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If anyone has any suggestions outside of Primerica and why... I would be all ears.

From the posts, it sounds like maybe you guys would like something for nothing. It sounds like you have a fantasy of what business is. Maybe you should go get a job and leave the business for people not expecting an office and $250,000 on a silver platter. It's funny because, when I read these complaints I try to think about the author.

What comes to my mind isn't some big business man or woman that made it to the top. I think of someone somewhere in a cubicle that couldn't make it in the real world, so now they're making up excuses for it. Authors, do you know how many people make over $100,000 with Primerica Financial Services. It would be impossible for them to do it in a service business (i.e.

barber, mechanic, doctor) by scamming people.

Maybe there's nothing wrong with the company & maybe there's just something wrong with you.

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Ok.... do your research???

ahahaha, go to your local bookstore "Personal Finance for Dummies" and read what it has to say bout Life Insurance, namely what it says on the bottom of Page 321..... I thought you knew something, come to find out you're just like every other Life Agent in town... come up with reasons to rip off clients. I might as well put you in the same boat with all those mortgage idiots who put our country in this financial hole selling ARMS and Interest only mortgages....

See you assumed I didn't do my research, I actually used to work with a Cash VAlue company till I realized I was screwing my customers. I had the balls to go to my clients and tell them I did the wrong thing and I should change their Life Policies. You, you'd rather get paid more to screw people out of their hard earned money. YOU BET NOT BE SELLING THAT CASH VALUE *** YOU KNOW ITS NOT RIGHT!

Do YOOOOUR research if you dont undersand that yet.

I did my research on Primerica as well and if you've read any of David Bach's books, you'd know he basically vouches for us. If you don't know who david bach is you better ask somebody.


"You probably sell Cash value insurance too dont you??/ DONT YOU !!"

It shows the true naivety of a Primerica-trained newbie. They BELIEVE everything their upline (just people that have recruited lots of people, not necessarily any more educated than themselves) tells them.

Cash value insurance has PLENTY of valid uses. Companies like the one I work for don't "push" it and don't pay us more for it.

Go educate yourself, CV insurance is not the DEVIL like you seem to believe. Challenge yourself to see how other products work. Of course Primerica is going to tell you they're bad, that's what feeds the emotions of their recruiting AND sales meetings.


E & O Coverage ??? hahahaha....

you have to pay that??? You haven't said anything of significance to me yet.... From what I see Primerica still has the better opportunity. CHEAP TERM DOESN'T MEAN BETTER TERM....

If you want everything cheap... go buy a Kia.... As if Primerica's term is this high priced out of this world term.... I mean come on man...

what are you talking about.... I dont see a need to come back here you obviously dont have anything to tell outside of the cheap term deal... which by the way is a weak weak argument. Tell me I can go help more people and make more money working with you.

I still haven't heard whats the great thing about being independent! When I think independent I think of a guy who has to DO EVERYTHING....

Doesn't have a team, and doesn't get any passive income.... You probably sell Cash value insurance too dont you??/ DONT YOU !!


Take a look at Take a tour of the pipeline section. You may not see the benefit of being independent, but there are many former Primerica/ALW agents who did see it.


Do you understand different companies underwrite different risk? Do you know the what unisex rating is?

Do you know you don't know what you don't know. Primerica is not the only organization that will allow agents to build a sales force. I understand it's not to be used as a sales tool, but do you understand guarantee associations? As for the complaints of your term prices online, why should they.

You can be replaced easily. Try to go in and replace a lower cost term that is convertable and let your policy go to claime and the client beneficiary finds out they could have gotten more coverage (If they did let you replace the term product).

I hope your E/O coverage is is in place. Yes do some research on E/O coverage.


Um.... I thought I answered the whole, captive vs.

independent thing. Would you rather open your own Mom and Pop restaurant or would you rather own a McDonalds ??? Simple question it deserves a simple answer.... Term4Life or doesn't mean squat...

Well what do you mean funny, you ask.. Well I can go get a cheap term insurance policy from you Uncle Ray Ray, but that doesn't mean he's gonna pay when I die. Thats why they rate insurance companies. I'm sure its great being a cafeteria style salesman where you can shop your client to 30 different companies....

One thing I do know is you haven't said anything about being able to duplicate yourself. See when it comes to big business it has a lot to do with the two Dss... Duplication and Distribution. So far you dont have either.

You can't duplicate yourself on a massive scale, which mean you can't distrubute your services on a massive scale. Once again, if you think our clients are soooo disgruntled how come you dont find any of them complaining about our term prices online ???

Hahahaha.... come on man, dont come at me with this product bsss if the only people complaining about Primerica are the guys who go cut from the team.


Do you know people are leaving Primerica to be independent? Do you know why? Do you know the difference between being captive and independent? Do you know which products pay renewals? Do you get renewals on your LTC sales? Do you get renewals from your Legal plans? Are you required to give up legs?

You say the company has trained many to earn six figures. How long has the company been in business and why are they stuck at 100 thousand agents? You talk about ownership, but what do you own and when? Please answer this.

Which is better? Immediate ownership of clients and downline or ownership by qualification? Having a noncompete or not having a noncompete? Yes Primerica does have a system, but times are changing. People can shop products. How do you justify a higher cost to a client? Do you say prices is only a consideration in the absence of value? Well consider cost per thousand and consider what the difference is in potential death benefit. Run your own quotes and then compare at a site like Consider the client is a family member, your momma. Knowing what you know, could you look your momma in the eye and sell her the PFS program compared to what you see on the site? You see that's the momma test. You can't do what's right 100% of the time with one product. Yes, forget the rah, rah and compare. The crusade days are over. those days were about Term vs Cash Value. Today you have to compete with Term vs Term. Check around, you'll hear agents are leaving, but they arn't leaving the industry. Ask why and where they are going.


The McDonalds of Life Insurance


Uneducated salespeople, high turnover, most don't make it past a few months, horrible products, happy meals "the feel-good--we always do the right thing", because all the other restaurants are out to get you, drive-thrus (quick, nonsense approach to planning), limited menu (lack of product base), everything except the employee discount. Would you like fries with that?

:grin :p


Sorry I'll answer that.... what would you rather do...

Own a McDonalds or be able to serve whatever you want at your restaurant? You dont find fried chicken at McDonalds do you? Umm the answer comes down to this... Primerica has a successful system that has been working for years??

How many people have YOU trained to earn a six figure income doing whatever the *** it is you do?? The reason Mcdonald has a 95 percent chance of success and Mom and Pop restaurants do not is because Mom and Pop dont have a system. Thats why they fail more than they succeed.

When you've trained a large number of people to earn a six figure income doing what you do then you can ask questions.... Then again maybe you dont think big enough


1. Go get the licenses from the state.

I'm sure they're free. Well actually they're not they cost around $1000.

2. Go to an insurance company and get a HIGHER SALES COMMISSION.... but then you give up the ability to higher and override other people.

You can GO get Higher commissions from other companies, but then you become a slave to the sales. Primerica wasn't built for you to become a career salesman. It's built for you to build a business. Its called instant gratification.

3. For the Product comparison... ahahaha... I dont even want to get into that.

Do you even know what Primerica does? If you don't why dont you check the news about what's going on in the mortgage industry or with Life Insurance. Better yet go sit down with some financial professionals then sit with a Primerican and see what you prefer. You NEVER hear complaints from clients, why?

cause Primerica does what's right. Now you hear about complaints from "disgruntled employees"...

but then again it all just comes down to someone who either quit too soon or didn't have what it took to make it in American Business. And That my friend isn't Rah Rah


It's not about money. It's about lack of knowledge of the industry.

The kool-aid is served cold and sweet. The thing is once an agent looks beyond the rah, rah and understands industry commissions and contracts available it seems like many have played for a fool. How much of the information is not correct? The pro Primerica people/agents only come back with hype.

They won't talk product or contract comparison.

With all things being equal how is being captive and under a noncompete clause better than being independent and not having a noncompete? No PFS agent will answer that question..Shall we go into the loss of renewal income on disability and LTC business?


Or, you can go work for Cutco and have to pay an employer for the honor of working for the company.

If you have to pay to work, it's a scam. And yes, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies whose 'employees' make in excess of $100,000 annually; at least until they go to jail. Can you say Enzyte?