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I purchased a 10,000 policy at age 40 at around a rate $23.00 a month, with the hope that the policy would convert to a flexible premium or that the premium would not change. Wow when i turned 60 i received a note given me the option to continue my policy at a rate of $74.00.

I was in shock wandering how am i going to keep my policy open at this rate.( great different coming from my budget) this lead me to act fast knowing that they were going to electronically withdraw from my bank account. I call my agent and she said "nice doing business with you". Yes i cancelled my policy because i could not afford the large increase.

I friend of mind connected me to this policy....mine me, i do not want to speak with him again! Tricky tricky...

Product or Service Mentioned: Primerica Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Unfortunately all insurance premiums go up whether is a term or *** life, This company does send you notice ahead to keep the amount that you would be protected for, I due apologize you just probably got a agent at a bad time, we all have a bad day, Still is the most affordable insurance around around. Only *** life policies locks your rate.


actually it depends on the type of policy you purchase. Different policies do different things.

Some of them have decreasing riders for the amount of the term policy and some have increasing riders which mean they increase. Always before you purchase a policy look up the type of policy that you are getting. Term is based off of your age. But ADD is , but the amount will not change depending on how you purchase the ADD policy.

Many times people just want a certain amount of coverage, higher amounts are not always better. By a small whole life policy, then you are able to use it for more. Not to mention you are able to convert as well.

There are other options. The company is not scam the actual agent just may have been bad at explaining.


Whole not hole smh and my sister is complaining right now that it went up without any notice. I will be checking my policy dates.

Plus she called her agent to lower the amount on the policy right after they took it out for the month. Guess what?

They dropped it from 60,000 to 10,000 and they still taking the pay increase out of her account. So she's paying 198 plus for 10,000 smh hope they do right by her.


Life insurance premiums are directly proportional to your age. If you buy a term policy - which is all primerica works with - you are given the option to renew without proving your medical fitness.

However, as your are older, it costs more.

Life insurance 101.

You do not need to be a Primerica rep to know that. :)


You obviously didn't purchase a whole life policy. Whole life policies locks in you rate.


You sound your affiliated with prime America.You defender of scoundrels.!!!