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Some off middle doesn't go to this David idk it didn't type exacually what I said please read again but put ur self in my family shoes how would you handle this in a professional way but nothing or no amount can bring my mother back she passed on natural causes its just she had no will tired of drama and stress bills and going to a place were only few treated her with respect I'm not sure if truth is known I would of never said nothing but I was never invited to prime america to meet the good ones see how she lived her last days nor on company outings for family superviser kept me from that part of my mom but not when they came to home I always was pleasnt

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She was hired in 2011 or 2012!

Threw a friend that helped her get on at prime america. This person was high up I know the rules are no dating , living or any type of relationship! But yo make a long story short this person kept being persistent. My mother was a okay I guess she wasn't allowed to really have anything to do with me or her grandchildren. I got P.O I SPOKE up to this person and let them know how I am outspoken and had a good relationship with my mother as time but as time began after I spoke my peace!!!this person became very controlling made my mother dothings that I know she would never done a loan for a house , car and credit cards ! I know for a fact that my mother would not have done this in her right mind. but because this person was my moms supervisor this one held her job over her head it made her life hard miserable and sressed over bills i tried to get her quit even though she had severe medical problems my mom was a very very dedicated and perfection and professional when it came to company policy's and being @ her best 110% because of the slander distress that is person gave her to make her guit but it was to late with bills and her medical problems .now she is in a better place with god and feels no pain medical or what this person did to her!! that all my mama wanted to david 40 and was to be friends and continue working and leave personal and business separate! But this person in my option should be jobless I am not the jags all a's I'm asking is freaking on what today because every morning I wake up and I have this 1 person to blame how why and I realize things happen for a reason but my mother was strong took this person slandering her acting like my mom was crash in love alls she wanted is peace and some friendship!! but this person cannot take the time out to give her that send now I have to wake up every morning with no mother she got really sick in the hospital this purse did not even call visit or personal anything she knew she was getting sick but if she care or bother to let me or my brother nap lorna that would take out of heart this person needs to be jobs I am not the judge only god is but I would love to view see or even hear comments see comments just to see that there's people out there that does!!! for these people that take advantage over a job but after this person crossed the line they realized oops she isn't dump what if she gets my job mother didn't want that nor would she do that there is other departments I'm sure some times & things that people do to help but whats the line when my mother had the smart in the ability to even do there job lol but ur job there as a supervisor and that's what my mother told this person but yhe supervisor was scared !!! I have but my mother without like that she did not want her job all is she wanted was out of the department when the relationship ended that she got back bad stressed every day at work because of drama talk and her to look like she was crazy in love I know she wasnt in love nor wanted it to go past a friendship!! I have never seen my mother for one minute in the hospital in till the day she was in ICU!!!3 days later she passed away she had no interest but she is in a better place but let me ask you this 1 question what do you think should happen to supervisor !! yes we have a life insurance but this supervisor put her do far in dept we will be lucky one day to come out even my mother put house in her name owed 14 grand on car she never would have acted like this !! The supervisor used her for credit because they could borrow a dime!! I'm asking american freight science the will to go on in my mother's name let me fight for her I don't wanna drama I just want peace and I wake up every morning and cry because this person is going on like nothing happen sorry i just need the will to go on i know she waited every tax time and would do mney over every year that son he cant see daughter they brain washed her too blus that tax thing at walmart she does her own she is about athority money and sympthoy role on contrina its over pick up put one steo in front of other there is worse cases material things dont matter but family does!!!! please help me america what should be done before this is a on going thing



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