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Primeamerica has actually LOST MORE money than I originally invested. They are difficult to reach, the agent we used was NOT above board and suggested we do things that were shady and would "not involve paying the federal government their taxes".

I watched my money plummet and just as it looked as if it would recover plummet again. My husbands and friends investments have realized a steady gain while mine are just pissed away.

So to be truthful, I should have bailed long ago. These guys must make a fortune on people who are not savvy about investments and I would love to hear on anyone who is not on staff that has actually MADE any money with this underhanded company.

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Roth IRAs - "not paying the taxes" are a legal financial instrument. You obviously did not understand the concept. The different is, dollars invested are post taxes, so you do not pay taxes AGAIN.


Your full of it! Bankers get paid no matter what!

There salary! Agents only make good money if they help your money grow. If you lose so do they! So who is taking the risk both of y'all.

Bankers get paid no matter what!

This company was investigated by federal judges and is on the New York Stock exchange!!! If your research department is better than them maybe you should go find a better job


I had read each complaint word for word. If YOU are an Adult and if you believe everything that sounds good...Then what next??

You normally are going to lose. Don't blame companies for your lack of wisdom. Ya just got to USE the WISDOM GOD gave Us all. Education costs "BIG" time and so does making wrong choices.

So next time, care for your own money in your Drawer where it's safe and sound. Shh.."don't tell anyone".

Or it WILL be gone!! Good luck next time!!


Have a nice life in Lala land


Does Prime America pay you to write these replies?


Company need to be investigated they are still using those tactics to get people involved I personally think it is a pyramid scheme. I was invited to one of there meetings and I promise you it is a form of brain washing pray and ask GOD for wisdom.


Dear Lady!! Prime America has been in business for many years.

They are connected with the "BEST" companies in the WORLD. Complaining here is NOT going to stop business. Just remember anytime you invest your money into a company a LIFE time, expect a possible loss. Prime America are just as honest as any other.

Do yourself a favor from this, and may you learn a valuable lesson. "Do NOT believe everything people tell you when it comes to investing". Give YOU life-time words..."Never believe anything you see, and ONLY half of what you hear". This was a saying years ago.

It TRULY had benefited me!! I can honestly say, "No one has ever stolen from me nor done me wrong". I care for my own money and I do NOT allow anyone to handle it for me. Try my rules and YOU will live a MUCH happier LIFE.

Think about this, who cares about your money?? You are correct, "YOU DO". So please don't bash Prime America. They NEVER forced YOU to join them.

You made your mistake by allowing them to control your money. So who's fault is that?? "YOU"!!!!

Good luck in the future. God bless :)


You must work there...lol


I beg to differ I worked for the company and I would never do do it again I left after 1 month at first I was really excited about it I thought this was something I could really do I thought life insurance you know it's a piece of cake you're just really selling something well the one thing I have problem was I could never get in touch with nobody when you first get your pamphlet and you pay $100 to start this business all they do is set up a tee computer name and all that for you and then expect you to do it on your own yeah they still never told you the prices of the insurance nothing that was one of the main problem I had they were very on teach teachable now however what I really enjoyed was on Saturday they have meetings with when the manager would have speaking it wasn't really much about the job itself but it was about taking care of yourself and how to be happy that was the one thing I liked about it but I ended up putting because I couldn't get in touch with nobody they tell me they call back and never hear from him half the time I couldn't even get into my site so I ended up losing money the one thing another thing that I enjoy was when I went and took the course because you learn so much about money and once you take that course even if you do not stay in the business you've learned a lot for life