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There was a guy who approached me in a "Career-Builder" job fair in the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, FL earlier on this week (who coincidentally didn't purchase a booth there). I thought the dude was trying to hit on me or something, but said that he was a business owner and was looking for people to work for his business in finance.

He mentioned that it didn't matter what career field that I was already in, after I told him that I had an interior design degree. (This sounded very weird to me.) Anyhow, against my better judgement, I gave him my resume anyway. To my surprise, he called me that same day, wanting me to go to a "meeting" or something at 7:00 that night, which I thought was a little shady. (I told him that I couldn't do it then.)

When he did schedule me in during normal business hours, I was brought into a room with a bunch of other people, and a speaker. Surprisingly, what they said all sounded pretty good: "helping others", "making money", becoming a "business owner" or "investor". I didn't recognize was it was at first, a pyramid scheme, because it was uniquely disguised. They didn't really get much into anything else.

It did send a up big red flag when they asked for money to give you training. I scheduled an interview with them anyway, but I thought that I needed to get more info on the internet. When I got home, I googled Primerica, and got the real scoop: "Watch out!!", "Don't even bother!", and "Scam" were many of the unanimous complaints.

Unfortunitely, since reading these complaints, I decided to be a "no-show" for my interview for today at 2:00! If Primerica does call me, (which they probably will), I would like to tell them to just Google "Primerica" and "scam" together and they will know why. (***, they might even see my new complaint!) On the other hand, it might be easier though to just tell them that I was offered a job that is actually in my field!

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Primerica is not a Pyramid Scheme as they are illegal in Canada. Primerica is a Financial Services company that distributes their own financial products such as life insurance and Segregated Funds; and distributes third party products, such as Mutual funds, as Primerica is partnered with top mutual fund companies.

Agents distribute Primerica Financial Services and products to the middle income.Yes, you do have to pay a fee and that fee goes to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. That fee gets you training and certified to sell life insurances.Then there is a fee to pay for your mutual fund license.


Primerica is an amazing company and business, and you obviously do not know what you are talking about, if it where a scam why did Forbes magazine just rate Primerica as one of the Top 50 most trustworthy companies in the United States,? Also how is Primerica the largest independent financial service and marketing company in the United States and Canada?

Also if it where a pyramid why would the Department of Insurance, and the (SEC) Securities Exchange Commission issue state licences to over 100,000 agents. Its not a pyramid you are just lazy and ignorant.

Keep doing all your research on Google they are never wrong! Lol!


You only looked at the surface. 90% of the population wants to sell their time for a job for 40 years....thinking they have security.

That company has been researched by large corporations and Wall Street, the FTC etc. If it were illegite

It wouldn't exist. Its an opportunity for open minded people who want to build a business helping people become debt free and financially independent. Any business is structured like a pyramid.

You work for one already....but oh that's right you don't have a job. If you really do your due diligence from reputable sources you might find out you could be mistaken in your assumptions.

Open minded positive people go further in Life

than closed minded skeptical people. Best of luck on a career search.


I worked for primerica for over 8 years before going back to being an airline pilot. It is what they say.

I was able to help people by teaching them how money works, how to get out of debt, how to save for their future, how to protect their loved ones from financial devastation in the event of an untimely death. Yes, I did sell mortgage products, I also skIlls investment products, college savings plans and retirement plans. Yes, I also sold term life insurance. I found out rewarding both personally and financially.

I am sorry you succumbed to the random hate and jealously that pervades the internet. Please don't let you're misunderstanding disillusion someone else. Not everything is for everyone.

I would not attempt to be a doctor or an interior decorator. I highly recommend primerica for the right perSon who likes helping others and likes working with money.


I'm not a fan of PrimeAmerica. Although, the company is not a scam most of the representatives that I have met are shady. I know several people who are very successful in Network Marketing. Most people aren't because they either want instant gratification, they don't know what they're doing, and/or their up line is terrible at supporting them. I find it to be amusing, however, how most people bash network marketing companies. Most of the people who bash them are either flat broke, working dead end jobs, and only want a job that will just meet their needs(to each their own). I have the belief that if one really wants success they will probably not achieve that by working for someone else. You may get a raise, here and there, but most people don't break six figures unless they're in business for themselves(not saying six figures is a cap, it's just the popular number in the U.S.). If you are considering joining a networking marketing company to make extra money or for full time work. You must change your mindset and be willing to be in it for the long haul. Most people give up within ninety days. Isn't that a bit strange? Especially, given the fact that those same people only target their warm market, and treat the business like a forgotten hobby(successful people work harder than you can imagine, perfecting their craft) How many successful people became successful in ninety days? Stop worrying about money. Of course it's necessary, but if you've been living most of your life pay check to pay check when do you think change will come? Most people are too negative and blind to notice opportunities they brush them away because they want the reward immediately. Success will never fall in your lap. You will have to work harder than you ever worked to have success. Tell me how you can do that in a 9-5 job with the big boss at the top. You'll never be where he is. They'll more than likely keep the business in the family. I don't want to discourage anyone. Is networking marketing for everyone? No. Everyone deserves to live a life they dream of, but most people will never get that chance because they fail to notice the opportunities placed in front of them. Success is not for everyone. Success is for those who are willing to to do what others aren't.

"In order to become someone you never were you MUST be willing to do something you've never done"

-Les Brown. #changeyourmindsetaboutlifeandwatchyourgrowthincrease


If Primerica is such a scam...then why is it an IPO company on the NYSE? Also, why would Bill Gates invest his money in this company, when he didn't invest in Facebook IPO? Huh...go figure....maybe you should get your facts straight...Primerica is a good company.

@get with it people

An IPO is an "initial public offering" it is an event when a company initially opens sale of its stock to the's not a description for a company...any company listed on an exchange (NYSE or other) has an IPO at some point...but that's just getting facts straight and all...


Fort Myers should be aware of this ***.

On Saturday a friend of mine was approached at lowes by someone claiming to represent a Primerica "job"

She came home later that night to tell me that she may have found another part time job and that they would call her.

On Monday (5/16/2011) they called her asking her to come in for a "meeting" at seven o'clock on Tuesday.

Tonight (5/17/2011) I tagged along with her, they claimed it was okay for me to come along.

We sat through the meeting and at the end they wanted bank information, ss numbers, the works.

They told us to write down all the family members and friends we know to "refer" them to the company.

They told us we had to pay them to do a background check on us......for 100 bucks...

Now what kind of *** is that?

If people are going around trying to scam everyone this bad something should be done. No one should have to give up all their information to a company that they know nothing about...

They did not ask for proof that we lived here..nor did they ask to see the ss card...

Beware of this scam...and do NOT fall for it. If you want to go then by all means..then you can see how they "work".


the reality of these companies is that network marketing does work it merely not for everyone. However beware of who you attach yourself to because, it just may not be a right fit.

I was once in Amway and doing very well, I decided it was not for me during a convention when the guest speaker was Oliver North who as fare as I'm concerned is a high ranking drug dealer. As a man from the nieghborhoods where drugs were unleashed I saw the effect it had on an entire generation. However they lauded him as a hero. It was during the 80s and it was bad enough that the *** had a television show, for as you know America awards its Malcontents if they have money or status. So I left realizing that network marketing is like a shoe it has to fit you.

I'm now in another network marketing business, and am doing very well. I advise you follow your heart and mind and do what is best for you, but Network marketing is not a bad source of parttime income and some people have actually retired from their jobs early.


You don't own your own business. Your securities book is owned by PFS Shareholder services and your life business doesn't even pay you residual.

Hopefully you will do some research and find out what took me 6 years to discover. You can sell the same term ins for 40/50% less. I use ING and love it when I run into a high priced PFS term policy.

I replace them 100% of the time. The agents never want to talk either.....I wonder why.


Stefani and Norman from Ga. Well not for long .

You may need to get your resume ready Citigroup your Boss!! Vikram Pandit will be selling PFS in the next few months.

Also he called your company a Peripheral. Now if you really did own your own business , I would't worry but you don't you are a "Captive" owner if they FOLD you FOLD :p


First of all, *** designer if things were so great in your field why were you looking for something else? Why are you not trying to make new designs instead of playing on the computer?

If you join primerica like we have you do not have to worry about getting caught playing on the computer because we do not have a J-O-B! We both own our own buisness what do you own besides you car and a current copy of your resume?


What is a pyramid scheme?

Is that something like an opportunity to pay only $99.00 for $1,000.00 worth of licensing and have an opportunity to become a regional vice president of a company? The incentive to become an RVP is to PROMOTE others to RVP so that you can get bonused on their business for LIFE?

OR, is a pyramid scheme like when you have a JOB, in your field of study, which cost you thousands of dollars and way more time, you get hired by a company who gets paid on all your efforts but will never promote you to business owner because if they did they would only be creating competition for themselves?

Let's reason for a minute. If I have a degree that allows me to do interior design, and I put out a resume to get my name out and get a job for a company. I get hired to work for a contractor, and I'm not the only employee. So you have the employees, then the people that do the hiring and run the business getting paid to manage me and my business, then you have the CEO, or the General manager, then someone owns the business on top of everyone else who works for them.

So which pyramid would you rather be involved in? One where you get told how much money you can make, what work you can do, who you can work with, etc, or one where you can promote the people you want to work with to becoming business owners with an opportunity to make as much money as they want?

Wake up! Its the year 2008, every business is a pyramid! The difference is in your perspective and how you think. If you think like an employee, you will work a job, if you think like a business owner, you will create opporutnity for others. You should be flattered that someone thought you seemed sharp enough to let him show you how to be a part of something that changes lives.


Wow... I love it.. When this many people are talking about something, that mean it is something worth talking about.

--Well someone should find the guy who sold my aunt 2k worth of insurance for for $30 a month and she was 41 at the time. This happened in 1989 or 90. But folks wanna say they Primerica is a scam.

-- The foreclosure rates in the US are way up there.. Everyone knows this.. With most of the homeowners owning an ARM.. which Primerica does not offer.. But yet Primerica is a scam..

Im gonna stop right there, cause I know everyone get the point im making. Stop pointing the blame at Primerica and focus on the real culprits


Thank you so much for this complaint! I went to a Career Fair in New Jersey on April 9th, 2008 and gaves someone representing Primerica my resume because i am a business major.

Someone called me on Thursday April 17th to come in for an overview meeting. Well i was out of town over the weekend and i just came home today and decided to google the company and find out more info about this company. (I scheduled my meeting for tues April 22) I was shocked and disgusted at all the information i read about but it was your comments that finally secured my decision for me. I told the rep on the phone that i was looking for summer internships or management trainee positions but i now know, that they are just trying to recruit me into sales.

I don't want to do sales and that is non-negotiable. Thank you so much for your comments and good luck to you in the future.


I purchased a Starkey hearing aid from a local office, Trinity.3628 W.l2th,Erie,Pa. When asked whether I would pay cash, $2000 for one, or make payments I chose payments.

Without my knowledge my account was turned over to GEMoneyBank who harassed me for payments and if not on time, charged 23 to 29 o/o interest. Waking me early AM was threatened on Fri.

if I payment was not received by Mon. I would owe $2,700.Most disappointing of all the aid did not work well but after many trips for adjustment I was told it was my fault not the aid.