New Orleans, Louisiana
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First off I never recieved documents concering my policy until I called to ask a question about four years laters. It was then I was told all bunch a different things concerning my policy.

When I called to cancel I was told that I didn't even need a life insurance policy bc I don't have any living kids. I was told that I would be refunded for the month in which I cancel the policy, and to wait until the next week. So I then called the very next week, talked to another rep., and she told me she don't know anything about it and the cancellation dept was ones who handles that. So i ask to speak to them for her to tell me they don't take calls.

I then ask to speak with someone in higher authority. The overall was not comfortable to me.

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These people are thief s , they sold our company all my staff inc my self and family policy's and when I needed it , they Dint Cover and I was billed for coverages i was told I had in my policy , my agent decline to respond to me and never ones clarify . So I was like the Guy in the comedian asking My agent at State Farm to take me back ... So people don't believe everything they say .even if it's in writing , no one will answer your questions they pond u from one agent to another until you are forced to give up and except you Got taken .