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In all honesty, when I inquired about a job opportunity at Primerica, I thought I was getting into something really amazing...something that, at first, I thought was a regular ol' bank.

Man, was I ever wrong.

I kind of thought something was fishy when I had my interview; it was a very basic application for such a supposed "highly-praised" company, and the fact that I was never initially asked for my resume also caught me off guard. Still, I stuck with it for the time being.

During the initial interview (as well as being taken to one of the locations that Saturday after the interview...which happened to be in a plaza, and NOT an official office building), I found that I was never completed explained to about what exactly Primerica was. I thought it was a bank...until I learned that I was expected to open my OWN office. That was something I did NOT want, with my major on the completely OPPOSITE spectrum of this type of business.

I found it completely shady when I had absolutely no idea what was going on, and when I went to find the business numbers for the location I was at, I wasn't surprised (but obviously upset) to not find a single straightforward website that didn't require me to be a member of the group already. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this company, or any others associated to it.

I honestly recommend that whoever is looking into this business, DO NOT DO IT. It is a complete sham; they won't even interview you in a proper, office-like space; and really, it IS too good to be true. You'll be wasting your time (and money...they charge you $99 before even saying that you are officially hired. It's for some supposed classes and training for your first license).


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That License is required to sell insurance are you serious?this was the dumbest review.

Its a very basic and simple process to be honest.

and you get what you put into it.Nothing shady about working for yourself and building your empire either!


Yeah ***, that fee is for a course which is subsidized by the company it cost about 2000 to 8ooo dollars at a college or university... Do your research...when u assume u make an *** out of you and me....really why spend 2 grand when you can get the goverment approved lisence for 100 bucks duhh...


You hit the nail on the head. Great explanation.


:grin You could go work at Burger King...maybe they will ask you for your resume LOL

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