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Let me just say Primerica is not for everyone. That's why its an opportunity and not a JOB.

Some people will never be able to be their own boss because they NEED to be told what to do. Some people will never get the chance to have a mentor that will train and develop you into the person you were designed you to be. So I say, ask yourself this questions; Am I being paid what I am really worth or Can I began to build a business for my family on a part time bases while I keep my JOB and then phase in full time FRANCHISE OWNER. Is that fair enough?

Ask yourself are you satisfied for being bought for $10, $15, $20 an hour?

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It seems people are getting mad for being promised 150,000 (or watever big number) and getting 50,000. Who cares?

Are you that person that made that 150,000? Did you really think you were gonna do EXACTLY what they did? If you are joining Primerica you are following these people because you are inspired by them and hoping for the same results, but everyone's different. Just because they promised 150,000 doesnt mean you'll get it?!

YOU joined to create YOUR OWN business right? Not theres! You should be mad at yourself for not making the same amount of money as them. They didnt twist your arm and make you do anything.

You thought with your own brain and were influenced by their words.

No matter the results YOU are responsible for the outcome. Stop blaming other people for you short falls!!!


"Some people will never be able to be their own boss because they NEED to be told what to do."

Did this person honestly write this? HOLY ***! It's not that people need to be told what to do- it's that people shouldn't need to pay someone to work and should be told the *** truth about a "job" before they bother showing up!


like others have pointed out before: would you work flipping burgers if you DID NOT GET PAID FOR IT until YOU PAID for a course and for a license that all the companies do for you for no charge? Would you work at the fry station knowing that you would be CHARGED if a customer decided he/she did not want the french fries.

Would you continue to work knowing that you would NOT be paid until the boss knew for sure that you would attempt to recruit others recruiting them KNOWING THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE PAID?

Would you continue to work for the company if you found out you COULD NOT SUE THE COMPANY NO MATTER WHAT THEY DID TO YOU? Would you continue to work for the company after the bosses told you that you would make 150,000 when you became a regional VP, only to find out later that, with the exception of the VERY unscrupulous VPs, those bosses were actually only making 2000 to 30000?


Something else to consider when looking at any Primerica or any other company. If you had to could you work and earn enough to make a living just from personal production (sale of products)?

Many people just don't look at the contracts they sign and being new to the industry, many people don't know what to look for.

Primerica doesn't hide anything. Everything is in their contracts..It's called due dillegence..Just sign here.