I was a RVP in the Shane Rudman organization and met some great people in the business who did good things for people. However, I met more self centered, unscrupulous people who were Regional Vice Presidents or above who took advantage of clients as well as team memebers.

For a company and a leadership who consistently preached about doing the right thing for people, this organization was an embarassment to financial services,RVP's were more concerned about putting on a good show, making their bonuses for the month and taking $199 from the 18 year old kid to make their hiring goal for the next trip or contest. The companies business model should be taught to high school freshman on the lowlife sales techniques that Primerica and other companies use to take advantage of clients. You can buy better termlife insurance on line through a little research, always find a better mortgage, the fees are exhorbitant, the loans have a prepayment penalty, and their mutual funds are mediocre. However, the company gives a motivational inspiring presentation with good financial facts and makes you feel like you can make a million dollars.

A lot of people have made a million dollars through hard work, but having been around many of them they are not good people and have financially devastated many clients as well as teammates. My advice is run the other way, don't drink the kool-aid and if Shane Rudman is your hero or idol, you have settled for less. Although, he can give a great presentation.

I'm sure Dale Carnegie Institute would love him.

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

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Yeah you mentioned a name. You akined an RVP to prohibited practices, which i libel and now he/Primerica knows.


The author is spot on about Rudman - what a crook.


If Rudman were so successful like he claims all over the Internet & social media, why does he owe the IRS $43,598.02? Check him out on finra.org (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). His middle name is Allen.


I agree with what was said in this although I never was employed or was any sort affiliated as a representative of Primerca . What I was was a client in Calgary Alberta and I approached by a representative who's opening line was "do you want to increase your wealth".

I had a fair amount of assets but when she approached I recently became estranged from my husband in 2003. I met her in 2005. She did the regular things take me to meetings tried to recruit me. But in the end she got me to invest which was a sizeable amount but to go along with the assets I/we (estranged) husband had liabilities.

With the investmentments she said not to payoff the liabilities but to invest the complete amount. The money I had was thru a holding company we had which she said to convert into personal money so here goes a long line up tax complications as time went on my debt kept on increasing in the end I had to pull out the money to get rid of my ever increasing debt load which made my investments depleted. But aside from that when I did my investment applications two of them I told her my liabilities she wrote them on the applications and I signed the applications. As I learnt what she did was my initial investment was destroyed and she did another application manipulating what I said and entered this as a true application she forged my signature on the applications.

I went to Primerica compliance which I believe was hiding things as well to protect her. In the end I made a civil claim Primerica combated this with having thier lawyers come up with a claim of security costs which was out of my league and claim was dismissed. The conclusion the reps are dishonest, deceptive everything she said were lies. So now at my ripe old age 63 I am broke.

These people should be ashamed of who they stand for. Is the making s of a good business person. Considering the salaries of RVP is minimal compared to what I earned in my life time. If you can only make a living by a con.

That doesn't say much for you as a person. You may have an outward appearance as success buy on the inside she knows what she actually is.


Check out Shane Allen Rudman on finra.org (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). He owes the IRS $43,598.02.


So many of these horror stories from people who had the unfortunate experience to have dealt with Primerica.


I think u r a *** looser and a *** . Just because you we're not successful know you are talking bad about the company.


The loser is you. BTW, were is the correct spelling, not we're. Learn how to spell before posting comments.


Why anonymous? Let’s see who you are and how successful you have become.

If that is all you were able to say regarding someone’s misfortune, and by one of your comrades.

Then *** YOU. Your a piece of *** for just being yourself.




According to Primerica financial reports the average rep makes about $6000 a year!!! Before taxes!...

So pls, it is a failure as a business opportunity and they were so successful, why over 80% of reps are part timers???

Because they are not making money and cannot afford to go full time. All of those posting positive comments here are doing it because they need the recruits to keep on coming


Yes, thanks to the Internet, Primerica is being exposed for what it really is - a pyramid scheme, aka. - multi-level marketing (MLMs).


Wah wah wah. Quit your whining, you quitter.

You CAN make a million dollars.....but not if you quit. Just because you couldn't make it doesn't mean you should slam the whole company. After all, you did stick around long enough to become an RVP. So, it was fine while you did it, but not so great once you quit.....oh okay if that makes you feel better about yourself?!

Frankly, it sounds like you are just jealous. You don't have to love everyone or agree with your up line. You could have just chosen to run your business your own style if you didn't like theirs. It's a great company that gives people an amazing opportunity to make money while helping people without having to invest a bunch of money out of your own pocket.

You inferring that those who make good money aren't good people is ridiculous because I know so many amazingly imperfect people in this company, but I guess you are perfect.

It looks like you posted this around the same time the economy crashed, so most likely you probably just quit when things got a little tough for everyone and failed to practice what the company teaches. What a shame.


Exactly.. You know everyone that says.

Primerica is not real you are not thinging.. There are over 18 different companies with $65B plus that we partner with..

Do you not think that these compnies have not checked us out before partnering with us?? Check your facts and stop listneing to negitive peeps..


He wrote this because he has high morals and standards, *** You didnt understand, you didnt get the point. Sorry.

At the end he did bash them lol but its drama. I ignore it, i too was asked to come work for primeamerica and character i noticed wasnt sincere.

The guy i met was younger than me and a great speaker, i almost fell for it. I just read his body language


I know my SVP made a $30,000 cash only "investment" for a client in the parking lot of the clients bank? No investment was ever made.

In fact, it took over one month to have him (SVP) return the full amount to the client. There has also been sexual inappropriateness by this SVP.


Judging by the grammatical errors and poor sentence structure , I would wager that this guy wasn't successful and is just jealous .

I was successful with PFS but saw greater opportunities with better firms after I graduated from college. It isn't a bad gig to get started with. Use then to get your licenses and establish a track record and then grab your clients and bolt .


Has anyone else noticed that, it is just a story? That this man is simply just telling a monologue about his life and how badly he feels about the minor cuts and scrapes he might have committed to get to his level.

It's unfortunate he let it get to him, the mistakes of others either judging too high of themselves or judging too low of themselves when entering his organization. Primerica just like any business, is a tool for the elites in life to get to where they want to get to with strength and swiftness. It takes one who is persistent and cunning enough to get anywhere wealthy in their life. He shouldn't be putting himself down for getting as far as he did by his mentors hand or not, he worked hard at something he was passionate about and somewhere down the line gave up, most likely due to loss of vision or his being stolen by the people in his surroundings.

Anonymous RVP, thank you for giving many a chance at a financially greater life and a chance to build their skill sets beyond what most would have been willing to do for their own. You did no different than in any organization, giving it all you had to take care of your family and the people who have blessed yours, having them in mind you should feel honorable for anything good services you did. If you had worked for any other organization it would have been the same because you led your actions to be that way. How you detail them is your own choosing and how you tell the story is your own history.

Those that agree with you live the same life, those that deny you, may live greater ones or worse ones. At the end of it all though know you are strong, take that strength with you all the places you may go, for you will build much more than your own in this world.


⬆⬆⬆ Well said @ Just another person! Debbb76, you have to ask yourself could things be the way they are because the way you are?


Very well put. All failure is the fault of the person who failed.

Never mind that swimming across the English Channel is exceptionally difficult, the failure is all your fault. Never mind that 99% of people are incapable of dunking a basketball, it is your fault if you fail. Never mind that a 3x3 pyramid scheme, by it's very design, means that 97.5% of the people involved can't possibly make the big bucks . .

. it's your fault if you fail.

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