Dover, New Hampshire

Yes, the one that will talk trash, is the one that didnt get licensed that did not follow the system and they feel bad about being cut from the company... they say they quit...

they got cut period... cant handle it.. plus this is not for babies.... its for adults...

I have made 500-600 and more in less than 3hrs... doing the right thing for the client... i still have my job and make extra on the side, as i continue to build a team, train and develop... Working on my personal skills and enjoying everything about it...

even the negative people who complain.... they will always complain... Someone brings them an opportunity, what they do? complain...

no babies allowed here... go cry to your boss, go wait friday for your paycheck, go beg for the raise...

people can be really pathetic and im glad they get cut from the company.. we need winners not whinners...

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These Primerica freaks, who claim to be so busy making money, actually spend most of their time trolling sites like this spamming lies and garbage about their pyramid fraud.


everything is a pyramid "smart one" schools, your job your doing now just think about it you have the super intendant, principle ,then teacher ...the farther you are away from the product the more money u make .who makes more money the teacher or the super intendant ?? the super intendant does !!!!! everything is pyramid....YOUR THE FRAUD FOR GIVING PEOPLE WRONG INFORMATION ABOUT A VERY VERY GOOD COMPANY


People want to blame someone for them sucking and their failures. I guess Primerica is the blame for you failing a test in grade school, you being a loser and looking outward to blame someone instead of looking at yourself.

There is a system in place for any business to run successful and if you don't follow the rules of success your failure rate goes up tremendously.

Get it together.


Haha! You misspelled my name dear. It's Beatriz! If your family was qualified for a life insurance ... Congrats. They qualified . Now , the older you are the more expensive it will be of course. It's why we educate those who wants to be educated, (not those who "know everything" ) ; ) ...

At a certain age you may have come down with health issues. Therefore the policy or premium I should say would be rated. We usually try to put income protection before they are a grandma. ( sorry about yours) .

Now those who are reading , forget it's primerica. Ok ... Try suze orman or Dave ramsey who don't work in or for primerica. ( Dave Ramsey actually did)

But they are financial experts that recommend 100% term life insurance. Yes the one we provide! I love it!

Maybe you are confused. The over priced could have been by a whole life or one of those cash value policies. Yea that would *** me off too. Those are known in my book ... Trash value.

So... I'm here if you need more education mr. Or. Ms. ..

So many nice people here... : )


I guarantee that beatri and miss undastood have abandoned their foolishness for something more lucrative.

Primerica does not care if you stick around. They want the policy on your parents and your grandma and its just charity.

Bunch of idiots sold an overpriced policy to their loved ones. shame


Well known as a fraud and an MLM scam, with shills and losers posting fake positive reviews. Stay away from this MLM fraud at all cost, folks!


i agree.. a cult is like a pyramid thingy you called it...

as for the top cash earners in the company they started out just like everyone else. you start from the bottom and work to the top, just like you would in a job. the difference is that in a job to get to the top you have to wait to the person dies or retire, here you work yourself up on your terms... So if they not on the top, its because they not working.

If an agent is "pressuring" you so you can protect your own family and income then shame on him/her right? You cant pressure anyone in helping their own family. Im sure that agent has his/her family covered and that is the most important thing. You cant save those who dont want to be saved or protected...

you mentioned you didnt take the job... this isnt a job...

you took a job someplace else. You were recruited in another place...


its a pyramid scheme. thats all.

its a good money maker for the ones who are higher up but lower down sucks. also the guy wouldnt stop pressuring me to pay the liscense fee immedeately so i just left and didnt take the job, and he was a senior memember...very immature if you ask me.


what is a cult to you?


Cults never understand why others don't see the light, so they degrade those who aren't true believers. Tough way to make a sale.


Hey Sally, hope you feeling better!!

For Miss Undastood...

Thank you for your comment!! I appreciate it!!

Im out in the field... and I love it!!


Go get 'em Beatriz. Thats awesome that you stand up for what you believe.

I would like to see you out in the field with that much passion for what you do. NO BABIES, NO EXCUSES!


Shut The *** Up.


Sally had an intelligent comment... of course...

She fits perfect in the corporate world... For the smart people they understand that the ones that complain are the ones who did not succeed so they have to put someone down.. or in her case TRY... I read the comments of some who had something negative to say..

and so I had to put it straight... Everytime someone wants to better their situation or have an incredible opportunity you will come across people like SAlly who will voice their opinion and thats great, but it should have more to it... not just a name call... she made me laugh...

its a typical or common thing to say from a small minded person... poor thing, i still wish her luck and hope she gets better mentally...

Those who are going for the company, you made a great choice and no matter how they TRY to put you down... remember that your success is the best revenge you can ever give someone...


*** you're complaining too. ***.