Houston, Texas
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I'm a college student who bought the whole Primerica pitch. I wasted my whole summer on this company.

With their corporate overview, telling a broke college student you can make $500 with one sale opens your eyes to say wow!! That's exactly what I did. I wish I would have been smarter about the whole situation and not let the money fool me. I should have know that them wanting me to "invest" $100 into my future to get hired was a catch.

I actually paid more to this company than I got in return. It's not easy to convince an older married, established couple to refinance their home when they are set in their ways. My own parents didn't even *** at that opportunity. Or trying to convince a 21 year old that they need life insurance, which is their main product.

This is not the place for a college student nor a person who needs a steady income. They say it's a resume builder, but I don't feel I learned anything and don't even put it on my resume. What would I say in an interview about my experience there? The environment is great and so are the people.

But what it all boils down to is making money and Primerica is not the place to launch a career.

You may be able to do it as a side job to bring in an extra hundred dollars or two, but don't rely on this company as your main source of income or you'll be greatly disappointed. I regret my experience there.

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