Greensboro, North Carolina
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I need to change my automatic debit bank inrformation with Primerica Life Insurance company and am unable to get in touch with them to do so. Every time I try to call a number I fget "our office is closed etc.

Please help me get in touch so I will not lose my 8 years old Whole life insurance policy!!! I have been paying religiously and now have been delinquent for three months. What does a person need to do to get in touch with a person in customer service that is willing to hear what I have to say and help me with my problem?

Please HELP!!!!!

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8 year whole life from Primerica? If you think it's a whole life and no premium being paid for 3 months, get ready to hear gomer pyle,,surprise, surprise, surprise..

This don't sound right, so I must sound the B/S horn..Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,.Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa