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I'm a former Primerica representative and I feel that it is necessary to clear my conscience and tell the world about the horrible experience I had in the company. Back in 2012 I was approached by a guy who's saw my resume on an online job site. He told me that he had this awesome opportunity to show me so I made an appointment to go to his office. This is in Springfield Illinois. At first everybody was real nice to me. They sucked up to the big time and told me what a winner I was. These people are real good blowing smoke up people's ***.

So anyway, I decided to join then and there. It was the biggest mistake I've ever made my life. The first thing they did is asked me for my friends and relatives on a list. They said would make two or three sales and then after that I would be paid the commission on everything else. What happened was the RV P totally screwed me out of my entire market. By the time he was done with me, and I had nobody left to call. Everyone who bought a policy did so out of pity. They thought they were helping me out, instead all that money went up to my upline managers.

These people are the biggest bunch of fakes and phonies ever. All they care about is themselves in screwing people out of the most money possible. They talk a lot of Christian talk. But that's nothing but a scam too.

My advice for anyone who is the investigating this nonsense is to run as far away as possible from Primerica. Don't answer their calls. Don't respond to their emails or their texts. They don't deserve your courtesy, they're total *** bags. This company is completely saturated and whatever opportunity once existed is now long gone. Maybe if I had joined back in 1981 there would be some opportunity left. But that's not the case anymore. You'd be better off trying to sell Amway Products to old ladies than to try to make any money with this garbage.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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Primerica is a not a scam for the reasons listed here. If you joined Merril Lynch they would give you what equates to a phone book and a script and tell you to make calls.However what most people don't know about Primerica is the scam comes later.Educate yourself, Primerica has no future. People are now taking Uber instead of Taxis, using Expedia instead of Travel Agents, and now buying cars with Carvana soon to put used car salesmen out of business.This is all progress, and just as Amazon is the most profitable company in the world, and companies like Toys R US and Blockbuster Video go out of business, so will the companies that don't adjust with the times and Primerica's model will follow.

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada #1321096


Springfield, Illinois, United States #1302397

Primerica isn't like blatantly immoral or something. But is it a harsh wake up call?

Yeah, it really can be and in reality, they are flirting with deception. Their starting commissions are WAY WAY WAY under what you can get in other opportunities within the life insurance business. And - recruiting is a major part of the business, because everybody gets a cut of your business and your down line, which is why it takes you so long to make even a decent commission on the business you personally write.

MUCH better opportunities out there.

People can succeed, as Anonymous from Nevada states (and I don't doubt his success), but I would NOT advise a dive into Primerica. Especially if making a list of friends and family...and relying on that...is a turn off.


Did you ever get licensed? If so, stick with it and earn back what you think you lost.

Spring, Texas, United States #1266248

The people who are most upset with Primerica are the same people who most expected to get something for nothing. Using the amount you spent to start a business as a way to say a business doesn't work is only valid if it doesn't work for anyone.

Money has no personality and no work ethic. Some people don't either.


If you cant talk to people its not right for you but what all these people are saying is bull *** I know many people who can actually talk to others, where this has changed there life. We help people mot buy cash value life insurance because why buy 300$/Month Life insurance when you don't need it for life we help people buy term which is cheap and even more coverage if you believe these comments its ok bc there are primericas who are helping people and becoming wealthy ;)

to Anonymous #1494727

Wake up. This isn't 1977.

The options to buy insurance out there are vast.

I could buy a cheaper policy in 10 minutes on my phone. Your term insurance is overpriced and you are banking on an aging public that doesn't know any better.The higher ups are lying to you, your market is dwindling and do you really think in 10 years anyone will want you to come to their home to buy life overpriced life insurance that they can get themselves from a larger company using an app on their phone?Stop wasting your time.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1198201

I started at Primerica in 1998 - by 1999 I had spent $1395 to get a couple of licenses. My commissions amounted to about $10.00.

I believe I got paid about .0025 of the revenue generated by my sales. (In later years in my career I found the normal payout on generated revenue is anywhere from 25% to 35%. (None of my uplines were able to tell me exactly how the revenue was paid out - whether they didn't know or just didn't want to share, I'm not sure). I found myself going to meetings and feeling sick - I knew there was something wrong, but couldn't figure it out.

The deception, the fake "Christian" theme, the people who were "successful" and could not even read a paragraph out of a magazine. It was bad.

At the time I was working full time as a commercial property manager. I knew a few people in the financial services industry.

I began to ask questions about how to get started full time - and was hired by Merrill Lynch. Who paid for the rest of my investment licenses and actually paid me a salary. It's not an easy field to work in, and there is so much to learn - but neither is it rocket science. I am now 67 and working four days a week in the field doing client services - no sales.

I've worked in a credit union, in banks; in sales and sales assistant roles. It's been a great career for me. I think the worse thing for me in looking back on the Primerica experience is the lack of understanding about the financial markets, and mutual funds in general, that the reps had. Their practice was to recommend the fund that had the highest return historically (like one-year) and recommend it to everyone.

They had no concept of asset allocation, risk assessment, of "historical performance does not indicate future performance" and all the things I learned once I started with a "real" financial firm. I have encountered so many Primerica clients who have lost 60% of their portfolio because they were slapped into one fund that had performed very well the previous year (like Van Kampen Emerging Growth). Didn't matter if the people were conservative, 80 years old, whatever. They got slapped into that fund.

The only good thing I can say is I was introduced to the industry by Primerica - and had the sense to get out before I wasted any more time and money.


If you all guys think you are right of what you are complaining. What don't you SUE them and prove it your not wrong and really got scam and try to prove them they are a scammer.

You may probably collect more if you prove yourself right. Let the Justice prevail but not just a comment so it will be fair by the real judgment.

to Anonymous Van Buren Charter Township, Michigan, United States #1206288

Learn the language of this country. Perhaps your comments would be cohesive and sensible.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1114169

Agreed! They took advantage of me over big time!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1114166

Please help I live in Quebec and a sales person for Primerica tricked me into signing a contract in French it was a loan so I could invest 30k into resps. I no longer can afford the interest and they told me Im locked in for 8 years.

I need out or I will go bankrupt.

Is there a way out? Please help

to sarah #1394826

ALERT others!! Read my thorough review, which also covers what happened when they sued pyramid boiler room amway in 1979.

Please tell your friends and loved ones to study my exposes. Thank you: Nextaxpro





https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro. wordpress.com/168 Is primerica an honest outfit? Is primerica reputable?

Can primerica be safely trusted? Is www.ripoffreport.com telling you the truth?? Is primerica a "proven, trusted company", as claimed by ripoffreport? Does primerica have REFERENCES to PROVE that it is an honest, real corporation, partnership or proprietorship?

Is primerica a behemoth scam? Is primerica a con? Is primerica another behemoth scam pyramid destroyer of lives? Is primerica PROVEN to be a behemoth scam, split-tongued, shark, boiler room, surreptitious, fleecing, gouging, take advantage of the innocent, cozen, ensnaring, bilking, double crossing, hoodwinking, take to the cleaners pyramid, deluding, defrauding, robbery, pyramid shark?

WHY do liars constantly post LIES praising con against America and other parts of the world?? WHY does this occur oftentimes even prior to one post exposing the montebank of pirate vs. America?? WHAT are they so frightened of??

Examine con America. Does CON America SCAM innocent souls? PLEASE READ AND STUDY ALL ALL ALL of the material that follows. PLEASE TELL YOUR LOVED ONES, FRIENDS, ACQUAINTANCES, PEOPLE YOU MEET TO DO THE SAME: Please support this very noble, very important cause.

In this expose, I will be explaining why PRIMERICA is a PYRAMID SCAM; FOUNDER SCAMMERS DEFRAUD YOU; THEIR "UPLINE" AND ITS DEFENDERS AND APOLOGISTS KNOW IT THOROUGHLY. Routing number: 061 000 104 Account number: 1000 1640 73826 - Nextaxpro

New York, New York, United States #955452

I really didn't have any problems with primerica. I have my own mind I didn't see them as a cult, no one tried to take my money.

I have health problems and they worked with my schedule. I earned my license and was able to make sales had no problems getting my check.

I sadly did have to leave the company because my condition got worse. If they are guilty of anything its of being a bit aggressive with recruiting but since it is a business based on recruiting I can't really complain.

to Anonymous #1494735

That is because you didn't get far enough into it to see how they scam their own agents.I hope you feel fortunate enough that you didn't get in any deeper.


I was recruited into the Primerica cult who offered me a their fake job. I was working closely with the RVP, giving training and mentoring others.

I was very good at using the mind control techniques to recruit new members.

Eventually I could take no more of the lies, deception and poor treatment and I left. Shortly afterwards, I realized that I had been in a cult and I worked with a psychologist to undo the mind control.

The best way to help a friend in Primerica to start thinking for themselves is to learn yourself how mind control and cults work so that you can talk to them in such a way that they are willing to listen.

And it's useful to learn to listen so that they feel comfortable talking to you about their doubts and fears about the group.

Primerica members learn 'thought-stopping' techniques such as chanting, tricks to change the topic of conversation etc. so they do not have to listen to criticism of the group or leader. These can be very frustrating because it means there is no way to get through to the member if you don't know how to deal with them.

Primerica will be quite aggressive in attacking the person doing the criticism. This is because Primerica typically 'teach' that outsiders are wrong, bad, dangerous, ***, or mad and that they are to blame.

It can be very difficult for parents or friends when a Primerica member starts to treat them as inferior in some way, or unimportant, or even as an enemy! Dealing with these beliefs can be very tricky but it is very important because they can be very powerful.

to Primerica is a really bad iade #1252272

this *** is funny lol listening to a bunch of losers


I agree with everything the original poster says here. Primerica is indeed a huge scam.

The people defending it are all part of the cult. The are brainwashed zombies who are hoping for the Primerica dream themselves. Primerica sucks, pure and simple. It's either a pyramid scheme for losers who can't find a real career, or for middle-aged recession victims who are super desparate.

This isn't a legitimate financial services company. Think "Amway for insurance". The whole idea of paying for a sales position which is nothing more than a glorified recruiting sceme is absurd.

Nobody respects these people. They are notorious liars and anyone who trys this job will instantly lose the respect of their freinds and family.

Many will lose friends for life because of this. You will be forever labeled a loser unfortunately. Primerica has to be one of, if not the most dislikes companies in the U.S.

Their online reviews prove that. Hope this helps.


Sorry about your experience, but I don't think your smart enough to sell dog bones to a dog, the company is based on recruiting, not selling life insurance that comes with recruting! You to can get overides, by moving up in the company.

Did your brain take a vacation, your just a dumb ***, that probably did not go to the training meeting! They don't need idiots like you anyway! It's up to you how much you make! Go get a f****** job at McDonald's.

God bless america!

You dumbbell! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Hot blonde #913816

When you call someone a dumb *** and insult them you should make sure you don't appear like an ***. You should know the difference between your and you're. The swearing is a real nice touch too!

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