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To those who write scathing responses to others' negative experiences with Primerica, STOP IT. Why are you being so negative to the people who have had unfortunate experiences?

Be mature about it. I though Primerica reps were supposed to be upbeat and friendly but I've seen nothing but ugliness coming from them on this website. Even customers who have had a good experience with Primerica are spewing venom. You don't have to put the reviewer down because you want to stick up for your company.

Is this how Primerica reps are really about? Grow up! There's no reason for all this. Everyone has their own opinion.


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One of these posts is one of the reasons the Primericans get defensive and spew. I'm not signing up with Primerica any time soon, and never have before, but it was just vitriol and completely untrue.

Among its other problems, Primerica is being SOLD (not dumped) by Citigroup. It is going for approx 15x revenue, and has many offers. Most companies go for 5x revenue, which means investors think Primerica is a growing company. I take this as a positive, not a negative.

If I may suggest, please stick to facts and not skewed opinions and half-truths. Otherwise, you're just as bad as the bad Primericans.


I Love Primerica and what we stand for. Be positive love people.


:grin I totally agree with you, I work for Primerica and I'm not about to be all rude to ppl just becuz they didn't lyke sumthing about us...Lyke once i was at NW mall and I had my Primerica folder on the table talking to my friend about the company and some lady comes and says "I don't lyke Primerica, It takes to long to make money" Now I could have been rude and got in her face but all I asked her was " Did you get licensed" She said

No" so i Asked her how do you expect to make money with a company who is state regulated and would be illegal to pay you without a licensed" she says " oh i never thought about that"