Needham, Massachusetts
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PFS callantlanta is taking $ 25 in my account every month. When I signed for Primarica, I did not know if I would have to pay that money. So, I am trying to find a number to call a representative I can not find any number.I am planing to close the account. I really need help in order to stop it because I am not working right now. Saving money to pay my bill is very important for me.I went to the Bank and they could not located PFS. I guessed that pobably I am not the only victim.How can a company takes money from you each mont and you can not find a number to call and to stop it. I am very mad about the way these companies are doing business.

Naomie from Boston

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The solution is simple, go to the primerica office that you signed up at and talk to anyone there about a monthly fee and they will tell you how to stop the subscription


Im having the same problem...This company is a fraud


If you told them you never wanted it in the first place yet they put charges through every month in spite of it-- Do they refund?


me too i'm living the same situation


Please feel free to contact me at Primerica's home office. I would be glad to assist you.

Regena Wood

Primerica Financial Services

Duluth, GA




I called that number and had it cancelled..apparently it will take 21days to refund my $25.00. I took down her name just in case as well as the number if there seems to be another issue.

Now they have my $99 and another amount due wandering around in there company.

Which they won't hand back since I need to pass that test to get my whole reimbursment.

Anyone know how to get the rest of the cash back? Rather than taking that test?


The telephone number to call and have this cancelled is 1-888-737-2255. Hope this helps.


Dear, that is really easy, go back to the person who signed up that IBA with you and tell them you don't need the call atlanta, and make a letter of cancellation and your done... simple!!!!!