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My mother got sucked into this multi-level marketing business. It took her less than 2 weeks to realize this was not for her. She paid $99 for the alleged background check and then the Primerica rep was trying to convince her to sign up for the POL (Primerica Online Website) for an extra $25 a month along with buying a life insurance policy. How do you acquire new business prospects, you ask? Well, she was instructed to request a meeting with her family and/or friends to help her with "training" for this new business opportunity she was a part of. She was accompanied by the VP's wife to the one and only meeting she scheduled and it was solely to sell the products and business opportunity. The individual felt deceived and cornered by the misleading information used to obtain a meeting. Definitely not a good way to conduct business. In any case, in order to cancel your IBA contract, you can call Primerica at 770-381-1000. They will tell you to send a letter to:


1 Primerica Parkway

Duluth, GA 30099

via fax: 470-564-5092 OR email: us(dot)iba(dot)refunds(at)primerica(dot)com

Make sure you include your first and last time, along with the solution number.

Primerica does not give you a full $99 refund. They rob you of $30 for an alleged "processing fee" BUT it is possible to obtain a full refund if within the body of the cancellation letter, you explain good reason why Primerica should refundthe entire amount. It is at their discretion if they issue the full refund or not. If you lose $30, then chuck it as a lesson learned. There is not much you can do.

Secondly, if you signed up for their POL (Primerica Online), you will need to contact this number: 888-737-2255. You don't need to send a letter to cancel. They will cancel it over the phone for you and send you a confirmation email.

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Read the IBA supplement booklet.


Read the IBA supplement booklet and it will show you what the $30 cover