Reston, Virginia

I have contacted Primemerica, asking them for a full refund. They in turn deposit a portion of my refund into my checking account.

However, I was told there are processing fee's. These fee's were never told to me in the beginning. I have given my money to them in all honesty. What do you think is the best solution?

I now have to write them a reconsideration letter for a the difference of $30.00. Why take some-one's money and not telling them if I should ask for a refund, there are hidden fee's charges.

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It is in your IBA form you signed.


The sad part that if the agent was doing his/her job then they should have made sure that the clients have a full and detailed understanding. If $30.00 is only a drop in the bucket for the billion dollar company so why not return the people their money. It's a shame you guys are worth billions and do not want to give back people's money you guys are just like banks hidden fee WOW GOD do not like UGLY!!!!!!!!!!


All Primerica business apps state the terms of the agreement. You were not mislead you just didn't read before signing the app.

The breakdown of what the money is used for is all in the application. The $30 was used for the background check. If they used the money to check your background before you requested a refund you don't get that portion back. There is no way a company like Primerica which sits on the NYSE would risk their credibility or waste time trying to get your measly $30.

Primerica is on a mission to identify people who want to build a business. You were obviously not that person.

When you signed the application you know in your heart you did not read.


scam artist extraordinaire.


I just spoke with a friend who joined Primeamerica and he and his instructor visited my home and tried to recruit me and my wife. Sounds like a good concept.

But your written response Dec. 14,2011 is very unprofessional, you could have pointed out the good Primeamerica does without the negetive attack. That would be more helpfull in my dicisson whether I decides this is right for me. I want the positve post not negetive.

One thing the agent said at the meeting is I should not look at all the negetive post on the internet??????? Red flag.


"The ONLY company that paid policies during Katrina"? First, the company would pay benefits, not policies.

If you are a Primerica representative, you must be a *** one. Second, ALL of the life insurance companies paid benefits after Katrina. I know this because my family lost a loved one and benefits were paid in full.

Why is it that anytime anyone talks negatively about Primerica, a person from that company has to belittle the person making the complaint.

For ANYONE from Primerica to come here and say "You sign paperwork without reading it" shows that the company is not a reputable one. Sorry, I only do business with reputable companies.


Primerica, I was searching for whole life and term life insurance information when I came across this post. My uncle used to be a Primerica agent about 20yrs ago so of course remembering that, Primerica was the first place I wanted to check, HOWEVER, given your rude comment I WILL NOT be contacting your company at all for a quote whatsoever. If this is the way you treat people online who personally feel that they have a legitimate complaint then I can only imagine how you treat people in real life.


You made a good point. Its just sometime agents get frustrate and forget the bigger picture


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You obviously sign paperwork without reading it. I do not think it is the company's fault because you can not read documentation.

Don't blame a Billion dollar company because you are too lazy to read! We assume you are a adult and can be responsible for your actions. Primerica was the only company that paid Life insurance policies during "Katrina", "9/11", and we are also the only company that will cover and protect soldiers overseas at war.

Do your research before you try to trash a company do right for people. The company can help fix a lot of things but we can not fix ***!