Killeen, Texas

Good luck with that whole attorney thing...yeah right! You'll get a copy of your original application after you're covered.

As far as the premium doubling, that's your fault. I can't believe that agent's even working that hard for you. I would have fired you as a client weeks ago. There are specific requirements that every insurance company has, Age, height, weight, driving record, past medical history and the cost basis per thousand of your coverage.

Having to go through "all of this work" to provide for your family if you die must be unbearable. Privacy....that's right. Medical examiners are simply that...examiners. Reps don't get any medical information from the MIB (that's Medical information bureau just in case you didn't know).

That's where the underwriting deparment comes in. If you're overweight, how bout this? Lose the weight, obey traffic laws, and request a reconsideration.

You might be surprised at the customer service you'll get when you're not being a ***.

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It is a shame that some agents are dishonest. You have that in every industry unfortunately.

Not all of them are that way. I am no longer with PFS for my own personal reasons, but there are a good portion of reps that do what is right for the customer.


Thats because all employees get more money if there are agents working underneith them. They won't tell the truth if it's going to damage their own bottem line. It's another pyrmamid just instead of selling frilly overpriced soaps, they're selling life insurance.


Why dont Primerica tell the truth about cost and time? Is it because there is no truth and Primerica is just a scam to make the one that thought it up to be more welthy? is it because the people in the top are the SCAMERS FROM USSANA,MERRY K,AMWAY,and other MLM SCAMES??


How come primerica recruters swab your mouth for DNA test that they tell you is for a cancer check and really it is just a test see if you have AIDS or not???What gives them the right to deceive you into takin an AIDS TEST????


Most people realize you have to work at it, but you shouldn't have to be dishonest to be successful. They should just be honest with people and they would be better off in the long run.


I found the samething. During the sat meetings where they would brag to new people about how much they make and how they close 90% of the time.

Do they hinestly think that people won't check POL??

Well I did and found them to be LIARS.

How is it in my first month in the company I can be number one in all of Canada and only closed 3 clients?

They lie to sell the dream of being rich. If they went up there and said they make no money and close only 50% of the time you think people will stick around?


So dont join. simple as that.

If you work hard you can make money.... and if your lazy, you will not, this is not a hard concept to understand


From my experiences they have a lot of agents that are dishonest about what they are actually making with the company. When I was checking the company out I had access to all agents incomes that worked for the company and I can say that numerous people fabricated the numbers when it came to recruiting people.

I also didn't buy their percentages with regards to recruiting.

From what I learned their insurance products are competitive and their loans are generally a point higher than other companies. Just could not stand how they lied to potential recruits and applied a lot of pressure to get them aboard.