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Ok, so I work at a small store in my local mall. I greeted this one lady as I normally do customers and she just immediately said how much she liked my personality. I confusedly thanked her and went on to help other people. She approached me a few minutes later at the cash register saying that she had a business and was looking for new people just like me to work there. She took my name and number and said she'd call me within a few days to talk to me about it.

When she called this morning I was sleeping in because it is my day off. So I tried to play it off like I wasn't tired but went on to ask her questions about the company. She said they were a financial services type of company and they help people decide how to invest their money. She said she is a single mom of two kids and this job is great. That she really feels like she's helping people and making a difference and also that it doesn't cost the clients one penny. I found that strange.

A couple questions rose in my head. How did they get paid if their clients didn't make money? And how did she survive with 2 kids if she wasn't getting paid if that was the case? (which she never said she wasn't getting paid).

So I took down the address of the interview she wanted to set up and also her phone number (I'm guessing it was a cell). After I got off the phone I realized I'd never gotten her name (unless she told it to me last week when I first met her) nor the name of the business. So I google'ed the address of the meeting place and found out it is Primerica. That's when I found sites such as this one.

Now mind you, I was working in a store in the mall that deals with kids and gives birthday parties to little girls. When I found out this company is an insurance place I have no clue why they thought I'd be right for the job. Also I have NO spare money to put into any kinda group for letting me join or getting a license of any kind, I can barely pay my bills as it is.

What I want to know is, do people often get randomly approached like this very often by Primerica or am I the first? I still don't understand why after 1 sentence of a greeting she thought I'd be perfect for the job. That already spells "scam" to me.

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Hello. I am a Life Licensed Agent with Primerica and my husband just passed his Securities exam to assist Families with retirement and investing.

The woman who approached you was looking for individuals that would potentially help build her business and yes, this is one way that it is done but not the only way. As far as advising you that there is no cost at all associated with our services, I would need to know more info about what she was talking about. However, I am part of an awesome office and my husband and I have been making well over $3,000 per month part time, since May 2016. We are building our Team now.

We understand that there will be people who don't find value in what we do with this company and there will be people that do find value.

And that's fine. Our Goal is to show as many people as possible how to do what we do and make money.


I feel you on that one, they just don't know to leave people alone.


As i am minding my business, my friend, told me he needed help with his business major for class, he told me to help him in order to pass his class, as I went to the location, him and this guy was there waiting for me. Then they started to talk about Primerica.

That I had know interest in.

He paid for me to get me in. And basically trying to tell me to get other people in for money, then licensed, a waist of time.


I was harassed once when I had a part-time seasonal job at a retail store. The two women were annoying and relentless, even after I told them I had a M-F job job that paid well and that I enjoyed. I finally had to threaten to call security to get them to leave.


Maybe she felt you were in a dead end job and had hopes for you more than you had for yourself. At the most you should just say thank you!


I too was randomly approached by a woman who worked for Primerica. I was in Target and this woman came up to me and told me she "liked how I dressed" and that i was the "perfect" candidate for a job at Primerica.

She proceeded to ramble about how somone like me would fit in "perfectly" ( this seemed to be her favorite word) and had the potential for making huge amounts of money. I found this odd because I hadn't said an entire 2 sentances to her yet she felt I was "perfect". She said their highest paid agent was making over $300k a year helping people get out of debt and he did this in a matter of months .

She then told me that she was doing so well that she was opening up 2 more offices in our surrounding area... She seemed like she was lying.

she was giving me too much of that overly- eager- motivational -used- car salesman speech. Maybe she thought I was an easy (weak) target. I've been in sales before and I know the game.

I had to tell her I wasn't interested but she still tried to tell me about how I'm missing out on a chance and then she got a bit defensive. I had to treat her like a telemarketer and cut her off but instead of hanging up in her face, I left the aisle.

I guess I was a victim of that infamous " 3 foot rule"


This has happened to me. I was approached by a Primerica recruiter last week while working at my coffee shop job.

He just said, "I work for citibank, we're hiring, want a job?" He took my name and number (while saying, "oh! what a pretty name!," then called a few days later, leaving a message that said he works for Primerica.

This is what got me to finally search for it online to figure out what exactly he wants to interview me for. Now that I know, I won't be calling him back.


I have had RESP for my kids threw primerica for 3 years.. I get my statements every year, and I feel good about what I am doing!!

All I am doing is putting a few dollars away each month so my children can have a good start at life... I didn't get that, and I am sure feeling it now...

People need to stop putting other ppl down and relize that they should be putting their efforts into making sure there family is protected... which ever way you decide to do it.. threw a bank, threw work, or threw primerica..

and I totally agree EVERY job is trying to recruit ppl... Its in demand right now!!!


To Sorry- What is that you don't understand? I would be glad to try to prove anything I write. I just don't understand what your are asking me to prove right now on the quote.


I simply don't believe your loan example. Why don't you white out the pertinent information and post the quote somewhere on line for our review? I've never found anyone to be able to accomplish that, so I wouldn't expect you to do it either.


Well Wrong, I can also offer a 20 year term mortgage with the same simple interest and bi-weekly payments. I just quoted a loan that came in Only .25 percent over the other quote on a loan from a local bank.

We also reduce our interest rate by .25 after 2 years of good payments. That would put us dead even with the competiton who doesn't offer any way to pay down in a shorter term. I've compared the closing cost to my mortgage and there is no significant difference. Every loan on the market depends on l to v, credit , and collateral.

Citi mave have sub-prime loans, but primerica doesn't sell those. Do you do variable-rate loans? Ours are 100% fixed. Also, can you cover the entire market of people.

Just because prices are higher doesn't mean somebody is getting ripped off! Service is part of any sale except the internet. Every day business charge a little more for some products and increase the level of service that makes a person happy to do business with you. If were so high, why didn't they already have a less expensive product?

Because nobody takes the time to go out and ask If they would like to save money. I have had clients who have had a good situation when reviewing their finances. I thank them for their time and find somebody who IS getting ripped-off by sleazy insurance companies and improve their situation. Besides, do you know if you are comparing apples to apples whrn you get your prices on term?

We offer gauranteed insurability till age 95 on TERM. Many benefits are built in to our product that are extra on most others.

I believe in what I do and sleep very well at night. Thats more than I can say for 90% of the industry that I work in.


Quite simply, it's not science, but smoke & mirrors. I've written HUNDREDS of mortgages and I can tell you I've studied that SMART loan more than anyone you know. YES, the simple interest has merit; it will pay the high-rate mortgage off faster, if and only if the client keeps that mortgage for several years.

The first problem is, most people don't keep a mortgage long enough to beat the higher interest rate.

The second and MAJOR problem is the client can get a 10 or 20 year fixed rate mortgage, with the same or lower monthly payment than the bi-weekly payment is. The closing costs are much less and there's no pre-payment penalty.

So, your client offered a high rate 30 year loan that is done in 19 years through the SMART loan can go to Citimortgage (your own affiliate) and get the same 19 year fixed rate loan, with lower closing costs, lower monthly payment and no pre-pay.

That's reality without the smoke & mirrors. Before you tell me I'm wrong, do the research. I did and I know I'm right. No local agent here has ever met with me to prove me wrong. They've either not believed me or found out I was correct and no-showed.

Once I figured that one out, I put 2 & 2 together and realized that the term insurance was way overpriced as well. It's solely a recruiting business, a "help other people" feel-good undertone. It wasn't for me and I left.

Yes you can help people and save them money from their current situation. But once you realize the term is overpriced (not compared to whole life), but term vs. term, and that the loans are ridiculous, you too will leave the charade. Your conscience will catch up to you and your true desire to help people by "doing the right thing" will finally overshadow your desire to become a Recruiting Vice President.


Sorry to have to return and restart, but Nexpro has so many issues to address its not funny! Please read below first!

First about health insurance, Primerica does offer a group plan for health insurance. They don't pay for it, but I worked for a major home improvement retailer in management, who offer all the benefits, and there was a very large deduction out of my paycheck on a weekly basis for these benefits everyone loves to talk about. Those are rarely free in any company you work for! As for as unemployment insuance, I cannot go apply for unemployment if I leave Primerica because it would be voluntary.

They do not lay people off or fire people, so where is the unemployment benefit going to fit in here. You are an Indepedent Agent who is responsible for themselves! I got it immediatly when I saw the presentation, where those fees WERE disclosed to me before hand. I couldn't think of a business model that for 27 cents a day could allow me to immedialty be in a mortgage business and move up to the rest of the products as I was licensed.

For those who didn't totally understand how a re-fi loan worked, its a shame you weren't trained better to understand the dynamics of the way its set-up. The intial interest number is higher than others, but due to the way interest over the entire life of the loan is paid down on a simple interest plan, the effective rate upon pay-off end up being well under any other conventional mortgage.

The total cost of the loan in dollars can't be beat by a regular mortgage. Its science, its the numbers.


Nexapro- You should seek some professional counsuling! Your issues go way beyond another failed attempt to succed in life.

In every word you put out there, my expirences in Primerica differ vastly from yours. I've never been asked to buy our product! My licenses were paid for! I make money helping clients save money!

A 1099 is for independent contractors ,who are responsible for self empolyment taxes! The company doesn't tell me how or what to do in running my buisness other than compliance issues for Federal regulations! My products have been very competitive out in the market place! I can bring on additional REPs to my business if I want or just sell to the public by advertising or networking through legit business venues such as the Chamber or BNI.

Do real estate brokers work by themselves in a office or do they recruit more agents( who by the way has to pay for their own licenses and state fees to work in the industry and recieve a 1099)? The whole deal in a nut shell is you have to WORK to make a business grow! It would be a shame if a *** upline treated you so bad that this is the result of it. You say we defend it with entry after entry on blogs.

I have never written a single blog untill I read the unbelievable diatribe you have put out on the web. I actually feel sorry for you that your life cannot move on. The Primerica system is not the problem. You throw out how many people that you ESTIMATE are making money in this business while asking for facts.

And attacking people for their sentence struture is about as mature as a 2nd grade bully who pounds the square peg in a round hole. Sorry we didn't get the IVY league education, but we have found sucess in a system that totally baffles you.


When you're with Primerica, you are to try to recruit *everyone* people at WalMart, people at McDonalds, people at the hair salon. Everyone. You're to ask them if they'd be interested in doing anything else besides the job they're doing now, and tell them how great of a personality they have, and while you're being interviewed, they urge you to sign up for life insurance, for integrity's sake. For instance, if you're interviewing a customer to sell them life insurance, say they ask you if you have it.... If you say no, why not if it's so great? Know what I mean?

Also, you pay $200 for the background check, and everything else they have to do to get you processed, which you get after you get your life insurance license. To get the life insurance license, you have to interview X amount of people, and recruit X amount of people, I believe it's sell 3 policies and recruit 6 people. Attend two 10-hour classes, and take the state exam.

They also sell mortgage loans and consolidation loans.

I got my mortgage license, but didn't make it far enough to get the life insurance license. I did upgrade a life insurance policy, and I was told I wouldn't get paid because I'm not licensed, BUT it would count towards my promotion. I also sold a mortgage loan and never got paid. Why, I have no idea.

Overall it was an awful experience. However, if you do use their services, I guess it isn't so bad. Some of my interviewees already had Primerica and were pleased, along with some friends' parents.

On top of all of that BS, I got to help my 'coach' move a washer machine and a couch. Lucky me 8)


To: Saving people money! Why would somebody just re-finance their house for no reason?

Most people have exstended themselves to the point that this is their only saving grace.

True housing prices have fallen , but we also offer a unique loan that put equity back in their pocket almost twice as fast as a regular lending facality. By the way, what is your professional expirence in the debt business?


What you're describing is a cash-out refinance. When your friend moves in the next 5-7 years, (the national average), how much more is he going to owe on his house? With today's market, will he be able to sell it for what he owes?


"Oh and also we have to types of plans available. A straight up 30 life plan and a gradually increasing plan where you can up your coverage as you get older."

So much for the theory of decreasing responsibility!!


Oh and also we have to types of plans available. A straight up 30 life plan and a gradually increasing plan where you can up your coverage as you get older.

Thing is you can't just judge without looking into the products offered.


No we don't just do life insurance, that just happens to be one of the things we offer as a company. We also offer the customer assistance in setting up funds to help protect them where they may not have had it before in most cases an emergency fund.

We also help with getting them started with a long term investment plan with a Roth IRA. So it really isn't just insurance that we sell. We offer to help people restructure their finances. If you end up saving $500 with one of our consolidation loans and don't partake in anything else, well then it's your choice but we make those other options available.

Our first and foremost goal is to help people get on their feet through financial restructuring. We will not go forward with any plan unless it benefits the customer in some way.

As to my friend she's 25 with a 3 year old and she's on the heavy side and not lightly. Hope your happy for making me point that out.