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I will admit that I have read some good things about Primerica. I have also read some bad things.

I do not invest in or buy insurance from Primerica, as I have all those things "covered" through other companies. I don't really have an opinion on the services Primerica provides. But I do have an opinion on their advice to new recruits, which is basically to cut off all individuals who are not "on board". Before my brother became "part of the Primerica family" he and I were very close.

Since I would not invest money and/or purchase insurance from him, he has labeled me as "unsupportive" and has stopped talking to me. It is hurtful. He has also cut off the rest of my formerly close-knit family (parents, aunts, uncles) as well as lifelong friends. My kids miss their "old" uncle--the one who was "nice" and "always joked around" with them.

All of us have not changed. He has.

And he has because of his involvement with Primerica. Also, after a year in "the business" he has not made a dime, despite "hitting the pavement" day and night, after leaving a paying family-owned full-time job with benefits.....

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Sounds almost cult-like! That's sad.


You were probably bringing him down. And Primerica never suggests to cut everyone off completely.

But if you consistently have negative things to say to him about what he is doing without understanding it, then maybe it was best he did cut you off. People love to see others do well but never better than them. He is probably very happy and successful now.

Sometimes in order to succeed you must cut people loose that arent ready for your vision. Dont be mad because he had a dream and you didnt.


REALLY!!!!, there is no job worth more than your Family.

jobs, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, they come plenty full, but you only get 1 family, money never trumps family, that's what is wrong with this country now,


You literally sound like a sociopath.


I was recruited into the Primerica cult who offered me a their fake job. I was working closely with the RVP, giving training and mentoring others.

I was very good at using the mind control techniques to recruit new members.

Eventually I could take no more of the lies, deception and poor treatment and I left. Shortly afterwards, I realized that I had been in a cult and I worked with a psychologist to undo the mind control.

I now work with people who are leaving Primerica where there was destructive mind control used.

Having been on both sides of the fence, so to speak, gives me a unique perspective and allows me to understand what your family member or friend in a cult will be going through.

The best way to help a friend in Primerica to start thinking for themselves is to learn yourself how mind control and cults work so that you can talk to them in such a way that they are willing to listen.

And it's useful to learn to listen so that they feel comfortable talking to you about their doubts and fears about the group. Primerica members learn 'thought-stopping' techniques such as chanting, praying, tricks to change the topic of conversation etc. so they do not have to listen to criticism of the group or leader.

These can be very frustrating because it means there is no way to get through to the member if you don't know how to deal with them. Your family member or friend in Primerica may be quite aggressive in attacking the person doing the criticism. This is because Primerica typically 'teach' that outsiders are wrong, bad, dangerous, ***, or mad and that they are to blame.

It can be very difficult for parents or friends when a Primerica member starts to treat them as inferior in some way, or unimportant, or even as an enemy! Dealing with these beliefs can be very tricky but it is very important because they can be very powerful.

@Left the Primerica cult for go

You must have joined a different Primerica than I did. It has been nothing but positive.

I have many of my family members that did not buy product from me and we still love each other and party and have fun. I have never been to one meeting when I heard chants. You all sound a little delusional at best. I know some people say it is MLM and I also think they are brain washed.

I made it to RVP with me and my best friend. That's 2 people and have always made money. I did not come from sales at all but learned how to sell and we only offer products that are better for a client or we don't offer them. At times I have told people to stay with the whole life policy as they had it to long and did not make any sense to change it.

If you people would but time in to study how products work and how to market you would have not problem. Most people that fail do so because of work ethic. I talked to one person that did not make money. I asked him to explain what he did all day.

In a 8 hour work time frame he made 2 calls.

How can anyone do well when they do not work. This is the problem with most people when they start they don't take the time to learn the products and how to manage time.


This is very common. Primerica is not really a business...

it's a CULT. People who get sucked into it are no different than those who join the Hare Krishnas, or whatever. They are totally brainwashed from the beginning to believe that people who have jobs are "losers". People who don't want their crummy opportunity are "idiots" who are doomed to poverty.

This is why there is so much negativity online about this company. It's just Karma. You put out so much negativity and it all comes back to you.

Fact is, even most Primerica RVPs don't make that much after you subtract overhead. A local SVP around here used to tell everybody that he was going to open up "a dozen offices over the next 2 years." This past year he closed his one and only office and lost his home to foreclosure.

His name is Larry Engholm and he's been in the company since the early 80's.

Primerica is saturated...

has been for quite a while. the only people they are bringing in anymore are the super desperate, the unemployed, the very young.


Is this larry engholm orginally from bellingham?


There is only ONE reason that your poor brother has not made 1 dime: He hasn't helped anyone. If you have a license and you provide a Life Insurance policy for someone or if you open an investment account for someone...

You get paid.

There are 3 things every client asks:

1) Do I like this person ?

2) Do I trust this person ?

3) Can they really help me ?

Your poor brother obviously can't pass that test! He's just embarrassed for his failure...

That's why he hasn't talked to you... Go give him a hug !


Nice....he does need a hug!


You are probably a primerica cultist your self? They don’t like him , trust him just because they don’t want your *** services and to be hassled by a cult . Get the *** outa here


I know what you are going through. My son was recruited into Primerica.

Since joining he has changed his personality completely. He has lost all his friends and alienated most family. The company brainwashes these kids and uses them to get to everyone in the kids life. When the kid is penniless and homeless they disgrace them like yesterday's trash.

Make no mistake Primerica is a cult. I do hope that one day you get your brother back as I hope to one day get my son back .


That is terrible. My experience has been the exact opposite.

As I continued to help people, starting with my family and then networking through their networks, I have developed more and better relationships with people I would have never known otherwise. From that came some very good friendships and business relationships. My team helped me develop into a professional in an area I had no experience in prior and spend countless unpaid hours of personal time to help me better myself.

I'm sorry to hear about your son, but it sounds like he simply wasn't ready to do the right thing and people caught on.

In some cases people lose friends because they weren't really friends at all. In any case personal development and relationship-building is the key, with or without Primerica. From your language it is clear you do not hold him responsible for his own actions (such as the passive construction "recruited into"). That is a sign you personally do not think he has control of his own life and an indicator some development is needed or that you would prefer to blame anyone but him.

Make no mistake, he makes his choices and anyone with integrity can stand for what they know is right. If he didn't think Primerica was doing the right thing he would leave. Either you're saying he isn't mature enough to make his own decisions or has no integrity.

Neither usually make for successful individuals.

As usual there are a myriad of details left out so practical recommendations are not possible.


Dear Tim...You poor man..You sound sooo brainwashed...just read over what you wrote...How much real money did you really make this year?And all those countless unpaid hours.So you lose all your friends because they would not buy into your cult vodoo and you can not see they are isolateing you so their brainwashing is sucessfull ?? Sad Sad brainwashed man who will end up broke and alone.


No offense, but your brother sounds like a weak-minded individual, regardless of how bad a company Primerica is.