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LET'S MAKE IT SIMPLE for those who cannot read all of this expose at the present moment. Would you work in the following scenario? You go to work in an office after being told "you really fit this position. And it will be easy work, you will have lots of time with your family and you will make a tremendous amount of money". Firstly, you are told you will NOT be paid until you obtain a license. You say "nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here. And, you already have my SS number". Well, you were finally told AFTER the sleazy one got you all excited about making 50000, 100000 or even moreless than .005 do. Secondly, you must "recruit" other workers so you can be paid. "What? What if I get five; they all get five; they get five? Where will all these workers fit? There's very limited space." You only hear: you must recruit, recruit, recruit. Thirdly, AFTER you pay out of your own pocket for this license, you cannot earn money yet.

"Why? You said I can collect commissions and recruit after I pay for this license, pay for the preparation, pay the fee and pay all of my expenses to get it. I'm having to go to the homeless shelter because I cannot meet my house payments" or "I cannot pay my rent". You hear a bunch of lies. This is to cover up the fact that you are not allowed commissions for a while. You see, your superiors superiors? NO ONE whom is dishonest is superior to I. NO ONE. - this upline - knows that you are going to hear the truth about Primerica. You will become very discouraged, very, very quickly. So your "superiors" have to hold something back to insure you remain in the trap that they have placed you in.

Fourthly, you are told or may be NOT told and all the implications of that! that YOU MUST HAVE $25 STOLEN FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY??! This is such a great opportunity and you are in a 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 billion dollar company that you are in, depending upon how large of a lie your rvp told to you. You haven't seen a check for well over a month now, but you have to allow Primerica to STEAL - that's precisely what it is - from you. And they do not tell you up front. This means that you will be clubbed for $25 to Lord knows how much, depending upon how many checks you wrote that bounced as a result, how dishonest your bank is and the fee your bank charges per returned check presented.

Fifthly, you are NOT vested in any profit sharing plan after one year of employment in this supposed 500 billion dollar corporation. Sixthly, you are provided with NO life and health insurance after two or three months of employ, not even one with a large deductible. you are told that you MUST buy an insurance policy with this 500 billion dollar company!!! You must buy this policy as an EXAMPLE to all of your prospects, even though you supposedly have this secure job in an office where you are supposed to be making this huge salary and not have to waste $80 in gasoline per day trying to sway prospects and lying to potential recruits to get this downline!! You do the "hiring" for your superiors and they don't have to go to the expense of finding good help. But even though it's their fault, YOU still get the blame if your downline doesn't sell. And, in addition to that, it's not even the cheapest of policies!! Matter of fact, when you compare to other companies, you find that you are paying one of the

highest rates!! Further, you receive no discounts!!! You pay retail in this $500 billion company that should be insuring you and your family in gratitude for you putting in 80, 90, 100 hours/week worth of work attempting to get more "recruits" for the company!! Worse, you may already have a whole life policy that you are trapped in. It does not matter. You are told you MUST buy a policy with Primerica to make a good impression on all these customers you are going to get. No lead sheets from a professional marketing firm nor anything a quarter of the way convincing is presented to you that you will have good possibility leads. WOULD YOU GO TO WORK FOR A COMPANY LIKE THIS? READ ON.

Don't chase good money after bad! Have you taken a long time to mull over that? Had I done so when I was younger, I would've saved a little bit of money that is for ever gone. Defenders of the pyramid multilevel marketing fraud are posting because they do not want their downline and future downline to know they ghastly trap they are being enticed in to. ALL who get in to pyramiding do not know what they are getting in to. ALL who sign with Primerica do NOT understand the IBA that they are signing, nor do they go over with their attorneys. Some do not even understand that it is a sales job with NO base salary. Questions? Arrange for me to speak. I will doom pyramiding surreptitious, fraudulent, fleecing, abomianble multilevel marketing.

Monetary Loss: $575.

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That's a retarded review and 98% of what you said there is false (go find out for yourself, instead of listening to this liar, who is obviously an enemy agent or a deadbeat who couldn't make money if you GAVE him/her ownership of Microsoft).


Not true, thank the LORD. Any one in any cult can be saved by the Lord. Repent and believe: Luke 13:3, Acts 20:21.


Do you really believe in these tales?

So, you believe in an invisible man that hears everyone talk to him, but Santa Claus is fake? The Easter Bunny is fake too?

The revolution is starting...go watch Religulous Friday and realize just how *** it all sounds.

Don't you get it? If you were born to a Jewish family, you'd believe you were right, If you were born to a Muslim home, you'd believe you were right. If you were born to a Hindu home, you'd believe you were right.

Release your grip on these stories and grasp reality. There's no invisible man watching over you. I know, I'm going to ***. LOL


Dear take you biblical quotes. The Word of God is a Sword and you are convicted.

You care a lot. You are being thrust through. You take the Word of God to all the world. Get saved and join me.

You cannot know what the Lord has for you so long as you continue to reject the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom is the Word of God: John 1:1-3. Repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ: Acts 20:21.


to your church, I for one could care less


Like it is. All Primerica liars who lie will pay a 1500 fine per lie.

All liars got stoned to death in the Old Testament. An awful lot of people would be dead and in ***. All Primerica defenders would be. They know better.

They are conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood. -Isaiah 59:12