Dayton, Ohio

I already feel deceived. I've never heard of a legitimate honest job that requires you to put down at least $100 in order to begin working. That's ludicrous. Furthermore, during the presentation, there seemed to be two very strong points in which the gentlemen emphasized: Money and recruiting. They would go on and on about how much money they made, and the fact that in order to make money, you have to recruit people. 95% of the presentation was spent on these two subjects; the remaining 5% was spent on helping people get out of debt.

Right now, my mind is boggled. I can't figure out how a company can claim to be an honest company that helps people and does noble deeds while concentrating much of their energy and manpower on greed and dishonesty.

It sounds too good to be true, because it is. Don't believe everything you hear, fellow people.

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Negativity won't get you anywhere but down!!


Not true


It's definitely not for everyone. You do have to have a business mind.

If you do or are willing to learn, you would have gotten that point. If you don't get it then it's not for you.


Primerica is a great company......and great opportunity.


Primerica isn't a job it is a opportunity so you didn't understand the presentation. Primerica they aren't hiring you are joining a business our motto is for people to be debt free properly processed and financially independent. Job means just over broke to me

@Tamula Blue

Properly protected


The $100 pays for your state licence and fingerprints, you aviously de no have any licences or you would know that the person themselfs pay for their licences because it's yours, the company do not own it!, Doctors, lawyers, nurses including myself have to pay for our licences before getting hired by any company, so please educate yourself, go to a class or two I think you will benefit from what they have to offer, if not stay quite, ignorance is a terrible thing.


You've never heard of a legitimate job where you had to fork over hundreds for tools, uniforms, safety gear, credentials, training, or all of the above? So oil field worker, auto mechanic, doctor, and lawyer are not legitimate jobs?


It is not a job silly


You obviously do not understand IT IS A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AND NOT A J O B. All businesses have an up front cost, at least Primerica gives you a $300 bonus after you complete your training and get licensed.


Then they need to stop freakin' advertising it as a job!!! They need to tell people upfront it's a business opportunity so people don't waste their time anymore.


I'll tell you this. There are many ways that presentation can go.

And this seems like they failed to convey the message.

Now, how many jobs require a college degree?

How much does a college degree cost?

This is the type of opportunity Primerica is willing to just give out to people.

Think it over, if you're not sure. It is not for you.


$100 to begin working? Is that really how you see it?

Then maybe PFS isn't for you. PFS is not a job where you'll be working for an hour pay.

It is an opportunity to build your own business and I honestly believe that paying $100 instead of thousands/hundreds of dollars to begin your business is the best option all around.

Also, if those $100 cost your wallet so much... help a family, even as a REP, and you'll get three times that in about 45 minutes.


For any business your goal is too make money! Putting down $100 vs. $1 million to start a McDonalds franchise is a "no-brainer!" And furthermore, Primerica helps people!, not make people eat unhealthy!

Pamela Spearmon

PFS Agent

Killeen, TX


Well I paid 120,000 for daughter to become a teacher Day she was hired she had to pay for a license to got to work as do attorneys, doctors, real estate agents and brokers, contractors so why is a life license that cost 600 on avg to study and get for only 99 seem bad You should work a job for ever and never have life of dreams


In other jobs they take taxes only thing here you get charged once while at any other job you get charged every pay check


1. It is not a job.

It's a business opportunity. To open a McDonald's franchise it will cost you $50,000 to start. To start your Primerica business it will cost you $100.

2. You can make very handsome commissions as a single sales rep.

But of course, your business will grow exponentially if you build a team.

3. Primerica is an insurance and investment company regulated by 50 states & the SEC. If they were a scam, don't you think these government agencies would have shut them down after 34 years of the same practice?

4. My clients are extremely grateful because I have helped them to reach their financial goals.

5. Please read or listen to Robert kiyosaki "what the rich teach..." & the "quadrant" book.

The problem was you're an E. You went there looking for a job and could not see that you had stumbled up on something better than a job. It takes time and a change in thinking to switch from the E to the B. My highest commission for helping a family was $600 for 2hrs.

of work.

You are terribly mistakened. Please watch my friend_


I've liked Primerica for many years now (since 2002 to be exact). They helped me get my finances in order, and then I decided to work with them.

I don't work with them anymore (personal circumstance). I still like PFS a lot, it's a business opportunity for some and financial Godsend for others. For me it was both. I am an educated person working on a graduate degree, and have done enough research, to say, yes.

I still like what they do. People who don't....don't get it? Aren't smart?

Informed? A book that really helped me figure out insurance: "Whats wrong with your Life Insurance." Super old, but intelligently written, understandable data,etc.


i have been around Primerica since i was a little kid and theres nothing else like it. people that dont like Primerica either didnt go to the right people or hear differently from people that dont know *** about this amazing business.

you cannot get your resources from the internet. the best way is to talk to people THAT HAVE BEEN AROUND THIS BUSINESS. what other company can save people thousands, and still get paid in return?

you make good cash while saving people thousands and perhaps saving their lives. main point, for people that will read this, dont judge because of a few bad comments or because of people that have never heard of Primerica.


I'vw studied Finance and working on my MBA in Financial Planning. I've worked at Bear Stearns before the market crashed. I later worked for Edward Jones, a great company. If Primerica focused and marketed like Edward Jones they would be more of a success. They have the right idea - but they need to be more like Edward Jones (which operates a lot like State Farm Insurance).

I would work for Primerica, but only if they sponsored me and paid any fees. Otherwise, I'd rather work for EJ. If you are a Long Island Primerica and will sponsor me, then I'd work for you. Email me at and put in subject line: Primerica