Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I was approached by one of their representatives while shopping. I have/had no idea why she selected me. Her line was that "I had a nice smile, was I familiar with the area, and did I know of anyone that was interested in a job opportunity."

(Now I believe she said that so that SHE could get the commission off of anyone that became an "employee" and had their financial analysis done; not to mention their request for "character references" was probably another way to get their hands on more "recruits" therefore taking YOUR potential clients.

I asked her if this was for a sales job (because I wouldn't have bothered due to the fact that I can't sell water to a dying man in the desert) and she just kept saying "financial services".

When I arrived I was appalled by the fact that the office was in a rinky *** suite, and part of a "strip mall like" building. The inside looked like it was furnished ala 1950's and like it needed work. Why doesn't a company that claims to make this much money build their own professional looking building?

Right before the ending of the open house, the speaker told us that we would have to pay for a criminal background check. Why did he wait so long to let us know this? Then I happened upon this site and saw that they didn't even mention anything about having to pay 200 dollars for a license!

They also didn't go over HOW you would get paid. I had a follow-up meeting scheduled for tomorrow but I canceled it. I'm not into having to approach people and look desperate by trying to get them to come to the open house for a fake job! This IS a sales job!

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Kinda sounds like an MLM to me...



Earlier today, I got the following e-mail from one of their attorneys due to some concerns I had and they verified that this was a sales job:

“Primerica representatives are not employees of Primerica and are not paid a salary. Representatives are independent contractors who earn commissions-based income on the sale of financial products and services.”

"Many may also contact individuals who they do not personally know." (i.e. cold-calling, or begging complete strangers to pretty please listen to your schpiel about a financial analysis.)

"There are two methods to join Primerica. The first way is to pay $99, which covers the expenses associated with obtaining your life insurance license, including extensive exam preparation tools and training classes and applicable life licensing and testing fees. Because representatives cannot get paid without selling products, and they must obtain appropriate licenses in order to sell products, earning your life license is a critical first step to success in our business. In addition to the $99 fee, there is also a fee of $25/month for unlimited access to an exclusive company Web Site for representatives called Primerica Online (POL) that provides valuable information and tools to help you succeed. The site helps representatives, among other things, keep abreast of important compliance requirements, company news and announcements, and manage and track their Primerica business. Under this method you may also qualify to have your securities license paid for as well. Although you must initially register for the Web site, you are not required to maintain your subscription and you can cancel it at any time. However, early cancellation may jeopardize your eligibility for pre-payment of your securities license. The second way to join is to pay a one-time fee of $199. However, under this method you only get limited access to POL on a trial basis for 5 months. Primerica will still cover the expenses associated with obtaining your life insurance license, but you cannot qualify to have your securities licensing fees pre-paid for by Primerica."

"Representatives are prohibited from obtaining referrals or contact information of potential recruits or clients under false pretenses." (Really? Sucks to be the rep who approached me then, because she said it WAS NOT a sales job.)

Needless to say, I have just e-mailed the *** who approached me and told her where to put her "job opportunity".


To: primerica rep

Camp Hill, PA on Kranzel Drive. (A rinky office strip mall.) I wasted my time and gas to get there for what I thought was a LEGIT open house: you know, the ones with REAL jobs that I don't have to shell out money in order to work there.

BTW, I wasn't being abusive. Abusive would be to wish your head falls off.

Apparently someone couldn't handle the truth and removed my previous post. :p


To: primerica rep

Apparently people with any amount of intelligence seem like a bunch of ***** to you.

To answer your question:

I attended the open house, last Saturday located in their crummy "office" on Kranzel Dr. in Camp Hill. The fact is that the representative made it sound like a LEGIT open house with actual open positions that you don't have to pay or beg complete strangers to be your clients. I wasted time and valuable gas. BTW, I'm not being abusive. Abusive would be to remind you that you are the product of an escaped mental patient having sex with a compost heap and God’s abomination while He was on ***

Have a great primericaday! :grin


wow- sounds like these pissed off people have nothing else to do because if you didnt pay- you didnt loose anything-!!! :p


What city are you in bc I am curious as to this presentation by Isaac you said you went to. I did not prove Primerica is lying about anything I was informing you of what the $99 was for!

And Im sorry if you had a representative that did not potray the business correctly but the same is true for very company. You cant judge an entire company by one employee who did something wrong. There are bad eggs in every corporation, and you being so abusive to people online because youre upset is your choice but just know that I could come back and say some things back to you but I wont stoop to your level.

What im telling you is fact. You didnt even join Primerica so what are whining about?


i walked in with my instrument and they kicked me out because of it...that was strike one on their part. then they accused me of coming in and taping the presentation (they thought that's what was in my instrument case, a tape recorder of some sort), strike two.

if they want to keep people coming in, they should watch what they say. the office was very sketchy too, it was a rinky little space, not very impressive for a "financial services" office, and the people had you sign in with your number and the person who referenced you.

stay away if you know what's good for you. :(


They lie about everything about the start up cost.

THe start up cost is administration.

not for schooling.

THey have RVP's teach the course.

anyways the course is not as much as they say it is. You can get the full course here for $395. Not thousands of dollars they say it is.

They train the agents to say its for police checks, schooling and all that other bogus stuff


The only reason my post is there twice is because the website showed it one minute, and not the next.


First of all, you weren't at the open house I attended so you cannot verify what I did or did not hear. Second, if you want to verify my statement- contact Larry Issacson himself.

(He was the preacher-like buffoon speaking at this open house).

Third, you just proved they LIED considering you say it's for the start up costs- when he did not even mention anything about any other costs! Go stick your head back up your behind.


First of all, YOU weren't there so don't tell me what I heard or did not hear. Larry Issacson is the name of the person who "preached" for an hour and told us it WAS for the FBI background check!

If it wasn't, then you just helped prove that they are a bunch of liars. Way to go!


First of all you dont have to pay for a background check and 2nd the start up fee is $99 which is quite a deal considering how much all of the licensing actually costs!!!


Welcome to Primerica!! :zzz :zzz