -consult the Rock how many other businesses can you start for less than $200 unlimited, esp now. It's called the internet!?

Life insurance pre-licensing education is provided at no additional cost to you." ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Primerica lied to you!!! Documented by other threads, also. We are NOT bearing false witness. That leads one to question the whole scope of the investigation put out by the staff of Ripoff Report. How deep was the investigation? I've spoken with thousands of life insurance

agents, including former AL Williams agents, and they all know that AL Williams charged $80 for the pre-licensing seminar. No additional costs? Even then, it was more than $200 as I have documented.

A.L.Williams recruiters wanted me to buy a policy! What!! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! When I go to work for a company, I get their product for free or at employee discount rates. You say Primerica is the same as any other company. Then why am I a customer?! If I'm an independent contractor; if you want loyalty, you are going to give me something.

And that's not all. Your company said I couldn't sell on the first visit. You gave orders and had control as to how the work was to be carried out. Hence, I was an employee. Where's my workers comp coverage, health insurance, extra social security in my account, vacation pay, sick leave pay, severance pay, etc? What's the big deal if a potential customer asks if I have a policy myself? You are going to give me a policy. I'm an employee. Of course I have a policy. You gave it to me. If you don't, you are trying to make me BUY a policy. You know you are nothing by a lying *** man, lowdown, double crossing, slick tongued unscrupulous huckster. When I go to work for an insurance company, I get the policy for free. Buy an overpriced policy to help National Sales Directors and Senior National Sales Directors? What deception! What dishonesty!

Ripoff Report said "recruit" in their " Rip-off Report Investigation: `Primerica`. "It should be noted that as an independent contractor, the compensation of a Primerica agent consists of commissions and bonuses earned upon the sale of a product, either directly or by an override commission GENERATED BY OTHER AGENTS emphasis mine recruited into his or her 'hierarchy'. " Not my words, his. Some have not seen through multi-level marketing. "But you should know, that your results are going to equal to your efforts." That is NOT so in multi-level marketing, even in a local economy on the upswing. Here is the best explanation I have seen to date. There are probably less wordy ones, but this is worthy of very careful, thorough study. Primerica IS IS IS a mutli-level marketing company.

It's the same A.L. Williams hash refrigerated and microwaved up: Primerica was been and is under investigation by the SEC, FTC and numerous other governmental bodies".

Listing of investigations and litigations can be found SEC's and other sites -->§ion=Litigation&sort=rank

If you just do a goggle or Yahoo search on 'Primerica fraud' you will get hundreds of hits explaining lawsuits, Primerica's deceptive tactics and testimonials of people defrauded. Most concerning of all though is that members of Primerica during company's presentations and speeches yell out 'Amen' and 'Hallelujah'

(my husband admitted hearing this too) and insist upon Primerica being a 'Christian' organization." an agent with AL Williams told me that many reps are pastors. It's easy to believe you need "supplemental income" when you are not trusting the LORD for your support - consult the Rock.

Think Primerica is sincere? Before publishing "Rip-off Report Investigation: Primerica pledges to resolve complaints & address any inquiries from the past, present and in the future. Commitment to Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Primerica commitment to customer & agent satisfaction. After interviewing executives from Primerica, it is clear that they are dedicated to helping their agents and clients achieve complete satisfaction and will not allow a legitimate complaint to go unresolved". Ripoff Report is NOT telling the truth.

Ripoff Report has to acknowledge that You can't get around base pay and that the average commissions for a Primerica agent is 2000 and the average commission BECOMES A NEGATIVE as only 1.5% of the RVPs, RVPs and SRVPs make 7 figure commissions and overrides and possible kickbacks from chargebacks on their reps!!. If it's not multi-level marketing, why do 98.5% or more of the reps who try MLM wind up with a DEFICIT after you figure expenses for the program?! Would you continue working for a corporation wherewith you had to pay fees and month after month after month earned no money and was not payed any thing??!!? Any company that pays only sales commissions without binding promises of base pay, profit sharing, preferred stock, stock, warrants - some future reward for work performed - is a slave master. An honest day's pay for an honest day's work. Be up front. Bill Gates was. He asked the workers to accept shares of stock. Those who did not want his promises could walk away. Primerica pressures you to stay with threats of no refund of your $199 (or more) and the usury regarding

the loans. Bill Gates backed up his promises. He did not vomit empty, lying promises of riches. He backed his promises up. That's what A L Williams needed to do and did not. That's what Primerica needs to do and has not, to date.

One wonders why ripoff report, which otherwise has a spotless reputation, would stoop so low to defend something that they know is immoral, illegal and a nefarious pyramid scheme, not to mention all the documentation that is still on ripoff report. Ripoff report won't publish any more exposes, but the documentation is still there despite what ripoff report sticks into virtually every single title in Prmerica, Citigroup, Milico.

And that's not all. No company is shaped like a pyramid, as you ignorantly say. You SNSDs and NSDs know that you are LYING! Is a sole proprietorship shaped like a pyramid? You could say a dot, square, rectangle. You cannot say pyramid. Is a partnership shaped like a pyramid? Are even a lot of companies, especially relatively small ones, shaped like a pyramid?! No! They are shaped as a trapezoid. And you know it as well as I. In addition to all of that: why are Primerica reps posting all over? If your product is decent, and, if you run an honest business, and NOT an illegal, immoral pyramid, you're not going to flood the search engines. What are you afraid of??? HHMMMM????!!! HHMMMM??!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!! WHY IS THE SILENCE DEAFENING???!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!! SPEAK!!! You love to speak when you lie to whom you hope are suckers. Why won't you speak when it's time to defend your self. Every single soul knows. Darkness is always FEARFUL OF ALL TRUTH AND HAS TO MAINTAIN DECEPTION.

In fairness to ripoffreport, even stock, mutual fund analysts and institutionals do not know the inevitable law of rapidly diminishing returns involved in multi-level marketing. We will just ask Ripoff Report to read and pore over this daily for a month, then at least once a week for the next year. It is extremely important. Revealing information, even great revealing information, becomes dated. More, better explained exposes will come. Keep your eyes open. Ever alert, never hurt. Very nearly all of us will agree that Ripoff Report does some good; some would agree even a lot of good. We request a totally truthful explanation from Ripoff Report as to exactly why posts exposing Primerica-AL Williams are not appearing.

To be demanded by Primerica to pay for a background report made me laugh myself sick! They want any sucker. Any sucker will do! Anybody can get on as an "independent contractor"! What's the background investigation for?!! What if I had bought the policy? Would I have gotten my money back?? I was told that A.L. Williams went to jail on fraud charges. Why is it that you can obtain no info on this on the internet? Supposedly AL

Williams is an open book. You become so brainwashed you never question anything. He never came to see any rep and he never called for meetings. He can afford to pay the expenses.

Primerica defenders will cease and desist now from defending that nefarious pyramid scheme. And that's precisely what multi-level marketing is. Put your money where your mouth is. Pay me my 3 million of the coming class action lawsuit, then defend your wicked, pyramid scheme that has impoverished me and millions of others.§ion=Entire+Website&sort=rank

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Lol the founder of the company didnt go to jail a person with the same name as his did that person is 40years old and is still in jaill today :cry the founder of the company is 64years old I met him last year in boca Raton, fl if primerica is pyramid so is a job,church school


Yes art l. Williams is 71 never been is person


Has anyone here ever sold real estate or advertising? Do you realize that Primerica's compensation is based on the same model? Who makes more money - a real estate agent who gets 3% commission on a single sale, or a broker who gets 3% commission on the sales of 5 agents working under them? Some might say "well, the brokers don't deserve that", but in reality, they do, because who trained these agents and invested time and effort in them? Does that make real estate brokers "evil"? Primerica's compensation schedule is clear (unlike Amway, where there is a secret compensation schedule based more upon motivational tools that push religion and politics rather than sell products).

Yes, capitalism is about making money by selling goods and services. Every business in this nation has its detractors, from McDonald's to Walmart. Capitalism is also based upon the free-market system, so that if you don't want the goods or services a company has to offer, you don't have to do business with them. The question you have to ask is, is the consumer better off for having done business with a particular company? Personally, I believe that Primerica leaves its consumers in a better financial position after doing business with our company than before. The Debtwatchers program we offer from Equifax is a perfect example.

Are there cheaper insurance products available out there? Of course, but among all of the complaints I have read about Primerica, I have yet to see ONE where the company did not pay out a legitimate claim in a timely manner.

There is no such thing as a "salary" in Primerica, and there is no such thing as a "job" with Primerica. I've seen these terms thrown around as if people believe this is what we offer, and I have to believe these are their words, and not words that were used to represent the company to them. If you want a job, then go get a job, but what this company offers is opportunities, not jobs. If you want to work for someone else and have your income and promotions determined by them, be my guest, but if you want to be in a position where you are your own boss, and your compensation is determined by your own hard work, then find a field that will allow you to do that, be it with Primerica or another opportunity.

Also, anyone who believes that Primerica took a dime in bailout money from the government after the crash of '08 is grossly misinformed. Unlike GM and the banks, our company didn't need a bailout, because we didn't do anything to warrant one. Even as part of Citigroup, Primerica refused to market the Citibank credit cards, because it stood against everything we stand for. Citigroup and Primerica were not a good fit, which is why we broke from them and went public in 2010.

If you don't like capitalism, I can't help ya, but I can tell you one can either let Corporate America walk all over you, or you can join a good company where you can help people and make a decent living doing it. If your focus is only on the money, you're won't go far, but if your focus is on people first and money second, your business will likely succeed, whatever that business may be. I know a guy who runs a seasonal ice-cream parlor in our town. He left a salaried job with decent benefits to start his own business. Being an owner, he doesn't collect a salary for all of his hard work, he has to pay for his own health insurance and retirement, he has to pay building rent and expenses, and sometimes business is not what he wants it to be (although this time of year, it starts to boom), but he couldn't be happier, because he does quality work, he loves what he does, and his customers know it! Primerica offers an opportunity (NOT job) for people to earn money while still working a full-time job, and build to an income level where they have the option to go full-time with the company at some point, if that is what they so choose. What is wrong with that?


I agree with you. Primerica is evil. These guys care nothing about the you, they only care about making money from recruits. Its the same baloney as herbalife and amway, other pyramid schemes that prey on those with little education. Primerica is like the financial version of amway. but they both stink of dead man's bones and corruption.

the only people who defend these creeps are 1) people who currently work for them (conflict of interest) or 2) aggressive capitalists who believe its ok to steal as long as you come out on top

hopefully the next economic crash primerica wont get bailed this time so they can crash out and stop stealing from the public

@Primerica ***ks ***

Primerica never got bailed out you ***!


Anyone with half a brain can get a job at a reputable place where their salary ultimately doesn't come down to recruiting idiots one way or the other. I'm sure a few of you might make what you consider a decent salary at Primerica, but if you had REAL opportunity, you would see how many flaws this business has.

I agree that this poster might have gone overboard, but any self-respecting person capable of getting a decent job would walk out halfway through their initial "interview". When I went for mine one of the people there appeared to be homeless.

I'm not joking. He had several bags with him and appeared to not have bathed for some time.


It's obvious many of the comments are people who work for the company.

The SOB that moved into the state used everyone. When he moved his family up and furniture, had a party with chips and coke to have everyone move his stuff in the rented house.

Nothing but a *** artist. Everyone of the people that were recruited by that SOB and his partner left within six months.

Had one potential buyer call the office for me to inquire about coming over to sell him a policy. I was told that was too far, although it was ten miles from my house.

I'm guessing the SOB took the lead himself and profited from my legwork. At least with whole life, you can borrow against it, cash it out or have something to show for at the end.

With term, at the end of the period, if you have n't been cancelled, the rates will be a lot higher, if you can get covered.

Oh, they knew all the tricks of the trade. Yeah, MIlICO, milking the public.


When I worked for A.L Williams, two guys had moved into the state and recruited people. They basically worked the market until everyone and their brother that they could sell had a policy.

I was young. This SOB would give me a twenty dollar check, say go next door and buy the office a coke or coffee then give him the change. I realized later he was probably filling in the memo as something he could claim on his taxes.

They recruited people and basically hyped everything keeping the profits for themselves. At that time, I had a state insurance license and left as did others because they saturated the market and no body was listening to their garbage anymore.

Their financial plan was always first block of life insurance. I would imagine that many of these policies were cancelled when people realized they were being ripped off, or will be by the company when people are getting close to the death age to avoid paying out benefits.

Wouldn't surprise me to see a headline in the news about a major inquiry about this company in the next few years and a few horror stories.


I would rather put thumbtacks in my eyes and walk out into traffic than have a *** like you on my team. :cry


In order to be a sales rep you would have needed to make at least 1 sale....I bet you never showed the program to anyone.


I feel sorry for you. Not one lick of personal responsibility.

Your rants about Primerica are so completely ridiculous. Here is the joke, Primerica DOES NOT WANT PEOPLE LIKE YOU! I would NEVER hire and train and work with anyone as negative and so obviously misinformed as you. I've been with Primerica for 4 years - 1 part time and 3 full time.

The best decision of my life. Of course I take full responsability for my success unlike yourself.


Listen to the 21 minute "Do It" speech on you tube,,,says it all!!! Art Williams is a Great Person. I worked with AL Williams in early 80's., I just didnt Do It long enough,,,let a negative *** woman hold me back from the greatest opportunity I will ever have!!!


Are you kidding me??? "No reimbursement for travel expenses.." THATS what your complaining about???

To Be in this company you signed an IBA, an INDEPENDENT Business Application. If you were working 80 hours, like you said you were, then you would have gotten business... unless you were doing it Completely wrong or Pretending to work.

The background check is to check for Felonies and Money Fraud, or Bankruptcy. That way they know youre not gonna screw up anyone's finances.

You are an ***.


you spent more time ranting than understanding al williams is what it is, an opportunity. read the dictionary for free will, and oh yeah, didn't you ASK why you did not fill ut a new employee form?

Look zippy, get over it, quit whining and go get an hourly wage somewhere, better yet, a union job. leave opportunity to an optimist and someone with basic common sense.