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all i can say is i dont like it...

i just want to say... DONT JOIN THEM!

i dont care about the comments you make below because i'm not going to come back and look at them, i'm jus want to spread the word to everybody to NOT JOIN THEM.. they are a bad company.

i join them in the beginning wanting to try it then only to find out that 'THEY GET YOU ONE STEP AT A TIME' they ask for 99$ first, then you have to keep putting money in for the licensing and stuff, and it adds up to about $1000 and up, and its bull *** to be selling life insurance right now.. look at the economy.. look at wall street journal for sakes, look up primerica on wall street journal...

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I am currently a rep for the company, i joined about a year ago only made about $500 so far. That dosnt mean that it is not a good company I put very little effort and thats what i got.

I gave it another try after a couple of months but for personal reasons didnt have much time for schooling or do appointments. I was currently laid off my job and started again with Primerica just finished school and my state exam. Things are staring to look great for me, when you put effort in something and focus you will succeed regardless if it is in primerica or any other similar company out there. The point is that now that i have plenty of time to focus in one thing at the time I am focusing more in the company.

If i can do it any body can do it its not rocket science. For those people who speak bad about primerica should stop being so ignorant and open up your mind, Primerica is a bussines where you are paid by how much you put in it not a dead end job where you work your *** off your a couple of dollars an hour.

It does take time to start showing great results in the bussiness so either try hard and see results. Please dont misrepresnt the company by leting your frustration out on it because of your lack of education and ignorance, it didnt work out move on and dont be lazy because I dont know of any profesional business companies out there that hire ignorant lazy people.


OK folks let's get real. It's not about someone not making it or making it. think about all the people who have gone through Primerica through out the years. How many are recruited a month? How many RVP's are there?

Have you guys ever wondered why RVP's and above leave the company? If your goal is to be financially independent just keep your eyes and ears open. You have no idea what opportunities you are passing up by having blind loyalty to a company who is not loyal to you.

If you want to make the big money at Primerica just forget the products and recruit. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit..


Like so sad said it is not for everybody. Alot of people say that we are brainwashed but truth is we have all been brainwashed to believe that we go to school get a degree and get a j.o.b.

where we will have to put up with someone telling us what to do for most likely our working career with little to no possiblity to ever be in their position. Primerica gives people the chance to do that you actually have to try the business to understand that and no i dont mean get licensed and trained i mean actually go out and do the things your suppossed to do. You don't understand how liberating it feels.

You can say that Primerica is a scam all you want but I really could care less because all you did was pass through so your obviously comfortable with someone telling you what to do for the rest of your life and thats find. Not everyone wants to grow a business and be free.


hey primerica is not a scam

i started working dere since jan7

you gotta work hard to get where u want to be at


"It is a pyriamid life insurance company."

LOL! Pyramids are illegal in the U.S. I don't think the NYSE would list a pyramid on their ticker system.

Do some research!


I tried Primerica. Got licensed etc.

Their prices for that part is not bad. However their model is for you to sell all your family and friends Primerica. Is it *** products? Not really.

But it is NOTHING even close to as great as they say it is! It's mediocre at best...that's why they need your "personal" touch to convince your family and friends to buy their products. The insurance isn't the worst- it's their financial services.

You will get $100's or $1000's in commissions to get people to buy their mutual funds that your family and friends could go online and do for themselves for under $10.


The only real question is how much of a friend are you really? Paying someone for their time is fine, but I was never comfortable scamming my FRIENDS and FAMILY like that with Primerica.

That's why I quit. There is NOTHING for products that Primerica has that you can't get elsewhere for less.


Dude, the only reason you have something bad to say about Primerica is because you did not want to work it. You failed your state test and had to pay for a retest because you did not follow the system and get the guarantee. Answer this question, do you want to get your info from a failure or a person who is successful?


It is not an easy job working for primerica. What you put in is what you get out.

I have been employed with the company for a little over two years, now. My first year there I made $200,000. The second was $210,000. The products sold are great.

Other insurance companies hate us because we take there business. The company does what's right for the middle class.

It helps people become properly protected, financially independent, and debt free. I suggest Doing a little bit more research on the company!!


It is not an easy job working for primerica. What you put in is what you get out.

I have been employed with the company for a little over two years, now. My first year there I made $200,000. The second was $210,000. The products sold are great.

Other insurance companies hate us because we take there business. The company does what's right for the middle class.

It helps people become properly protected, financially independent, and debt free. I suggest Doing a little bit more research on the company!!


I know someone who has worked for Primerica for 16 yrs. He's a RVP.

His kids were on taxpayer funded healthcare, he recently had to move b/c he couldn't pay his rent and his parents and in-laws have had to pay for things that most people his age pay for themselves. Last year he got arrested for ordering heating oil and then stopping payment on the check before it could be cashed and then not paying for four months. He recently was bragging about paying cash for a new truck. Turns out it was 9 yrs old.

He also bragged about getting a watch for making a whopping $50,000 in 2008. This was before taxes and w/no expense reimbursement or benefits. Also brags about how he doesn't have to work when he doesn't want to, put up w/annoying customers and co-workers, etc. He also calls a job a dirty word.

Funny how taking from his father in law's retirement fund (from a very lengthly dirty word) is okay.

I also never see a Primerican state his income. Just come out and say it.


It is a pyriamid life insurance company. Some of their product and pitch is deceiving.


I have been with the company for almsot 4 months now and I am making more money and feel much more freedom than I ever have working for a J O B. Some people aren't cut out for this business...thats just the plain truth. Everyone experience also depends on their base shops and their leaders...unfortunately no all leaders are great. Everyone is complaining that they have to pay $99....and don't realize that Primerica is paying all your state fees to get your licenses and when you get to district, they will pay your securities license. Also you can get back that $99 in their scholarship program which my personal recruits have achieved in their 1st 2 weeks. The $25 a month provides you extensive online training and motivational tools and a security encrypted email to protect vital client information. If you run your own business you and set your own online website...see how much that costs you.

All the great companies like Walmart, Microsoft, etc etc didn't blow up took some time and hard work to become the giants they are today. This is why they suggest to start part time and transistion to full time when you will start making serious $$$.

Some people will succeed in this business...especially if you are motivated, disciplined, and a person that wants to do the right thing. Some people are accept that a JOB is fine for them and thats is alright. I was tired working for someone else, working my butt off with all the motivation to get a bonus that never reflected the value of my hard work....but made a bigger benefit to the people above me and when it came down to saving money.....i was expendable and got a thank you and a last paycheck. Now thats BS!!!


I totally see what you are all saying... Primerica is terrible.

They are terrible at giving you opportunity. They are terrible at telling you to grow and become a better person. They are terrible at giving you an opportunity to grow and create a business like no other. No, I would rather get a set rate $15 job working 40 hours a week so I can feed my family get a decent house and sit around down playing people who had the gull to achieve something.

Good luck to those out there who quit Primerica and went on to achieve their hopes and dreams. How's it going since you quit? Made your first $50K?

I hope so...Good luck to you and to achieving the success you have created for yourself. See you at the country club...


Listen, if you are not motivated by making money and working at it hard to make that money, then Primerica is probably not for you. This type of job is not an hourly type of job, it is COMMISSIONED! If you have ever had a fully commissioned job, and love it, then you would love PRIMERCA. If you like your hourly jobs then you get what you earn, and that is it.

In Primerica, you don't have to worry about being overlooked, passed up, or secretly told your too young, or anything like that. In Primerica, what you put in is what you get. You want to work less, you hire more people to work under you. Pyrimad scheme? Any good growing business hires people. If you owned your own business, and can handle no more than 5 customers without them leaving, and you start getting 15 customers, your losing business. You would need to hire (recruit) more people to handle the overflow, and as your business or any business grows, you hire more people.

If you don't like that and don't want the opportunity to make millions over your lifetime, and are just happy with making $8.00 an hour or $15.00 an hour maybe even just $70,000 a year, then stick with that. You need to be motivated and want to make more to be in Primerca.

It is a regulated industry. Are you going to have some bad eggs in every company? Yes. But don't judge by 1 person or a small group. The business has been around since 1977, and if it really was a scam or not real, then how can they continue to exist for this long without someone being able to shut them down?


Those of you that are so against Primerica must have been in an office where they are only out for themselves and not doing the "right thing for the consumer". I am proud to be part of an office that will only switch the client to our products if they will better their situation.

Primerica is a great company and that is why they continue to grow by leaps and bounds. We are growing because we are the only company that is willing to work with middle America. $99 start up is nothing to start your own business. And what we get for $25/month is amazing.

Most companies will charge you way more than that to access what we get for that small amount. It's your own's not free to own your own business.


I'm in Primerica for about 2 years now and I know its a great opportunity for anybody looking to be an entrepreneur. If you need someone to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way, the Primerica probably isn't for you.

If you are money motivated, have a high self esteem and a driven attitude, then the sky is the limit with Primerica. I'm only 26yrs old and my second year with the company I earned over $65,000. It wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. The $99 start up fee goes towards paying for your state mandated Life Insurance class.

It pays for an instructor, study materials and taking your mandatory pre-test. That class if you were to take it on your own would cost you over $300. Please educate yourself about the financial services industry before you bash a great company. Just because some of you are immature and couldn't do any research yourself doesn't mean that Primerica is a scam.

Maybe you just didn't do what needed to get done. And if $99 is too much money to start a business to you, then maybe you should work for someone else for the rest of your life.


People..When your starting out in the industry, you don't know what you don't know. Primerica being a captive company has an interest in only showing one side of the coin. That's business. Your job is to sell Primerica products and recruit new agents.

You are not employees of Primerica..You don't know what you don't know..Do you ever consider the limitations that are put on you by being captive? Especially being part-time? You have licenses and can't make money with other products if you so choose. Did I mention your a part-time independent contractor?

If you so choose to contract with Primerica that's great for you, but don't try to compare where you are with what can be had out in the industry. You won't win..You don't know what you don't know...

Not everyone who left PFS couldn't cut it. Some just couldn't look at themself in the mirror...You see when a company preaches we do what's right and you find out that you can offer clients more competitive products and get a better contract, it's decision time..

If you say you do what's right 100% of the time and you know you can get your potential clients more coverage for less money with all things being equal, what do you do? You do what's right..

It's business. Primerica has their business model and their target market. Push the kool-aid away from the table and look at it as a business.

Primerica has their contract and they offer their products. If your happy with both, more power to you...Just understand that your competition is not worried. Your competition isn't cash value anymore. It's term vs term..Step away from the kool-aid..


I have been in Primerica for 2 years. At that time I paid 199 to get in.

I made that money back over 100 times now. Primerica works just try the system


A caesar, its not that i can't spell, its because i type fast and maybe do a "LiL" slang "cuz" this is jus a forum.... maybe "U" "shuld" educate "urself" to read a "LiL" slang and stop "capping" on my writing..

and of course. "I can be professional if i wanted to." Can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?