Missoula, Montana

i am a widow, i invested in Primerica thinking i would benefit from investing long term. boy was i wrong.

i was taken to the cleaners rather than helped. i invested over $80,000 in death benefits left by my husband, it was unprotected and wittled away to almost nothing. where is the money? it was cash, cash just doesn't disappear into thin air!!!

then when i pulled out, i was discouraged of taking it out. i should leave it to do it's thing...... REALLY...... i just cashed out my ROTH IRA's (2) to find out one is not a ROTH, so who the *** did that wrong????

from $2,000 my IRA's are down to $388.00 and they charge money to close them out. what the ____!!! what a farce all this was! NEVER, NEVER again!!!!

i would NEVER tell anyone to use this company and most likely tell anyone to ever invest.

a plain old regular bank would have done better for me...... SAD we can't trust America to do right for us.

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I agree with Grasshopper. I have been investing money for over 20 years, In 2008 the market was down 29% and was up over 12% in 2009.

So how does 80k go go almost nothing.

Primerica has an exemplary track record in resolving client issues. Did you contact them directly?


Not sure how old you are. But, this post is so doesn't make much sense.

You have to be leaving out something. Yes, there were bad times in the market in 2008-2009. But, the market has rebounded and your investment should have too! But, it sounds to me like you have been pulling money out along the way.

Have you??? Lots of it???

And, the IRA thing is a weak argument to make. Sorry about your husband but why did you only have $80,000 in protection?