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The man I was doing business with for primerica he called me everyday about doing this program so i went to the meeting that they have before they proccess your application so more than likely i was intersted because they made it seem like the best thing to do so i filled out the iba at the momment i didnt have the money to pay them so surely the guy called me everyday and even on my payday and asked me did i have the money so he made it seem like i will be makin money in the next week or so me beeing dumb i put my cell phone bill on the side thinking ima be making money like asap(thats what the man told me) so that day i gave him consent to take the 99$ out my account so sadly i didnt hear from him anymore so i called during business hrs telling him i wasnt intrested in the program anymore he didnt answer so i left a message that next week i had appointments booked one was for 5 so he called me 15 min tell the appointment i made with someone and the person stays at least 30 mins away so im thinkin he 1 tottaly disreguarded what i said in the voice mail and for 2its unprofessional for to show up at someone house late for an appointment or call me last min about it thinking ima rush and get dress he tried to talk me into staying but im thinking *** you just after me for money i be *** if i let someone use me so 2 days letter checked my balance in my accounts them *** holes took more money out my account after i told the guy to cancle my employment opportunity so i called again during business hrs trying to keep it professional didnt answer so i left a message thank god i kept the letter that they send to you about thank you for joining because *** not answering his phone so something told me to read the letter in small print they had a number you can and so i did and i got everything taken care so im just waiting for my money *** *** *** over me and only why i was intrested in the program and trust him because he was like a uncle to me and i been knowing him my whole life but like they say you dont know a person until you do business with them i hope no one fall in that scam and *** primerica thinking they have to offer because its straight up *** they make money for getting you to join thats why he not picking up his phone because he want that profit aint going to happen because i just started so im getting my full pay back but usually when your application get proccessed already they take 30(but my application didnt have a chance to proccess) out wut u paid hahaha good thing i cought his *** ways in time and also who ever you refer or what ever person you sell the insurance to they get half your profit *** that PEOPLE PLEACE TO CAREFUL dont get no type on benefits from these *** artist because its all game dont business with these people

Monetary Loss: $124.

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None of this is true it sounds like you don't comprehend well primerica is a well established company and in no way rips people off


Its hilarious how everyone on here tries to justify the integrity of the company by trash talking other peoples grammatical errors. Obviously they were smart enough to walk away when they were asked for money up front.

Fact.. No legitimate employer will ask prospects for money, if they are interested in you, they will pay for your background check, licensing, etc.

you may know how to use spell check, but you are still an ***. Get a life and stop criticizing other people :grin


The only reason people don't succeed with Primerica is the simple fact that they can't face personal fears such as making phone calls to set up appointments and such. The guys I work with told me from the beginning not to leave my current job, which is the best thing to do.

You can't take a few experiences and come to the conclusion that the company is a scheme. Good luck living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your lives hahahahahahaha!


I got a call from Scamerica. The girl that called me told me she saw my resume online and that she thought I would be highly qualified

for a position at her company as a financial advisor. Really? I am a Creative Director/Art Director for ad agencies. I have trouble balancing my check book. She set up an interview in Deerfield IL

about an hour from my house on a Thursday night at 7:30PM.

WTF... I will not be going to that scamfest.


How the h***, all of the people that have complaints can't even come close to spelling easy words and seem to have a niche at totally trashing SIMPLE English grammar. You have to be kidding me, There is a trend in this that a 2 year old could figure out.

poor grammar/spelling = uneducated. Uneducated doing a finance type job = failure. The truly scary thing of it all is that this comment box has an auto spell check that even highlights for minor grammar mistakes. I have been looking at this company for about 2 months now, researching ever so carefully.

With most complaints that i find coming from idiots that cant use a qwerty board, i am forced to think that this may be a good way to make some extra cash slowly, and possibly build into something more lucrative.Ive worked jobs like this before and realize that money wont grow from a tree unless you plant it and help it grow. If anyone has any TRUE AND VALID insight on this company please, please post them. this was way to amusing for me so i have to come back and check on this post. I pray that these types of people do not vote for the leaders of our nation.

*** it's like a new level of stupidity. javascript:ac_smilie(':x')


dumb *** you work you get paid /pyramid scheme get on top your in leave half way you just made someone else rich your dission dont cry later be a man and stick it out or dont start it


and this is why we are allll *** now!!!!!

"who the *** cares about the next guy as long as i get mine!"

buncha cuckolds

the lot of ya!


I went to my supposed "job interview" yesterday and was given a really great introduction to the company, how it works, and all of the great opportunities that would await soon as I made my payment of $99, on the day of my interview! I knew right then it was a scam...


If this is a great bussiness oportunity, there would be endless waiting lists for meetings.There would also be "top notch" sponsors.OLD SCAM w/ NEW FACES!!


seems to me that if you were going to spend the time writing this article, you might have taken the time to spell check and use better grammar, also, sorry you had a bad experience. I dont know how it is in your area but in my area primerica has a main office where the "team" meets, seems to me you could have gone to a training and expressed your opinion there and i'm sure it would have been resolved by someone. seems to me that you quit too soon because its not a get rich quick and easy scheme.


Was there a spelling test to get started?



I am a former enployee of Priamerica I have been on both ends of the stick the first time I went in I was lied to buy a rep and I left but my noe husband was also a rep and he brought me in and actully explaned the program to me I feel as thought it depends on who or what rep you talk to some are not as experianced as others and honestly thing of this citi mutual owns priamerica a very well respected company and dont you think if this was seriously a big issue and happening all the time dont you think they would have been put out of bussines long time ago secondly priamerica is for people who are not lazy real money hungry people you have to do it buy your self and thats how you make money yes you have asuport system there but you have to go out in the world and market your own bussiness your own worth how much you put in


"The only time anyone makes money is when a service (sale) is provided. "

The only time anyone makes any REAL money is when they've recruited enough people who have performed minimal requirements.


Dude, that sucks! I'm so sorry.

I'm in Primerica and I just wanted to let you and everyone else who reads this know that no one makes any money from recruiting. The only time anyone makes money is when a service (sale) is provided. That's it.

End of story. It sounds like you got someone very unprofessional.