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I was asked to a Primerica meeting, and of course I wasn't told was it was about. Initially I was informed me it was to be held at my house, then he shows up in a junk heap and I guess expected me to get in. I declined but said I would follow him. I guess curiosity got the best of me.

I was surprised to see people I knew there.... anyway I was blabbing away at the back and was told the presentation was about to begin and was encouraged to sit up at the front! (I was more interested in being close to an exit sign at the back)

Anyway, the people were nice, funny, friendly and I have nothing negitive to say about them, other than I left with still not knowing how Primerica works and had more questions after the meeting than before. I still don't know if they are a company interested in helping me with my finances or want me to pay for training how to sell insurance.... I left very confused!!!

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they are vague because they also have no idea what is going on.

Notice its only the RVP that know how to answer.

Yes the meetings are very negative against other companies and you learn nothing about Primerica except they are the best and you will be rich.

All they try to do is sell the dream. and who doesn't want money??

I myself didn' believe in the recruiting meetings and NEVER had them, I held two of them and hated it.

I liked one on one meetings with people so I can get to know them and see if this was truely what they wanted to do.

Most people want to do the job but not all can't, and to the average primerica agent they don't care as long as they get the numbers and those list of names, they could care less if the person can do the work or not.

Its all about contest.

I can send you all the emails, recruit recruit recruit and you can win win win.

want to win a trip, recruit recruit recruit for points, who cares if the person can do the job, just get the money and win a trip, or

Help your base shop ( rvp and upline) win the trip.

I now go on my own trips with my own money, and I don't have to recruit to win a trip where I still have to sit in meetings. NO THANKS

My trips now are 3 to 4 weeks at a time in Europe paid by me with my hard work not ripping off my clients.

Thanks anyways Primerica


u need to get in contact with the offices "rvp" he will be able to answer all of ur ?s and anything else tht u have concerns about i am also an rvp with the company and i know exactly what u mean be vague answers and not much was disclosed and i felt the same way but i soon learned that it was a great company although not for every one so listen carefully and make sure u are willing to put the work in ok so call the office of go down there and ask for the regional vice president and ask him for some assistance on how the company works and any other ?s tht u may have he will have all the answers for you


I personnally love the fact primerica is out looking for our best interest!!!!

they helped me and my folks save their home!!!!

im very pleased with the company and will continue to tell friends and family for life!!!!!

its the best thing to happen to my family and it will be the best for yours!!!!


primericas customer for life lynn e. barnes jr. las vegas nv


Thanks for your responses. I had so many questions about Primerica after that first meeting, an appointment was made for the following Saturday (which was today) I just received a call....

they wanted to cancel, but while I had him on the phone...I asked several questions (none of which he could answer) He repeated my questions to somebody....I heard them in the background coaching him what to say) I was getting upset because of his vague answers. The call ended by him telling me he didn't know and I'd have to talk to somebody else that could help me.

I don't want to doubt everything about Primerica but the runaround I'm getting reminds me of a secretive cult that won't tell you too much up front. The only thing I came away with from the meeting was everybody else charges too much interest and they offer ''this and that'' but nothing else was offered to help me with my situation.

* but the thing that really had me doubting them most is after the meeting all left in dirty ugly cars....nothing wrong with that I guess, but it doesn't say much about success or pride in their work! I got in my Viper and drove off very sceptical.


I have checked out this meeting as well and have found it to be very informative, not only did the rep show me how the structure of the company works he also showed me how the financial workings are and how they save money, basically they save you money by going through mutual funds, your bank does the same thing, except pass on little to you. From talking to the rep I have found myself less skeptical and plan to attend more


I am aware of Primerica and it's services. They are a "one stop" services company that offer anything and everything in the Financial services industry ranging from Life inurance, mortgages, mutual funds, IRAs, LTC, home owner insurance, Auto insurance, Annuities etc.

They do a free FNA (Financial Needs Analysis) that is very informative and offers a peek into your current financial status as well as prepare a customized roadmap for you and your family.

There is no obligation and cost to you. There is no pressure as well.

Only if you are interested, you can pursue further. Otherwise you can keep the very informative report free!