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I made a payment for my life insurance and 53.45 came out of my account on March 12, 2018. About a week or so I called Brutus Lederl, who was the person from Primerica and ask him when will my next payment be taken from my account.

He said to me that the payment I made will cover April. Your next payment will come out in May. I asked him again are you sure that the money come out in May he said yes. I then said I needed to be sure so can make sure that the money was in the account, he again said that my March payment covers me for April.

I said okay and I paid all my bill, leave on my gas money that I needed because I only get paid once a month. On April 25 another draft of 53.45 came out of my account. I immediately call Brutus Lederl, but he didn’t answer. However, I got a text that he was in a meeting.

I told him that 53.45 was just withdrawn from my account and that I was upset because we had talked about it! When he finally called at first he acted like we didn’t have a conversation about when my next payment. He said that he didn’t tell me that my next payments comes of in May. Other words where exchange and I told him that I wanted to cancel my policy.

He informed me that he was out of town and Alycia Morrison could do what was needed and that I needed to write a letter canceling my life insurance and I did on April 25, 2018 and have it to Alycia Morrison. I text Brutus Lederl on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 and said, Please make sure that money is taking out of my account and I told him that I had received a letter from primerica. Sent a text asking what did the letter say, but I didn’t see the text until I had already talked to Brutus insured me that everything was taking care of. He said that he had checked on it and that said processing.

I asked so no money is going to be taking from my account he said no! Today when I checking account 53.45 had been talking from my account, I call Brutus and he call primerica while I was on the phone. I don’t know what was said before he connected we with the lady, but the lady said that they never receive a Cancellation for my policy. I left my number for someone to call me back.

About 15 min went by. I text Brutus Lederl for primerica number, he sent it to me but by the time I got the number, they were already closed. I said to Mr. Brutus, all called you on Tuesday, them said I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

I said, but I wrote a cancellation Notice on April 25, 2018. I found out that Alycia didn’t send the cancellation Notice, send emailed it to Brutus! I understand that he makes money for what he sales. I get paid once a month so I have to make my money last.

I don’t know if the letter was sent, I wrote the letter and was told by Mr. Brutus Lederl that the matter was handled and that I didn’t worry about money being taken from my account. Mr. Brutus didn’t seem to care that I was yet again let with because of something he claims he took care of.

I wasn’t told by Mr. Brutus that I could call cancel the policy on my own! The lady I talk to from customer service is the one who told me I could call and cancel the policy. I feel like I’ve been mislead and take advantage of.

Mr. Brutus goes on and on about how good primerica is! I don’t feel that way. My you guys take good care of you employees, but your clients .

I would like someone to call me back about this situation and I would like to cancel my policy again. Policy 0490991288. I would like to be refunded the payment for April and the payment for May which was not authorized.

Thank you! Tamara Sutton Strong

Product or Service Mentioned: Primerica Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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We are sorry to hear of your experience and apologize for any inconvenience you may have been caused. Our records show that your policy has been canceled and a refund has been issued. If you need further assistance or have questions, please call the Client Services toll-free number, 1.800.257.4725.