Bakersfield, California

My cousin had a 3 DAY old baby that got very ill, so I went to Target to buy a sympathy card.

I was reading the cards in the " sympathy" section, when a lady said "hello."She then asked me who passed away?

Then her friend shows up & they just start trying help me find a card??? At first I thought it was thoughtful for them to try to help. But then they were overly pushy about what card I should get for MY cousin???

One lady kind of blocked my way out if the aisle while the other bluntly asked if I owned a home & how many children I have? I felt soooo violated? Yet, I was curious why they cared?

I said yes I own a home & no I have no children, why? She said that she does investments & I need life insurance since I have a home

I was shocked!

But I told her I work for "THE" largest insurance company in the nation & I am a life insurance specialist!

That didn't even phase her. She was like a robot. She had the nerve to ask me how much coverage I had?

I told her that I have more then enough in term & permenant insurance. They both put down the fact that I have Universal Life, Variable Universal Life & Term.

Then they asked "well about retirement?" I couldnt even stand there in that "sympathy" aisle any longer!

I just wanted to get away from them! They were the type of people that drive clients my way. It's because of pushy mobs like them that keep our clients right where they are.

Is the sympathy aisle a "Primerica" strategy?

Are funerals next??????

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The three foot rule is something people in sales, specifically things that involve recruiting, where you are encouraged to make contact with everybody that comes within 3 feet of you, not always good.

Obviously, this can be done more tactfully & effectively than what you experienced.


True I guess that was a "motivated ***" I didn't even put every little detial of the event BUT it was still awful! So what is this 3 foot rule???


I used to be in Primerica and ya, I agree, some of the people are motivated idiots. But the majority are caring, successful leaders who do very well.

Every company is going to have an *** or two would you agree?

Primerica offers an equal opportunity to everyone and you will have to go through some idiots to find the gold. Continue on Primerica, you are a great company that this world needs.


I am a Primerica rep myself and yeah, that was pretty bad. Guess they took the three foot rule to a really ridiculous level.

I personally work only through referrals and only when they are given, not because I ask for them. Unfortuntely, that is a bad thing about the Primerica opportunity being for everybody.

Sometimes, if you take an *** and you motivate him/her, all you have is a motivated ***. I apologize to you for their incredibly inappropriate behavior.