Glendale, Arizona

To be clear I do not work for a company that competes with primerica, but I am a successful investor in real-estate. Perhaps Primerica works for some individuals however closed your eyes and use a group of cells call neurons in you brain, ok good job!!!

Now remember in detail the first promised dreams you heard at your initial Primerica seminar. Ask your self if those promises have being delivered, and ignored that nonsense about "if you are not achieving your goals, then you have a problem". In fact I made a decent amount of money but thanks to my wealthy and smart friends who have insight, pull me out of the falseness.

I strongly suggest not being easily convinced with sweet talking before signing up. My dear representatives analyze, compare, and do a deep research of what you do, and who you work for (Sorry you are not a business owner, by a simply verbal expression) better yet talk to prolific business owner to understand the meaning of being you own boss.

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اللة اكبر والحمد لله


This comment is rather sad. I actually stumbled onto this website from a google search about another company.

But I had to read this comment. I am a Primerica (that is how you spell it) client and have been for 17 years. I have many family members who are clients and relatives and friends who are Primerica agents. Maybe you stumbled upon a bad Primerica office/agent as there are bad reps in any business, including and especially real estate.

Don't be bitter at Primerica because of your PERSONAL experience. As best I can tell, maybe you have a problem and tried to get rich quick in Primerica and it didn't work.

Maybe you should give some consumer advice on real estate since that industry is extremely efficient at shafting people. Have a blessed day!