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Brenda Mary Connor a widow to late Connor Brook Will.She has chosen me as her next kin for the amount of 5 Million Dollars. She told me that I should talk to you.She told me to talk to Dr Glenn Williams.Please guide me. I am Mrs,Aisha Amir my Email is aishaamirspeacetree@gmail.com I want to talk to Dr.Glenn Williams because Brenda would have told him about me.Brenda is very ill & she told me that she has only two months & after that She will die that why she made me the next kin of her amount of money.She wants that in when she is alive I should talk to you.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I can think that Primerica will be good & nice with me.It is my first experience with Primerica & they are talking very nicely to me.I hope they will see my matter very nicely & then I will tell to the whole world about the good nature & good work of Primerica With me.From Mrs,Aisha Amir