Omaha, Nebraska

This is in response to the women who said that the rep. that came to her house was a **** and that she was looking to suduce her husband.

Just to let you know and set the record straight, they DO teach ethics and morale. The companys motto is GOD first FAMILY 2nd and WORK 3rd. Every company and family has those who do not meet expectations and we do not like to claim them,but they are there and I assure you that this company does not tolorate sexual harrasment in any way to the client or co-worker. You had a bad experience and that is very upsetting because 99% of our field workers are hard working, wonderful people who are creating a legacy for thier families of financial independece.

Perhaps you can call your local Primerica office and have a different rep come to your house and then you can truly see what a difference we make in the lives of differnt families and you can create a legacy for your family too.

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There are quiet a lot of very judge mental peopel out there.

I was reading a lot of the replies and some of you are very arrogant I does not make you a better person just why you have a college degree.

There are sokme people out there trying very hard to make the best for them self and there family.

I worked for ten years for a well known company and got nothing out of it. So please !!!! Not everybody that does not have a college degree is a dumm persone everyone has there own great qualities.

This is america you can do whatever when you believe in it.


lol, 99% are hard workers, do you know the turn about for that company? and I know for a fact 99% are not there as a honest person. and I love the God part, funny how God never comes into the training. They say they are a company around God, my *** they are.

I find that funny as in a office of 100 people probably 20 will stay and the rest give up. This is not a career path for everyone, but they sure as do sell it to everyone, love the famous line I always heard.

Hire everyone as you never know who they know and you will not find your star in the first person.

The average by Primerica is hire 10 1 star

1 PT

4 hire, but go MIA doesn't matter what you do you can't get intouch with them.

and 4 don't get involved.

So if you always have 10 people at every recruiting meeting those are the numbers. SAD

Now if I interview 10 people, I get a resume and I check into the person with referals, and I make sure that this is a career that they can do. I don't care who they know and who they can bring me. If I find only one person out of the 10, I am not WASTING the other peoples time or my own.


come on Howard, most people are intoduced to an agent from a trusted friend... you sound somewhat 'elitist'... This is America and if you haven't noticed Average is what most people are.... by definition... every person that holds a license had to take a test and pass a background check...

Do you really think a company that 'most people i met were unethical' could stay in business very long - especially when they are regulated nine ways from Sunday by each State's Insurance Department, the SEC, FINRA (formally the N.A.S.D.) Hud just to name a few...

Come on... why don't you admit it... maybe you were one of the dregs that got sifted?


I used to be a Primerica Agent, so I agree the company is great and does offer great products. Sadly tho most of the people I met while in the business were not nice people, not ethical, and in general the sorts of people you would avoid. The stregnth and weakness of Primerica is its reliance on average americans to staff the sales force. They get people who match the American average, but in the process they scoop up lots and lots of dregs. True enough the dregs tend to filter them selves out over time, but as a customer what should one do? hope the rep that is invited over is one of the rare good ones? Seems almost too dangerous to go there period. You let these people who you do not know form anything your deepest financial secrets when you nor Primerica really knows much if anything about them at all. A truly terrifying prospect.

Better I think to stick with a real actual business which not only has standards which ALL emplyoees much rise to, but you avaoid the whole he said she said if things go badly. areal company would at least cover you. while Primerica agent will likely mire you in years of pointless litigation with the extensive legal dept.

as they kept saying all the time. Its not for everyone.