Saint Louis, Missouri

The Primerica agent I talked to did a comprehensive plan and got me involved with cheaper life insurance (he even told me they weren't the cheapest - but he was there to help me in several areas. He showed me how to save money by taking the extra money I saved and put it into a mutual fund so I could manage my own cash and have more cash in about 25 years than the total amount of coverage of my previous Cash Value policy as he called it. Furthermore... he told me there were pitfalls in this plan... for example if i quit putting money in the mutual fund that there would be NO cash in the end... So I would have to remain disciplined. But that's not all... he helped me with my mortgage and credit card debt and was able to re-arrange my debt and he was able to save me over $800 in this area alone. He suggested that I use most (but not all --- I was amazed) to reduce my debt. Actually, he suggested I could have have a much improved quality of life if I kept out $100 per week as extra activity money for me and my wife to enjoy live with. The remaining money ($400) is being used to pay off the new mortgage sooner. As for being recruited.... I too was invited to the opportunity meeting(s). I went to a couple of them and saw a lot that I liked. I chose not to participate because I already own my own business (an Ice Cream shop). But, it certainly was an attractive alternative to me. But this is where you have to step up to the plate though and be an "adult" and use your own judgement. Nobody was forcing or coercing me to be an agent. I was there to evaluate an opportunity. I decided the opportunity was not for me. But that doesn't mean it is not for someone else.

I tried and failed in four businesses before I finally became successful at a business I really like. I had lost my first house in a foreclosure because I had to use it for collateral on a business loan. Being in business for yourself is not easy. Being a Primerica agent is not easy (my agent even told me this prior to the meeting - actually, he told me three or four times).

Sure I could have saved a little extra money on the life insurance. Certainly I could have gotten a little better interest rate. But I have to say, no one else was knocking at my door to help me or show me how I might improve my financial position (not even my own banker who I have a business loan through).

I think we all feel we have to blame someone for our own shortcomings and it seems like alot of "ex"-agents are upset because this business didn't work for them. But let me tell you, what my agent did for me was nothing short of miraculous.

So - I for one am a very satisfied customer of Primerica.

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I just wish more people with good experiences with primerica would come forward. It is hard work to get where you want to be in Primerica if you arent willing to work the finance fairy isnt just going to hand you a pay check when you havent done anything. Just something to think about!


The problem many agents have with Primerica when they leave is they feel like they were played for a fool.

Primerica doesn't do anything really wrong. they have everything spelled out on paper in their agent agreements. the thing is new people in most instances have no idea what they are contracting or have anything to compare.


Primericas promotion system is the type that attracts unsavery individuals to its ranks. A good person can use Primerica to help people.

Unfortunatly company big wigs don't cut out the people that use the company promotion system as thier own get rich quick pyramid scam. And as pfs truth has pointed out in another article they are ignorent and limited as to how they can help people. I am with primerica and my rvp seems to be doing good for is customers but primerica certainly is not best for everyone. To invest in or work for.

I am not mad at them. I went into something that did not require me to have formal training and suggested great earning potential. This is rarely a working combanation. Prmerica agent should be prepared to refer people else where if they can not help them if they want to do right by people.

the company's abilities are limited and they should fully explain the structure or the company and how it differs from others when recruiting. other than that they can be ok.

Ok is not good enough for me though. Im moving on.