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I agree with the person who titled their comment as Funny. I'm not with the company so this has nothing to do with me trying to defend a company I work for.

I'm just amazed at how someone can look online at opinions of people they don't know and decide if they should take a chance on something that may change their life. Its crazy! How about this, Try it for yourself! Dang what do you have to lose and be honest.

I bet where you work now is a place that you hate, is not paying you what you are worth, and you for sure don't own it. Why base your success on someone else? All in All just do get off your *** and do something. If you want to own your business and all you are doing is dreaming about it, then thats what it will be, only a dream.

Or maybe you don't mind working for someone for the rest of your life. Thats fine too.

Just stop talking commenting on things you are just to scared to do and acting like that is normal.

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What do you have to lose? Your time; being ripped off; being taken for a sucker; no protected territory; being lied to; your license taken away EVEN IF YOU RECEIVED VIA A REGULATORY AGENCY AND NOT BY CON versus America; not told what the IBA agreement is, nor what it says.–america–and-the-sodomites-encompassed-the-house-round-and-said-open-unto-us-that-we-may-know-them-and-they-wearied-themselves-to-find-the-door–genesis-19-think-about-that


good thing you guys are rich cuz as amiddle class worker i have dreams and ill keep trying to reach them as for primerica they were up front with me so i won't talk them down if you have had a bad meeting with them i feel compelled to sorry and keep trying in what ever you do and i wish you all the best form primerica rep.


and yes if you strive for it you can reah your goals no matter what they are!!!!!


The numbers do mean something. Look at all the information about Primerica on the net.

With all that there is they are still hitting good production numbers and some of their policies are staying on the books.

I'm not in any way shape or form pro Primerica, but the numbers are there. What more can be said that hasn't already been said?


I see the same old deceit, misspellings, poor grammar, no punctuation ability, poor sentence structure.

I saw a number one in Forbes for the past eight years, he he he, ho ho ho. Now Primerica is quoted as being in the top 25 or top 10. Average policy issued is meaningless. They are all overpriced; higher than ALL of the thousands of life insurance and mortgage companies out there with only one exception.

Total policies in force is deceitful in light of all the complaints. I document the heinousness of Primerica suddenly stealing four times more from policyholders bank accounts when the present policies expire. No notice is ever given! That is criminal on the part of Primerica.


I really don't know whose side I am on but I couldn't help noticing that your first sentence is a sentence ironic :)


I thought I was the only one who did that... :grin

Well anyway i'm going to leave Primerica alone. It doesn't really make a difference. Take a look at the September issue of best review.

Primeirica's numbers are still within the top 25 and the top 10 in a few catagories for 2007..Ave. Policy Issued is $284,475. Term Life Issued. #12, and Total in force #19..

Check your local library for the issue or maybe check online. So for all the PFS agents i'll see you across the kitchen table..


Same IP Address!