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I am so mad. Infact beyond mad.

How can a account go down almost $4000. in 6 months. A hundred or so, I can understand, but almost $4000. Then on top of that they want another $3000 of it for me to surrender it.

This was my inheritance from my father and I am loosing it. This was my retirement I was going to use it for. I was told by agent that the plan was so good that they were switching to it themselves.

I could have left it in bank where it was making very little interest, but I would have made a little something, not loose $4000. Can't even get response from agent.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Sounds like you are talking retirement plan. Retirement plan rules are imposed by the federal government for qualified plans.

Take it up with the IRS, not with the vendor used.

Investments 101. Look it up.