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I met Mark O’Connor Feb 2018 from Facebook. He was a smooth talker.

I told him I would think about it so set appt for me to meet his boss, Raul for the following week. I got out of there as quick as I could.

I made the mistake of texting Mark when he asked for it. I kept cancelling appts with him.

No contact for over a month until April 2018 when I got a text from Mark that he had signed me & paid the $99 for me and wanted me to pay him back. I was shocked & mad he signed me up behind my back.

Last month, when I found another Primerica team I wanted to join, I found out I was still on Mark’s team because he never dropped me like I told him to.

So guy who’s team I want to join said would send transfer papers to that office. The following week (3 weeks) he tells me Raul in Mark’s Office is going to sign & send him back the transfer papers. Last week, I notified that guy I no longer wanted to be a part of Primerica.

Imagine my anger & shock when I got a text from Mark O’Connor today that he was shocked he had received transfer papers and wanting to know why I wanted to transfer to another team before signs the transfer papers.

After I calmed down, I told him to drop me from Primerica immediately like I told him to do over 14 months ago.

I asked but not never got an answer about what the benefit was of having me a non active or producing agent on his team.

When I called Corporate in Feb 2019, I was told that I was dropped from Mark’s Oct 2018 for non activity.

I’m calling Primerica Corporate on Friday, July 5th and tell them to delete me immediately as an MaAgent & remove my name & everything from their records.

I start Monday, July 8th with a great company that I’m bringing 3 agents to work under me.

I can’t sell insurance with my new company until Primerica deletes me from their records. My fiancé & I are pissed because Primerica is holding my agents & I from making money.

I’m also filing complaints about Mark with the Texas Board of Insurance and hope his license will at least be suspended, if not revoked for signing me up with Primerica behind my back and dropping me and getting me deleted from Primerica when I told him April 2018.

All of my conversations with Mark have been in texts so everything is documented including April 2018 when he told me he signed me up & paid for me.

I’m also filing complaint with the BBB and may even give Mr O’ Connor his 5 minutes fame because I know someone who is an investigative reporter at 1 of the local news stations that would love to do that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Primerica Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Mark O’Connor signed me up as an agent behind my back.

Preferred solution: Delete me as an agent for Primerica like I requested April 2018!.

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